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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5171 KJV: live in pleasure    NAS: lived luxuriously    HCS: You have lived luxuriously
trypháō troo-fah'-o
5172 KJV: to riot, delicately    NAS: luxury, revel    HCS: to carouse, in luxury
tryphḗ troo-fay'
5173 KJV: Tryphosa    NAS: Tryphosa    HCS: Tryphosa
Tryphōsa troo-fo'-sah
5174 KJV: Troas    NAS: Troas    HCS: Troas
Trōás tro-as'
5175 KJV: Trogyllium
Trōgýllion tro-gool'-lee-on
5176 KJV: eat    NAS: eats, eating    HCS: one who eats, eating, one, who eats
trṓgō tro'-go
5177 KJV: not tr, enjoy, may be, little, chance, be, misc, obtain    NAS: receive, perhaps, obtained, attained, extraordinary, attain, obtain    HCS: they might gain, to receive, *, may obtain, perhaps, Since we enjoy, obtained, I have obtained, to take part in
tynchánō toong-khan'-o
5178 KJV: torture    NAS: tortured    HCS: men were tortured
tympanízō toom-pan-id'-zo
5179 KJV: figure, ensample, example, form, print, pattern, fashion, manner    NAS: images, example, form, model, imprint, pattern, type, examples    HCS: images, a prototype, the example, mark, pattern, kind, as examples, examples, an example
týpos too'-pos
5180 KJV: strike, wound, smite, beat    NAS: struck, strike, wounding, beating, hits, beat    HCS: strike, wound, and beat, They kept hitting, to strike, hits, beating, to beat, striking, kept striking, to be struck, kept hitting
týptō toop'-to
5181 KJV: Tyrannus    NAS: Tyrannus    HCS: of Tyrannus
Týrannos too'-ran-nos
5183 KJV: of Tyre    NAS: Tyre    HCS: with the Tyrians
Týrios too'-ree-os
5184 KJV: Tyre    NAS: Tyre    HCS: Tyre, of Tyre, for Tyre
Týros too'-ros
5185 KJV: blind, blind man    NAS: blind, blind man, person...blind, blind men    HCS: blind, to the blind, Blind, or blind, who was blind, a blind, for the blind, of the blind, mdash; blind, The blind, the blind, a blind
typhlós toof-los'
5186 KJV: blind    NAS: blinded    HCS: He has blinded, has blinded
typhlóō toof-lo'-o
5187 KJV: highminded, be proud, be lifted up with pride    NAS: conceited    HCS: conceited, he might become conceited, he is conceited
typhóō toof-o'-o
5188 KJV: smoke    NAS: smoldering    HCS: a smoldering
týphō too'-fo
5189 KJV: tempestuous    NAS: violent    HCS: a fierce
typhōnikós too-fo-nee-kos'
5190 KJV: Tychicus    NAS: Tychicus    HCS: Tychicus
Tychikós too-khee-kos'
5391 KJV: courteous    HCS: and humble
philóphrōn fil-of'-rone
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