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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5235 KJV: pass, excel, exceed    NAS: surpassing, surpasses    HCS: surpassing, that surpasses, immeasurable
hyperbállō hoop-er-bal'-lo
5236 KJV: more excellent + (2596), beyond measure + (2596), exceeding + (2596), excellency, exceeding + (1519), out of measure + (2596), abundance, far more + (2596)    NAS: far...all comparison, more excellent, surpassing greatness, beyond, utterly, excessively, measure, all comparison    HCS: extraordinary, *, incomparable
hyperbolḗ hoop-er-bol-ay'
5238 KJV: beyond    NAS: beyond    HCS: regions beyond
hyperékeina hoop-er-ek'-i-nah
5239 KJV: stretch beyond    NAS: overextending    HCS: overextending
hyperekteínō hoop-er-ek-ti'-no
5240 KJV: run over    NAS: running over    HCS: and running over
hyperekchýnō hoop-er-ek-khoo'-no
5241 KJV: make intercession for    NAS: intercedes    HCS: intercedes for
hyperentynchánō hoop-er-en-toong-khan'-o
5242 KJV: pass, higher, excellency, better, supreme    NAS: governing, more important, surpassing value, surpasses, authority    HCS: which surpasses, the supreme authority, surpassing value, as more important, to the governing
hyperéchō hoop-er-ekh'-o
5243 KJV: pride    NAS: pride    HCS: pride
hyperēphanía hoop-er-ay-fan-ee'-ah
5244 KJV: proud    NAS: proud, arrogant    HCS: super-apostles, the proud, proud
hyperḗphanos hoop-er-ay'-fan-os
5245 KJV: be more than conqueror    NAS: overwhelmingly conquer    HCS: things we are more than victorious
hypernikáō hoop-er-nik-ah'-o
5246 KJV: great swelling    NAS: arrogant, arrogantly    HCS: boastful, arrogant
hypéronkos hoop-er'-ong-kos
5247 KJV: excellency, authority    NAS: superiority, authority    HCS: brilliance, authority
hyperochḗ hoop-er-okh-ay'
5248 KJV: exceeding, much more abound    NAS: abounded all, abounded all the more, overflowing    HCS: I am overcome, multiplied even more
hyperperisseúō hoop-er-per-is-syoo'-o
5249 KJV: beyond measure    NAS: utterly    HCS: They were extremely
hyperperissōs hoop-er-per-is-soce'
5250 KJV: to be exceeding abundant    NAS: more than abundant    HCS: overflowed
hyperpleonázō hoop-er-pleh-on-ad'-zo
5251 KJV: highly exalt    NAS: highly exalted    HCS: highly exalted
hyperypsóō hoop-er-oop-so'-o
5252 KJV: think more highly    NAS: think more highly    HCS: to think of himself more highly
hyperphronéō hoop-er-fron-eh'-o
5253 KJV: upper chamber, upper room    NAS: upper room    HCS: room upstairs, upstairs, a room upstairs
hyperōion hoop-er-o'-on
5254 KJV: suffer    NAS: undergoing    HCS: by undergoing
hypéchō hoop-ekh'-o
5255 KJV: obey + (1096), obedient    NAS: obedient    HCS: obedient, to obey
hypḗkoos hoop-ay'-ko-os
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