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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3516 KJV: childish, babe, child    NAS: infants, childish, infant, immature, children, child    HCS: to infants, childish, of children, children, an infant, gentle, little children, babies, a child, of the immature
nḗpios nay'-pee-os
3517 KJV: Nereus    NAS: Nereus    HCS: Nereus
Nēreús nare-yoos'
3518 KJV: Neri    NAS: Neri    HCS: son of Neri
Nērí nay-ree'
3519 KJV: island    NAS: small island    HCS: little island
nēsíon nay-see'-on
3520 KJV: isle, island    NAS: island    HCS: island
nēsos nay'-sos
3521 KJV: fasting, feast    NAS: fastings, hunger, without food, fasting, fast    HCS: Fast, without food, fasting, times of hunger, with fasting
nēsteía nace-ti'-ah
3522 KJV: fast    NAS: fasted, fasting, fast    HCS: you fast, they will fast, your fasting, fasting, their fasting, He had fasted, I fast, after they had fasted, fast
nēsteúō nace-tyoo'-o
3523 KJV: fasting    NAS: hungry    HCS: hungry
nēstis nace'-tis
3524 KJV: vigilant, sober    NAS: temperate    HCS: level headed, self-controlled
nēpháleos nah-fal'-eh-os, nay-fal'-ee-os
3525 KJV: watch, be sober    NAS: keep sober, sober    HCS: we must be serious, Be serious, be serious, disciplined
nḗphō nay'-fo
3526 KJV: Niger    NAS: Niger    HCS: Niger
Níger neeg'-er
3527 KJV: Nicanor    NAS: Nicanor    HCS: Nicanor
Nikánōr nik-an'-ore
3528 KJV: get the victory, conquer, overcome, prevail    NAS: overpowers, conquering, victorious, overcomes, overcame, conquer, overcome, prevail    HCS: a victor, that has conquered, who had won the victory, be conquered, triumph, conquer, conquers, has been victorious, and overpowers, will conquer, one who is victorious, one who conquers, conquered, have conquered, you have had victory over, victor, to conquer, won the victory, you have conquered
nikáō nik-ah'-o
3529 KJV: victory    NAS: victory    HCS: victory
níkē nee'-kay
3530 KJV: Nicodemus    NAS: Nicodemus    HCS:
Nikódēmos nik-od'-ay-mos
3531 KJV: Nicolaitans    NAS: Nicolaitans    HCS: Nicolaitans
Nikolaḯtēs nik-ol-ah-ee'-tace
3532 KJV: Nicolas    NAS: Nicolas    HCS: Nicolaus
Nikólaos nik-ol'-ah-os
3533 KJV: Nicopolis    NAS: Nicopolis    HCS: Nicopolis
Nikópolis nik-op'-ol-is
3534 KJV: victory    NAS: victory    HCS: victory
nîkos nee'-kos
3535 KJV: Nineve    HCS: of Nineveh
Nineuḯ nin-yoo-ee'
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