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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3132 KJV: by soothsaying    NAS: fortune-telling    HCS: by fortune-telling
manteúomai mant-yoo'-om-ahee
3133 KJV: fade away    NAS: fade away    HCS: man will wither away
maraínō mar-ah'ee-no
3135 KJV: pearl    NAS: pearls, pearl    HCS: pearl, pearls
margarítēs mar-gar-ee'-tace
3136 KJV: Martha    NAS: Martha    HCS: Martha
Mártha mar'-thah
3137 KJV: Mary the mother of James, Mary the sister of Martha, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of Jesus, Mary the mother of John Mark, Mary of Rome    NAS: Mary, Mary's    HCS: to Mary, Mary, of Mary, was Mary, Mary's, were Mary
María mar-ee'-ah, mar-ee-am'
3138 KJV: Marcus, Mark    NAS: Mark    HCS: as does Mark, does Mark, Mark
Márkos mar'-kos
3139 KJV: marble    NAS: marble    HCS: marble
mármaros mar'-mar-os
3140 KJV: witness, testify, give testimony, be a witness, have a good report, misc, bear witness, bear record    NAS: given, witnesses, add...testimony, testify, well spoken, bear...witness, attested, bear witness, having a reputation, testimony, continued to testify, witness, obtained the testimony, testified, gives, obtained the witness, witnessed, received a good testimony, testifies, speaking well, good reputation, testifying, gained approval    HCS: and is well known, testify, were approved, will testify, s approval, He gives, He has given, who testified, this has testified, He testifies, can testify, when she testified, mdash; attested, has Himself testified, it has been testified, testifies, we testify, spoke highly of, to attest, Scripture testifies, who testifies, I can testify, give evidence, are testifying, to testify, I testify, One who testifies, he was approved, speaking well of, we have testified, has a good testimony, continued to testify, testified, has given, who has a good reputation, having a good reputation, They have testified, We testify, he has testified, approved, confession, and testified, that testify, of good reputation
martyréō mar-too-reh'-o
3141 KJV: witness, report, record, testimony    NAS: reputation, testimony, witness    HCS: testimonies, reputation, a witness, testimony, witness
martyría mar-too-ree'-ah
3142 KJV: witness, to be testified, testimony    NAS: testimony, witness    HCS: bear witness, of testimony, a witness, testimony, witness, a testimony
martýrion mar-too'-ree-on
3143 KJV: testify, take to record    NAS: imploring, testify, affirm, testifying    HCS: testify, and testify, I testify, implored
martýromai mar-too'-rom-ahee
3144 KJV: witness, martyr, record    NAS: witnesses, witness    HCS: ourselves are witnesses, are witnesses, is our witness, witnesses, Witness, as a witness, a witness, witness, of witnesses
mártys mar'-toos
3145 KJV: gnaw    NAS: gnawed    HCS: gnawed
massáomai mas-sah'-om-ahee
3146 KJV: scourge    NAS: scourges, scourge, scourged    HCS: you will flog, punishes, had Him flogged, flog, after they flog, flogged
mastigóō mas-tig-o'-o
3147 KJV: to scourge    NAS: scourge    HCS: to scourge
mastízō mas-tid'-zo
3148 KJV: scourging, plague    NAS: scourging, afflictions, affliction, scourgings    HCS: plagues, affliction, scourgings, diseases, with the scourge
mástix mas'-tix
3149 KJV: pap    NAS: chest, breasts    HCS: chest, the breasts
mastós mas-tos'
3150 KJV: vain jangling    NAS: fruitless discussion    HCS: fruitless discussion
mataiología mat-ah-yol-og-ee'-ah
3151 KJV: vain talker    NAS: empty talkers    HCS: full of empty talk
mataiológos mat-ah-yol-og'-os
3152 KJV: vanities, vain    NAS: vain things, useless, worthless, futile    HCS: is worthless, is useless, meaningless, empty, worthless
mátaios mat'-ah-yos
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