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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

101 KJV: be impossible    NAS: impossible    HCS: will be impossible
adynatéō ad-oo-nat-eh'-o
102 KJV: impotent, weak, impossible, not possible, could not do    NAS: without strength, impossible, things that are impossible, no strength, could not do    HCS: What is impossible, impossible, without strength, it is impossible, could not do
adýnatos ad-oo'-nat-os
103 KJV: sing    NAS: singing, sang    HCS: They sang, and singing, singing, they sang
áidō ad'-o
104 KJV: ever, alway, always    NAS: constantly, always    HCS: are always, Always, They always, always
aeí ah-eye'
105 KJV: eagle    NAS: vultures, eagle    HCS: vultures, eagle
aetós ah-et-os'
106 KJV: unleavened bread, unleavened    NAS: unleavened    HCS: the unleavened bread, of Unleavened Bread, unleavened, day of Unleavened Bread
ázymos ad'-zoo-mos
107 KJV: Azor    NAS: Azor    HCS: Azor
Azṓr ad-zore'
108 KJV: Azotus    NAS: Azotus    HCS: Azotus
Ázōtos ad'-zo-tos
109 KJV: air    NAS: air    HCS: the air, lower heavens, air
aḗr ah-ayr'
110 KJV: immortality    NAS: immortality    HCS: immortality, with immortality
athanasía ath-an-as-ee'-ah
111 KJV: abominable, unlawful thing    NAS: unlawful, abominable    HCS: forbidden, lawless
athémitos ath-em'-ee-tos
112 KJV: without God    NAS: without God    HCS: without God
átheos ath'-eh-os
113 KJV: wicked    NAS: unprincipled men    HCS: immoral, of lawless
áthesmos ath'-es-mos
114 KJV: bring to nothing, frustrate, cast off, disannul, reject, despise    NAS: sets...aside, rejects, rejected, setting aside, nullify, set aside, reject, rejecting, refuse    HCS: rejects, person who rejects, they have renounced, You completely invalidate, one who rejects, to refuse, they rejected, Whoever rejects, I will set aside, set aside, disregards, whoever rejects, reject, sets aside
athetéō ath-et-eh'-o
115 KJV: disannulling, to put away + (1519)    NAS: setting aside, put away    HCS: is annulled, removal
athétēsis ath-et'-ay-sis
116 KJV: Athens    NAS: Athens    HCS: far as Athens, Athens
Athēnai ath-ay'-nahee
117 KJV: of Athens, Athenians    NAS: Athenians, Athens    HCS: the Athenians, of Athens
Athēnaîos ath-ay-nah'-yos
118 KJV: strive    NAS: competes, competes as an athlete    HCS: he competes, competes as an athlete
athléō ath-leh'-o
119 KJV: fight    NAS: conflict    HCS: a hard struggle
áthlēsis ath'-lay-sis
120 KJV: be discouraged    NAS: lose heart    HCS: become discouraged
athyméō ath-oo-meh'-o
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