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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3536 KJV: Ninevites, Nineveh    NAS: Ninevites, Nineveh    HCS: people of Nineveh, of Nineveh
Nineuḯtēs nin-yoo-ee'-tace
3537 KJV: bason    NAS: basin    HCS: basin
niptḗr nip-tare'
3538 KJV: wash    NAS: wash, washed    HCS: wash, going to wash, have washed, they wash, washed, to wash, I washed, Jesus had washed
níptō nip'-to
3539 KJV: consider, think, understand, perceive    NAS: consider, think, understand, perceive, see, understood    HCS: being understood, Consider, to understand, understand, you understand, think, we understand, t you understand, you realize
noiéō noy-eh'-o
3540 KJV: thought, device, mind    NAS: thought, minds, schemes    HCS: thought, minds, schemes
nóēma no'-ay-mah
3541 KJV: bastard    NAS: illegitimate children    HCS: illegitimate children
nóthos noth'-os
3542 KJV: pasture, eat + (2192)    NAS: spread, pasture    HCS: pasture, will spread
nomḗ nom-ah'
3543 KJV: think, suppose, be wont    NAS: thought, supposed, thinks, supposing, think, suppose    HCS: assume, old and was thought, since he thought, He assumed, I consider, they assumed, and they supposed, we thought, man thinks, thinking, you thought, think, Assuming, who imagine
nomízō nom-id'-zo
3544 KJV: lawyer, about the law    NAS: lawyers, lawyer, Law    HCS: experts in the law, expert in the law, about the law, an expert in the law, lawyer, law experts
nomikós nom-ik-os'
3545 KJV: lawfully    NAS: lawfully, rules    HCS: legitimately, according to the rules
nomímōs nom-im'-oce
3546 KJV: money    NAS: coin    HCS: coin
nómisma nom'-is-mah
3547 KJV: teacher of the law, doctor of the law    NAS: teacher of the Law, teachers of the Law    HCS: teachers of the law, a teacher of the law
nomodidáskalos nom-od-id-as'-kal-os
3548 KJV: giving of the law    NAS: giving of the law    HCS: giving of the law
nomothesía nom-oth-es-ee'-ah
3549 KJV: establish, receive the law    NAS: received the Law, enacted    HCS: received the law, has been legally enacted
nomothetéō nom-oth-et-eh'-o
3550 KJV: lawgiver    NAS: Lawgiver    HCS: lawgiver
nomothétēs nom-oth-et'-ace
3551 KJV: law    NAS: Law, principle, laws    HCS: scripture, law, of the law, is legally, *, law's, a law, The law, a legal command, to the law, Law, principle, laws, of law, the law, the righteousness of the law, in the law
nómos nom'-os
3552 KJV: dote    NAS: has a morbid interest, morbid interest    HCS: has a sick interest
noséō nos-eh'-o
3553 KJV: disease    NAS: disease
nósēma nos'-ah-ma
3554 KJV: sickness, infirmity, disease    NAS: diseases, disease    HCS: disease, diseases
nósos nos'-os
3555 KJV: brood    NAS: brood    HCS: her chicks
nossiá nos-see-ah'
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