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Entry for Strong's #1524 - גִּיל

Word Origin
from (01523)
Parts of Speech
Noun Masculine
Word Definition [ Brown-Drivers-Briggs | Strong ]
Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

1) a rejoicing

2) a circle, age

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 20 ‑ ἀγαλλίασις (ag‑al‑lee'‑as‑is);  2167 ‑ εὐφροσύνη (yoo‑fros‑oo'‑nay);  2244 ‑ ἡλικία (hay‑lik‑ee'‑ah);  5479 ‑ χαρά (khar‑ah');  
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Verse Results
KJV (10) NAS (9) HCS (9)
Job 1
Psalms 3
Proverbs 1
Isaiah 1
Jeremiah 1
Daniel 1
Hosea 1
Joel 1
Psalms 2
Proverbs 1
Isaiah 1
Jeremiah 1
Daniel 1
Hosea 1
Joel 1
Job 1
Psalms 3
Isaiah 1
Jeremiah 1
Daniel 1
Hosea 1
Joel 1
n-cms 6
n-cms 7
n-cms 7

Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1058) lc (גל GL) AC: Roll CO: Round AB: ?: Something that is round or a second time around of a time or event. A dancing in a circle. (eng: skull - an added s and an exchange of the k and g, Greek golgotha)

A) lc (גל GL) AC: ? CO: Round AB: ?

Nm ) lc (גל GL) - Mound: A mound or pile of something such as rocks or a spring out of the ground. KJV (36): heap, wave, spring, billow, bowl - Strongs: H1530 (גַּל), H1531 (גֹּל)

Nf1) elc (גלה GLH) - Mound: A mound or pile of something such as a spring out of the ground or other rounded object. KJV (14): spring, bowl, pommel - Strongs: H1543 (גֻּלָּה)

lm) lclc (גלגל GLGL) - Wheel: The wheel of a cart or a whirlwind. [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (13): wheel, heaven, rolling thing, whirlwind - Strongs: H1534 (גַּלְגַּל), H1535 (גַּלְגַּל), H1536 (גִּלְגָּל)

lf2) tlclc (גלגלת GLGLT) - Skull: The roundness of the head or skull. Also a census by the counting of heads. KJV (12): poll, skull, every, head - Strongs: H1538 (גֻּלְגֹּלֶת)

B) llc (גלל GLL) AC: Roll CO: Round AB: ?

V) llc (גלל GLL) - Roll: KJV (18): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Hiphil, Pilpel) roll, seek occasion, wallow, trust, commit, remove, run down - Strongs: H1556 (גָּלַל)

Nm) llc (גלל GLL) - I. Round thing:Something round such as stones or dung. [Hebrew and Aramaic] II. For the Sake of:As a rolling back around. KJV (17): dung, because, sake, because of thee, for, great - Strongs: H1557 (גָּלָל), H1558 (גָּלָל), H1560 (גְּלָל), H1561 (גֵּל), H5953 (עָלַל)

bm) lilc (גליל GLYL) - I. Ring: II. Border:As going around something. KJV (4): folding, ring - Strongs: H1550 (גָּלִיל)

bf1) elilc (גלילה GLYLH) - Border: As going around something. The border of a country is also representative of the country itself. KJV (5): border, coast, country - Strongs: H1552 (גְּלִילָה)

dm) lflc (גלול GLWL) - Idol: As made from a round log or stone. KJV (48): idol, image - Strongs: H1544 (גִּלֻּל)

gf1) ellfc (גוללה GWLLH) - Grape: The harvested round grapes. [df: hllwe] KJV (6): gleaning grapes, grapegleanings, grapes - Strongs: H5955 (עֹלֵלוֹת)

C) lca (אגל AGL) AC: ? CO: Drop AB: ?: A drop of dew as round.

Nm) lca (אגל AGL) - Drop: KJV (1): drop - Strongs: H96 (אֵגֶל)

D) lac (גאל GAL) AC: ? CO: ? AB: Redeem: The buying back, a bringing back around, of someone or something.

V) lac (גאל GAL) - Redeem: To restore one to his original position or avenge his death. In the participle form this verb means avenger as it is the role of the nearest relative to redeem one in slavery or avenge his murder. KJV (104): (vf: Paal, Niphal) redeem, redeemer, kinsman, revenger, avenger, ransom, deliver, kinsfolks, kinsmans, part, purchase, stain, wise - Strongs: H1350 (גָּאַל)

df1) elfac (גאולה GAWLH) - Redemption: KJV (14): redeem, redemption, again, kindred - Strongs: H1353 (גְּאֻלָּה)

J) lfc (גול GWL) AC: ? CO: Infant AB: ?: A rejoicing at the birth of a child.

V) lfc (גול GWL) - Milk: To get milk. [df: lwe] KJV (5): (vf: Paal, Participle) milch, young - Strongs: H5763 (עוּל)

Nm ) lfc (גול GWL) - Infant: One who takes milk. [df: lwe] KJV (2): infant, child, babe, little one - Strongs: H5764 (עוּל)

bm ) lifc (גויל GWYL) - Young: [df: lywe] KJV (2): young, little one - Strongs: H5759 (עֲוִיל)

lm ) llfc (גולל GWLL) - Infant: One who takes milk. [df: llwe] KJV (20): suckling, infant - Strongs: H5768 (עֹלָל)

M) lic (גיל GYL) AC: ? CO: Circle AB: ?: A continual rolling or circling.

V) lic (גיל GYL) - Rejoice: A rejoicing by dancing around in a circle. [df: lwg] KJV (44): (vf: Paal) rejoice, glad, joyful, joy, delight - Strongs: H1523 (גּוּל)

Nm ) lic (גיל GYL) - Circle: A circle of rejoicing. KJV (10): rejoice, joy, gladness - Strongs: H1524 (גִּיל)

Nf1) elic (גילה GYLH) - Circle: A circle of rejoicing. [df: tlyg] KJV (2): rejoicing, joy - Strongs: H1525 (גִּילַת)

kf1 ) elicm (מגילה MGYLH) - Scroll: The leather or papyrus sheets of written text that are rolled up. [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (22): roll, volume - Strongs: H4039 (מְגִלָּה), H4040 (מְגִלָּה)

fjm) nfilic (גיליונ GYLYWN) - Scroll: The leather or papyrus sheets of written text that are rolled up. KJV (2): glasses, roll - Strongs: H1549 (גִּלְיוֹן)

Adopted Roots:

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2020
Jeff Brenner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 I. גִּיל noun [masculine] rejoicingJob 3:22 6t., גִּו֯ל Proverbs 23:24; suffix גִּילִי Psalm 43:4; — rejoicing Psalm 65:13; Proverbs 23:24; "" שׂמחה Psalm 45:16; Isaiah 16:10; Jeremiah 48:33; Joel 1:16, שִׂמְחַת גִילִי Psalm 43:4, שׂמח אל גיל glad unto rejoicing Hosea 9:1; Job 3:22.

II. [גִּיל] noun [masculine] circle, age, מן הילדים אשׁרכְּ גִלְכֶם of the youths which are of your age Daniel 1:10 (compare Arabic Samaritan גיל = Hebrew דור = γενεά, Talmud בן גילו one born at the same time, a contemporary).

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

גִּיל rarely גּוּל or גּוֹל (Proverbs 23:25 כתיב), fut. יָגִיל, apoc. יָגֵל prop. to go in a circle (comp. גָּלַל, whence גִּיל), like the Arabic جَالَ Med. Waw to dance (compare חוּל and חָגַנ); hence

(1) to leap for joy, to rejoice; poet. Job 3:22, הַשְּׂמֵחִים אֱלֵי־גִיל “those who rejoice even to exultation;” Isaiah 49:13, 65:18, seq.; followed by בְּ of pers. or thing, concerning which we are glad, Psal. 9:15 13:6 21:2 31:8 149:2 also עַל Zephaniah 3:17 גִּיל בַּיהֹוָה to rejoice in Jehovah, i.e. to delight in Him, especially on account of benefits bestowed by him, Isaiah 29:19, 41:16 Joel 2:23; Psalms 35:9, 89:17. Rejoicing and leaping for joy are sometimes ascribed also to inanimate things, Psalms 96:11; Isaiah 35:1.

(2) to tremble, as accompanied by the leaping and palpitation of the heart (see Job 37:1 Psal. 29:6 compare the roots חָגַנ and חוּל. So Gr. ὀρχεῖται καρδία φόβῳ, Æschyl. Choeph. 164, 1022; ἡ καρδία πάλλει, πάλλει φόβῳ, Seidl. ad Eurip. Electr. 433; Lat. cor salit, Plaut.; and on the other hand פָּחַד, of the mind trembling for joy, Isaiah 60:5; Jeremiah 33:9). Psalms 2:11, גִּילוּ בִּרְעָדָה “tremble with fear” [there is no need to depart from the common meaning]; Hosea 10:5, “for the people shall mourn on account of it (the calf), וּבְרָיו עָלָיו יָגִילוּ and the priests shall tremble for it.”

The derivatives follow immediately.

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List of Word Forms
גִ֑יל גִּ֫ילִ֥י גִּיל֙ גיל גילי וְ֝גִ֗יל וָגִ֑יל וָגִ֛יל וָגִֽיל׃ וָגִיל֙ וגיל וגיל׃ כְּגִֽילְכֶ֔ם כגילכם gî·lî Gil gîl ḡîl giLi gîlî kə·ḡî·lə·ḵem kegileChem kəḡîləḵem vaGil veGil wā·ḡîl wāḡîl wə·ḡîl wəḡîl
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