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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5483 KJV: forgive, frankly forgive, freely give, deliver, give, grant    NAS: forgiven, given, things freely given, forgiving, forgave, granted, forgive, freely give, gave, graciously forgave, hand, bestowed    HCS: given, I have forgiven, forgiving, has graciously given, have forgiven, up, forgave, has been given, you forgive, forgive, he graciously forgave, one he forgave, has forgiven, and forgave, He granted, granted, gave, Forgive, I will be restored, has been freely given, grant
charízomai khar-id'-zom-ahee
5484 KJV: for ... sake, wherefore + (3739), wherefore 5101, to speak reproachfully + (3059), for this cause + (5127), because of    NAS: reason, sake, because    HCS: in order to, *, for, because of, why
chárin khar'-in
5485 KJV: favour, pleasure, thank, misc, thanks, thank + (2192), grace    NAS: favor, concession, thankfulness, credit, thanks, grace, gracious, gift, thank, blessing, gratitude, gracious work    HCS: favor, from grace, *, in grace, thanks, of the grace, Grace, brings favor, the grace, gracious, a gift, benefit, of grace, him to do them a favor, after grace, be gracious, credit, a favor, this brings favor, grace, Thanks, gift, in favor, by grace, I thank, thank, with thanks, gracious gift, privilege, May grace, gratitude
cháris khar'-ece
5486 KJV: gift, free gift    NAS: favor, free gift, spiritual gift, gift, gifts    HCS: spiritual gift, the gift, gift, gifts, gracious gifts
chárisma char'-is-mah
5487 KJV: make accepted, be highly favoured    NAS: freely bestowed, favored    HCS: favored, He favored
charitóō khar-ee-to'-o
5488 KJV: Charran    NAS: Haran    HCS: Haran
Charrhán khar-hran'
5489 KJV: paper    NAS: paper    HCS: paper
chártēs khar'-tace
5490 KJV: gulf    NAS: chasm    HCS: chasm
chásma khas'-mah
5491 KJV: shore, lip    NAS: lips    HCS: lips, the lips, seashore, of our lips
cheîlos khi'-los
5492 KJV: be tossed with tempest    NAS: storm-tossed    HCS: battered by the storm
cheimázō khi-mad'-zo
5493 KJV: brook    NAS: ravine    HCS: Valley
cheímarrhos khi'-mar-hros
5494 KJV: winter, foul weather, tempest    NAS: storm, winter    HCS: in winter, storm, winter, will be stormy
cheimṓn khi-mone'
5495 KJV: not tr, hand    NAS: hands, grasp, charge, help, hand, agency    HCS: your tired hands, own handwriting, *, grasp, hands, of hands, wrists, the hands, the clutches, finger, clutches, means of, their hands, own hand, his hand, a hand, to appoint, hand, mdash; hands, I lay hands, your hands
cheír khire
5496 KJV: lead by the hand    NAS: led by the hand, the hand    HCS: I was led by the hand, by the hand
cheiragōgéō khi-rag-ogue-eh'-o
5497 KJV: some to lead by the hand    NAS: the hand    HCS: someone to lead him by the hand
cheiragōgós khi-rag-o-gos'
5498 KJV: handwriting    NAS: certificate of debt    HCS: the certificate
cheirógraphon khi-rog'-raf-on
5499 KJV: made with hands, made by hands    NAS: human hands, performed, made by human hands, made with hands    HCS: sanctuaries made with hands, made by human hands, made by hands, by human hands, made with hands
cheiropoíētos khi-rop-oy'-ay-tos
5500 KJV: ordain, choose    NAS: appointed    HCS: When they had appointed, appointed
cheirotonéō khi-rot-on-eh'-o
5501 KJV: worse and worse + (1909 + (3588), sorer, worse + (1519 + (3588), a worse thing + (5100), worse    NAS: severer, worse    HCS: will become worse, a worse, worse
cheírōn khi'-rone
5502 KJV: cherubim    NAS: cherubim    HCS: The cherubim
cheroubím kher-oo-beem'
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