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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2251 KJV: our, your    NAS: ours    HCS: our, ours, in our, of our
hēméteros hay-met'-er-os
2253 KJV: half dead    NAS: half dead    HCS: him half dead
hēmithanḗs hay-mee-than-ace'
2255 KJV: half    NAS: half    HCS: half, sub>2, a half
hḗmisy hay'-mee-soo
2256 KJV: half an hour    NAS: half an hour    HCS: half an hour
hēmiṓrion hay-mee-o'-ree-on
2259 KJV: when    NAS: whenever    HCS: whenever
hēníka hay-nee'-kah
2260 KJV: than    HCS: than
ḗper ay'-per
2261 KJV: gentle    NAS: kind, gentle    HCS: gentle
ḗpios ay'-pee-os
2262 KJV: Er    NAS: Er    HCS: son of Er
Ḗr ayr
2263 KJV: quiet    NAS: tranquil    HCS: a tranquil
ḗremos ay'-rem-os
2264 KJV: Herod the Great, Herod Agrippa, Herod Antipas    NAS: Herod's, Herod    HCS: before Herod, under Herod's, of Herod, things Herod, When Herod, has Herod, After Herod, Herod, when Herod's, Herod's
Hērṓdēs hay-ro'-dace
2265 KJV: Herodians    NAS: Herodians    HCS: Herodians
Hērōdianoí hay-ro-dee-an-oy'
2266 KJV: Herodias    NAS: Herodias    HCS: When Herodias's, Herodias's, Herodias
Hērōdiás hay-ro-dee-as'
2267 KJV: Herodian    NAS: Herodion    HCS: Herodion
Hērōdíōn hay-ro-dee'-ohn
2268 KJV: Esaias    NAS: Isaiah    HCS: Isaiah, Isaiah's, of Isaiah
Hēsaḯas hay-sah-ee'-as
2269 KJV: Esau    NAS: Esau    HCS: Esau
Ēsaû ay-sow'
2270 KJV: be quiet, rest, hold (one's) peace, cease    NAS: lead a quiet life, kept silent, fell silent, rested, quiet life, quieted down    HCS: they kept silent, they rested, to lead a quiet life, we stopped talking, they became silent
hēsycházō hay-soo-khad'-zo
2271 KJV: quietness, silent    NAS: quiet, quiet fashion, quietly    HCS: quietly, *, silence, quieter
hēsychía hay-soo-khee'-ah
2272 KJV: quiet, peaceable    NAS: quiet    HCS: quiet
hēsýchios hay-soo'-khee-os
2273 KJV: whether    NAS: either    HCS: mdash; either
ḗtoi ay'-toy
2275 KJV: diminishing, fault    NAS: failure, defeat    HCS: failure
hḗttēma hayt'-tay-mah
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