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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2341 KJV: fight with beasts    NAS: wild beasts, fought with wild beasts    HCS: I fought wild animals
thēriomachéō thay-ree-om-akh-eh'-o
2342 KJV: beast, venomous beast, wild beast    NAS: creature, wild beasts, beast, beasts    HCS: creature, wild beasts, wild animals, beasts, a beast, even an animal, beast's, animal, beast
thēríon thay-ree'-on
2343 KJV: in store, heap treasure together, keep in store, lay up, treasure up, lay up treasure    NAS: save, stored up...treasure, storing, store, stores up treasure, reserved    HCS: stored up, and save, you are storing up, You stored up treasure, one who stores up treasure, to save up, collect
thēsaurízō thay-sow-rid'-zo
2344 KJV: treasure    NAS: treasures, treasure    HCS: treasures, treasure, storeroom
thēsaurós thay-sow-ros'
2345 KJV: handle, touch    NAS: touches, touch    HCS: handle, touches, touch
thingánō thing-gan'-o
2346 KJV: trouble, narrow, throng, suffer tribulation, afflict    NAS: crowd, suffer affliction, narrow, distress, afflicted, afflict    HCS: crush, we are afflicted, the afflicted, who afflict, who are afflicted, We are pressured, suffer persecution, we were troubled, difficult, afflicted
thlíbō thlee'-bo
2347 KJV: trouble, to be afflicted + (1519), affliction, burdened, persecution, anguish, tribulation    NAS: trouble, affliction, distress, tribulation, afflictions, anguish, persecution, tribulations    HCS: of tribulation, troubled, distress, afflictions, by affliction, troubles, trouble, When pressure, affliction, Can affliction, suffering, and hardship, tribulation, with affliction, in affliction, me anxiety, persecutions, persecution, hardship
thlîpsis thlip'-sis
2348 KJV: dead, be dead, dead man, die    NAS: dead, died    HCS: is dead, dead, are dead, was dead, a dead
thnḗskō thnay'-sko
2349 KJV: mortality + (3588), mortal    NAS: mortal    HCS: mortal, mortality
thnētós thnay-tos'
2350 KJV: set on an uproar, make ado, trouble (one's) self, make a noise    NAS: uproar, make a commotion, troubled, noisy disorder, set    HCS: lamenting loudly, are you making a commotion, be alarmed, started a riot
thorybéō thor-oo-beh'-o
2351 KJV: uproar, tumult    NAS: uproar, riot, commotion    HCS: uproar, rioting, that a riot, any uproar, a commotion
thórybos thor'-oo-bos
2352 KJV: bruise    NAS: oppressed    HCS: the oppressed
thraúō throw'-o
2353 KJV: cattle    NAS: cattle    HCS: livestock
thrémma threm'-mah
2354 KJV: lament, mourn    NAS: lamenting, lament, sang a dirge    HCS: wail, we sang a lament, lamenting
thrēnéō thray-neh'-o
2355 KJV: lamentation
thrēnos thray'-nos
2356 KJV: religion, worshipping    NAS: worship, religion    HCS: religion, the worship
thrēskeía thrace-ki'-ah
2357 KJV: religious    NAS: religious    HCS: religious
thrēskós thrace'-kos
2358 KJV: cause to triumph, triumph over    NAS: triumphed over, triumph    HCS: He triumphed over, on display
thriambeúō three-am-byoo'-o
2359 KJV: hair    NAS: hairs, hair    HCS: *, a camel-hair, a hair, hair, hairs
thríx threeks
2360 KJV: trouble    NAS: frightened, disturbed    HCS: alarmed, troubled, be alarmed
throéō thro-eh'-o
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