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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2770 KJV: get gain, win, gain    NAS: gains, incurred, gained, win, gain, profit, won    HCS: ve earned, win, make a profit, sustain, they may be won over, to gain, if he gains, I may gain, earned, he gains, you have won
kerdaínō ker-dah'ee-no
2778 KJV: tribute    NAS: poll-tax    HCS: taxes, tax
kēnsos kane'-sos
2989 KJV: give light, shine    NAS: shine, shone, gives light, shines    HCS: horizon and lights up, shine, has shone, it gives light, shone
lámpō lam'-po
3165 KJV: not tr, me, I, my    HCS:
3362 KJV: if not, if no, not, except, whosoever not + (3739), but, before
eàn mḗ eh-an' may
3391 KJV: first, a, one, the other, a certain, agree    HCS: a, a lone, by one, of one, *, a single, as the first, a first, with one, the first, One, A, first, in a single, for one, one, a united, an
mía mee'-ah
3395 KJV: mixture    NAS: mixture    HCS: a mixture
mígma mig'-mah
3427 KJV: me, I, my, mine    HCS: happen to me, unnecessary for me, with me, them to me, Am I, my, about me, After I, for Me, at my, me, to me, When I, Me, what I, I, I have, let me, *, for me, things for me, did that do me, one on Me, My, on me, business is it of mine, them to Me, is My, give me, in me, turn Your wrath from me, to Me
moí moy
3450 KJV: me, I, my, mine own, mine    HCS: it on my, in Me, about my, cause my, my, of Me, for my, parts of my, what My, from Me, that my, of Mine, mdash; my, of My, to my, could my, for Me, in me when I, me, to me, When I, make my, to be My, is it, my, on my, Me, I, with my, mine, from me, are My, Here are My, than I, *, will enjoy my, me though my, by My, My, causes my, against my, is My, in my, of mine, of my, to My, to My, while I, from my, at My, to Me, turning My, is my, gift I
moû moo
3708 KJV: not tr, perceive, behold, see, take heed    NAS: seeing, appearing, looked, do, see, look, underwent, undergo, seen, saw, beware, watch, recognizing, perceive, certainly seen, seen...see, appeared, look after, witnessed, suffer, appear, sees, behold    HCS: he has seen, know, He appeared, did we see, one who sees, Jesus knew, experience, you saw, We have seen, you see, see, When He saw, I saw, We know, see to it, ll see, woman saw, because he knows, perceiving, and see, because they had seen, them saw, who saw, will ever see, he saw, I will see, they had seen, to see, when they saw, Look, will see, have seen, I have appeared, they may see, they look, Be sure, you will see, You have seen, and they will see, He saw, we saw, I have seen, He has seen, they have seen, me when I see, They observed, informed, I looked, When he saw, you know, you people see, I had seen, one who has seen, observe, watching, You know, They appeared, ve seen, who appeared, you would see, seeing, When I saw, When she saw, they will see, Knowing, You see, When they saw, Watch out, Seeing, he showed up, Saul had seen, seen, I have observed, eyewitnesses, When His parents saw, perceive, they see, when you saw, After seeing, knew, house where they saw, he knew, Be careful, to consider, One to see, that they had seen, sees, See to it, They will look, we may see, They will see, look, when he saw, saw, they might see, I will reveal, he would see, s see, I see, you have seen, appeared, He also appeared, looking, we have seen, he had seen, when you see, See, and saw, knowing, they saw, has appeared, the tomb, saw, will appear, has seen, we will see
horáō hor-ah'-o
3726 KJV: charge, adjure    NAS: implore, adjure    HCS: I charge, I command, I beg
horkízō hor-kid'-zo
3982 KJV: be confident, trust, misc, believe, obey, persuade, have confidence    NAS: persuaded, persuading, convinced, trust, took...advice, won over, put confidence, followed, put...confidence, listen, obeying, trusts, trusting, win...over, sure, trusted, assure,, confident, relied, persuade, obey, seeking the favor, have confidence, urging, having confidence    HCS: are obeying, I am sure, we are convinced, am persuaded, I am convinced, They won over, trying to win the favor, who trusted, because I am confident, I am persuaded, he has grounds for confidence, when they had won over, obey, and tried to persuade, am convinced, paid attention, will deal with, they were persuaded, trust, Since I am persuaded, He has put His trust, is confident, case we are confident, were persuaded, He tried to persuade, trying to persuade, Obey, if you are convinced, persuade, have confidence, We have confidence, convinced, and persuading, Since I am confident, be persuaded, he trusted, persuaded, has persuaded, will trust, *, put confidence, Are you going to persuade, have gained confidence, obeying, will convince, that I am convinced, we seek to persuade
peíthō pi'-tho
4179 KJV: manifold more    NAS: many times as much, many times    HCS: many times more
pollaplasíōn pol-lap-las-ee'-ohn
4687 KJV: sow, sower, receive seed    NAS: sower, sown, sows, sowing, sow, sowed, sower sows    HCS: to sow, you sow, person who sows, sown, ones sown, sowing, sow, sowed, what was sown, Sown, one sown, who sowed, one who sows, sower, and sowed, he sowed, have sown, sows, is sown, One who sows, was sowing
speírō spi'-ro
4982 KJV: save, make whole, heal, misc, be whole    NAS: recover, restore, made well, get well, save, get, cured, saved, saving, preserved, ensure salvation, saves, bring...safely, made...well    HCS: let Him save, who are being saved, we were saved, save, she will be saved, will bring me safely, to save, Be saved, person is saved, and be saved, will be delivered, he will get well, we will be saved, survive, you will save, would be saved, has saved, will be saved, has healed, He has saved, to be healed, being saved, who were being saved, she can get well, you will be saved, to be saved, was made well, they may be saved, Save, He saved, will we be saved, may be saved, might be saved, will save, she will be made well, he will be saved, saved, be saved, ll be made well, man was delivered, was healed, well, we are saved, saves
sṓzō sode'-zo
5315 KJV: eat, meat    NAS: left    HCS: and eat, meal, we do eat, you ate, I eat, We ate, something to eat, Let us eat, the right to eat, You may eat, for anyone to eat, eat, ate, you will eat, eaten, He ate, eats, and ate, you eat, you may eat, who ate, will we eat, will eat, you should eat, people can eat, may eat, I ate, they ate, *, it and ate, to eat, he may eat, devour, can eat, They ate, I can eat, I will not eat, we can eat, really to eat, he eats
phágō fag'-o
5504 KJV: yesterday    HCS: Yesterday, yesterday
chthés khthes
5600 KJV: not tr, may be, is, might be, should be, be, misc, were    HCS: come, be based, you would be, should be, she may be, we would, there is, that you be, he will be, who is, t be, it is, she is, is, you are, you may be, may have been, they may be, I say, that there be, May they be, were, it's, may be, I am, be, there would be, are, may appear, can be, he has
ō o
5607 KJV: that is, not tr, being, when ... was, which is, misc    HCS: that is, that was, while we are, circumstances and found him to be, when there is, since they are, to be, that exist, who is, though, temple was, is, being, One who is, and was, you, being, things when you are, there were, when he was, exist, who were, he was, were, there was, have been, when I was, belong to, which had been, that are, who was, who live, while we were, one who is, while she was, mdash; being, be, since it was, when He was, prescribed, which is here, if they prove, while I was, while it was, They are, existence, are, Although I am, I was, when you were, things are, who belonged to, am, who are, He was, which is, though he was, when he is, though he is, was, they had been
ṓn oan, oo'-sah, on
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