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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3496 KJV: Neapolis    NAS: Neapolis
Neápolis neh-ap'-ol-is
3497 KJV: Naaman    HCS: Naaman
Neemán neh-eh-man'
3498 KJV: dead    NAS: dead men, dead, dead man, corpse, dead men's    HCS: was dead, only when people die, the dead, is dead, of the dead, of dead, dead, from the dead, to those who are now dead, a dead, a corpse
nekrós nek-ros'
3499 KJV: mortify, be dead    NAS: consider, dead    HCS: from one as good as dead, dead, put to death
nekróō nek-ro'-o
3500 KJV: deadness, dying    NAS: deadness, dying    HCS: deadness, death
nékrōsis nek'-ro-sis
3501 KJV: younger man, young man, younger, young, new, new man, young women    NAS: young men, new self, younger, new, younger men, youngest, young women    HCS: Neapolis, the younger, younger, young, youngest, young women, you younger, of a new, a new, to enroll younger, new
néos neh'-os, neh-o'-ter-os
3502 KJV: young    HCS: young
neossós neh-os-sos'
3503 KJV: youth    NAS: youthfulness, youth    HCS: my youth, youth
neótēs neh-ot'-ace
3504 KJV: novice    NAS: new convert    HCS: be a new convert
neóphytos neh-of'-oo-tos
3505 KJV: Nero
Nérōn ner'-ohn
3506 KJV: beckon    NAS: nodded, gestured    HCS: motioned
neúō nyoo'-o
3507 KJV: cloud    NAS: cloud, clouds    HCS: A cloud, a cloud, mists, by a cloud, cloud, the clouds, clouds
nephélē nef-el'-ay
3508 KJV: Nephthalim    NAS: Naphtali    HCS: Naphtali, of Naphtali
Nephthaleím nef-thal-ime'
3509 KJV: cloud    NAS: cloud    HCS: a large cloud
néphos nef'-os
3510 KJV: reins    NAS: minds    HCS: minds
nephrós nef-ros'
3511 KJV: worshipper    NAS: guardian of the temple    HCS: the temple guardian
neōkóros neh-o-kor'-os
3512 KJV: youthful    NAS: youthful    HCS: from youthful
neōterikós neh-o-ter'-ik-os
3513 KJV: I protest by    NAS: affirm    HCS: I affirm by
nḗ nay
3514 KJV: spin    NAS: spin    HCS: spin
nḗthō nay'-tho
3515 KJV: be a child    NAS: infants    HCS: be infants
nēpiázō nay-pee-ad'-zo
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