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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2544 KJV: nevertheless, though    NAS: although    HCS: though
kaítoige kah'ee-toyg-eh
2545 KJV: burn, did burn + (2258), light    NAS: blazing, burns, lit, light, burning, burned    HCS: one lights, blazing, that burns, they are burned, were burning, to a blazing, ablaze, lit, burning
kaíō kah'-yo
2546 KJV: there also, thither also, and there    NAS: house, there, there as well    HCS: and there, And there, there too, there
kakeî kak-i'
2547 KJV: and from thence, and thence, thence also, and afterward    NAS: there    HCS: From there, Then, from there, and from there
kakeîthen kak-i'-then
2548 KJV: they also, him also, and they, and he, and the other, and him, misc, and them, he also    NAS: those, one, others, too, also    HCS: He will also, the others, neglecting the others, they, and He, that one too, hit him, them, Then, And they, and this, even they, That man also, them also, that one
kakeînos kak-i'-nos
2549 KJV: maliciousness, malice, wickedness, evil, naughtiness    NAS: trouble, malice, wickedness, evil    HCS: trouble, in regard to evil, and wickedness, malice, evil, wickedness, of malice
kakía kak-ee'-ah
2550 KJV: malignity    NAS: malice    HCS: and malice
kakoḗtheia kak-o-ay'-thi-ah
2551 KJV: curse, speak evil of    NAS: speaking evil, speak evil, speaks evil    HCS: Whoever speaks evil of, afterward speak evil of, slandering, one who speaks evil of
kakologéō kak-ol-og-eh'-o
2552 KJV: suffering affliction    NAS: suffering    HCS: of suffering
kakopátheia kak-op-ath'-i-ah
2553 KJV: be afflicted, endure hardness, endure affliction, suffer trouble    NAS: endure hardship, suffering, suffer hardship    HCS: endure hardship, I suffer, suffering
kakopathéō kak-op-ath-eh'-o
2554 KJV: do evil, evil doing    NAS: do harm, doing what is wrong, does evil    HCS: to do what is evil, for doing evil, one who does evil
kakopoiéō kak-op-oy-eh'-o
2555 KJV: malefactor, evildoer    NAS: evildoer, evildoers    HCS: an evildoer, those who do what is evil
kakopoiós kak-op-oy-os'
2556 KJV: harm, evil things, noisome, bad, ill, evil, wicked, that which is evil + (3458)    NAS: harm, evil things, evildoer, bad things, wretches, loathsome, bad, wrong, evil men, evil    HCS: received bad, for evil, *, to bad, it is wrong, wrong, evil, all kinds of evil, a criminal, of evil, what is evil, terrible, wicked, harm, by evil, severely, wrongs, the evil, Bad
kakós kak-os'
2557 KJV: malefactor, evil doer    NAS: criminal, criminals    HCS: mdash; criminals, a criminal, criminals
kakoûrgos kak-oor'-gos
2558 KJV: suffer adversity, torment    NAS: ill-treated    HCS: and the mistreated, and mistreated
kakouchéō kak-oo-kheh'-o
2559 KJV: harm, vex, make evil affected, hurt, entreat evil    NAS: harm, embittered, mistreat, mistreated    HCS: cruelly, poisoned, and oppressed, will harm, to hurt, oppress
kakóō kak-o'-o
2560 KJV: miserable, be diseased + (2192), grievously, sick people + (2192), evil, amiss, be sick + (2192), sore    NAS: wretched, very, wrongly, cruelly, ill, evil, sick, wrong motives    HCS: He will completely, wrongly, who were afflicted, evil, who were sick, was sick, is cruelly, severely, sick, with wrong motives
kakōs kak-oce'
2561 KJV: affliction    NAS: oppression    HCS: oppression
kákōsis kak'-o-sis
2562 KJV: stubble    NAS: straw    HCS: or straw
kalámē kal-am'-ay
2563 KJV: pen, reed    NAS: measuring rod, pen, rod, reed    HCS: A reed, with a reed, rod, reed, a reed, a measuring reed, pen, placed a reed
kálamos kal'-am-os
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