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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5062 KJV: forty    HCS: 39, 40, After, for, with for, *, than, took
tessarákonta tes-sar-ak'-on-tah
5063 KJV: of forty years, forty years old    HCS: the age of, years
tessarakontaetḗs tes-sar-ak-on-tah-et-ace'
5064 KJV: four    NAS: eighty-four, twenty-four, four men, forty-four, four    HCS: Four, *, by its four, four
téssares tes'-sar-es, tes'-sar-ah
5065 KJV: fourteenth    NAS: fourteenth    HCS: is the fourteenth, the fourteenth
tessareskaidékatos tes-sar-es-kahee-dek'-at-os
5066 KJV: four days    NAS: four days    HCS: four days
tetartaîos tet-ar-tah'-yos
5067 KJV: fourth, four    NAS: fourth, four    HCS: Four, three in the morning, Around three in the morning, a fourth, fourth
tétartos tet'-ar-tos
5068 KJV: foursquare    NAS: square    HCS: in a square
tetrágōnos tet-rag'-on-nos
5069 KJV: quaternion    NAS: squads    HCS: squads of four
tetrádion tet-rad'-ee-on
5070 KJV: four thousand    NAS: four thousand
tetrakischílioi tet-rak-is-khil'-ee-oy
5071 KJV: four hundred    NAS: four hundred
tetrakósioi tet-rak-os'-ee-oy, tet-rak-os'-ee-ah)
5072 KJV: four months    NAS: four months    HCS: four more months
tetrámēnon tet-ram'-ay-non
5073 KJV: fourfold    NAS: four times as much, four times    HCS: four times
tetraplóos tet-rap-lo'-os
5074 KJV: fourfooted beast    NAS: four-footed animals    HCS: footed animals
tetrápous tet-rap'-ooce
5075 KJV: be tetrarch, tetrarch    HCS: tetrarch, was tetrarch
tetrarchéō tet-rar-kheh'-o
5076 KJV: tetrarch    HCS: tetrarch
tetrárchēs tet-rar'-khace
5077 KJV: turn into ashes    NAS: ashes    HCS: to ashes
tephróō tef-ro'-o
5078 KJV: craft, art, occupation    NAS: craft, art, trade    HCS: art, trade, by trade
téchnē tekh'-nay
5079 KJV: craftsman, builder    NAS: craftsman, architect, craftsmen    HCS: craftsman, craftsmen, builder
technítēs tekh-nee'-tace
5080 KJV: melt    NAS: melt    HCS: will melt
tḗkō tay'-ko
5082 KJV: so mighty, so great    NAS: so, so great    HCS: Though very large, such a terrible, such a great
tēlikoûtos tay-lik-oo'-tos, tay-lik-ow'-tay)
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