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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3646 KJV: burnt offering    NAS: whole burnt offerings, burnt offerings    HCS: in whole burnt offerings, whole burnt offerings, burnt offerings
holokaútōma hol-ok-ow'-to-mah
3647 KJV: perfect soundness    NAS: perfect health    HCS: perfect health
holoklēría hol-ok-lay-ree'-ah
3648 KJV: whole, entire    NAS: complete    HCS: complete
holóklēros hol-ok'-lay-ros
3649 KJV: howl    NAS: howl    HCS: and wail
ololýzō ol-ol-ood'-zo
3650 KJV: whole, throughout + (1223), every whit, altogether, all    NAS: completely, wholly, entirely, all, full, one piece, whole, entire, throughout, all all    HCS: completely, *, all, all day long, all of it, whole, entire, two whole, For a whole, the very one all, All day long, mdash; all, entirely, the entire, one piece, All, all over, the whole, throughout
hólos hol'-os
3651 KJV: wholly    NAS: entirely    HCS: completely
holotelḗs hol-ot-el-ace'
3652 KJV: Olympas    NAS: Olympas    HCS: Olympas
Olympâs ol-oom-pas'
3653 KJV: untimely fig    NAS: unripe figs    HCS: unripe figs
ólynthos ol'-oon-thos
3654 KJV: at all, commonly, utterly    NAS: actually, all    HCS: at all, It is widely, a moral
hólōs hol'-oce
3655 KJV: shower    NAS: shower    HCS: A storm
ómbros om'-bros
3656 KJV: talk, commune together, commune with    NAS: talked, talking, converse    HCS: discussing, and conversed, were discussing, Paul conversed
homiléō hom-il-eh'-o
3657 KJV: communication    NAS: company    HCS: company
homilía hom-il-ee'-ah
3658 KJV: company    NAS: mists
hómilos hom'-il-os
3659 KJV: eye    NAS: eyes    HCS: eyes
ómma om'-mah
3660 KJV: swear    NAS: swore, swears, make...oath, swear, make an oath, sworn    HCS: takes an oath, had sworn, So I swore, swear, He swore, to swear with an oath, take an oath, did He swear, He swore an oath, has sworn, to swear, should you swear, one who takes an oath, oaths
omnýō om-noo'-o
3661 KJV: with one mind, with one accord    NAS: one impulse, one mind, one accord    HCS: By common consent, made a united, themselves to meeting together, Together, together, have unanimously, with one mind, with a united mind and voice, united, all together
homothymadón hom-oth-oo-mad-on'
3662 KJV: agree thereto
homoiázō hom-oy-ad'-zo
3663 KJV: of like passions, subject to like passions    NAS: nature like, same nature    HCS: with the same nature
homoiopathḗs hom-oy-op-ath-ace'
3664 KJV: like    NAS: same, one like, like    HCS: was One like, were like, must be like, same, they like, he looks like, like, similar, are like, is like, One like, which resemble, was like
hómoios hom'-oy-os
3665 KJV: similitude, like as + (2596)    NAS: likeness    HCS: like
homoiótēs hom-oy-ot'ace
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