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Entry for Strong's #1681 - דִּבָּה

Word Origin
from (01680) (in the sense of furtive motion)
Parts of Speech
Noun Feminine
Word Definition [ Brown-Drivers-Briggs | Strong ]
Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

1) whispering, defamation, evil report

1a) whispering

1b) defamation, defaming

1c) evil report, unfavourable saying

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 4191 ‑ πονηρότερος (pon‑ay‑rot'‑er‑os);  1611 ‑ ἔκστασις (ek'‑stas‑is);  3059 ‑ λοιδορία (loy‑dor‑ee'‑ah);  4487 ‑ ῥῆμα (hray'‑mah);  
Frequency Lists  [ Book | Word ]
Verse Results
KJV (6) NAS (11) HCS (9)
Genesis 1
Numbers 3
Psalms 1
Proverbs 2
Jeremiah 1
Ezekiel 1
Genesis 1
Numbers 3
Psalms 1
Proverbs 2
Jeremiah 1
Ezekiel 1
Genesis 1
Numbers 3
Psalms 1
Proverbs 2
Jeremiah 1
Ezekiel 1
n-cfs 2
n-cfsc 5
n-cfs 2
n-cfsc 5
n-cfs 2
n-cfsc 5

Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1071) bd (דב DB) AC: Rest CO: ? AB: ?: The pictograph d is a picture of the a tent door. The b is a representation of a tent. Combined these mean "the door of the tent". The door of the tent was the place of relaxation for the father. Here he would watch his family, livestock and the road for approaching visitors (see Genesis 18:1) . This root is related to the root db(a reversal of the letters) .

A) bd (דב DB) AC: ? CO: Slow AB: ?: Something that is slow and quiet.

Nf1) ebd (דבה DBH) - Slander: Speaking evil of another (usually done quietly) . KJV (9): slander, evil report, infamy - Strongs: H1681 (דִּבָּה)

B) bbd (דבב DBB) AC: Whisper CO: ? AB: ?: A quiet speech.

V) bbd (דבב DBB) - Whisper: A quiet speaking as when sleeping. [df: Ppu] KJV (5): (vf: Paal, Pilpel, Participle) speak, whisper - Strongs: H1680 (דָּבַב), H6850 (צָפַף)

C) bda (אדב ADB) AC: Grieve CO: ? AB: ?: A quiet state.

V) bda (אדב ADB) - Grieve: KJV (1): (vf: Hiphil) grieve - Strongs: H109 (אָדַב)

D) bad (דאב DAB) AC: ? CO: ? AB: Sorrow: A quiet state.

V) bad (דאב DAB) - Mourn: KJV (3): (vf: Paal) sorrow, sorrowful, mourn - Strongs: H1669 (דָּאַב)

Nf1) ebad (דאבה DABH) - Sorrow: KJV (1): sorrow - Strongs: H1670 (דְּאָבָה)

jm) nfbad (דאבונ DABWN) - Sorrow: KJV (1): sorrow - Strongs: H1671 (דְּאָבוֹן)

E) abd (דבא DBA) AC: ? CO: Rest AB: ?

Nm ) abd (דבא DBA) - Rest: KJV (1): strength - Strongs: H1679 (דֹּבֶא)

J) bfd (דוב DWB) AC: ? CO: ? AB: Sorrow

V) bfd (דוב DWB) - Sorrow: One who moves slowly. KJV (1): (vf: Hiphil) sorrow - Strongs: H1727 (דּוּב)

Nm/f) bfd (דוב DWB) - B KJV (13): bear - Strongs: H1677 (דּוֹב), H1678 (דֹּב)

Adopted Roots:

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2019
Jeff Brenner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 דִּבָּה noun feminine whispering, defamation, evil report (? as that which glides stealthily) — absolute ׳ד Numbers 14:36; Proverbs 10:18; construct דִּבַּת Jeremiah 20:10 4t.; suffix דִּבָּֽתְךָ Proverbs 25:10 דִּבָּתָם Genesis 37:2; —

1 whispering Psalm 31:14; Jeremiah 20:10 (Hi Hup De Gf VB; yet compare Che Psalm).

2 defamation Proverbs 10:18 (with הוציא).

3 evil report, specifically a (true) report of evil doing Genesis 37:2 (P) וַיָּבֵא אֶתדִּֿבָּתָם רָעָה; compare also Proverbs 25:10 & Ezekiel 36:3 וֵַ˜תּעֲלוּ עַלשְֿׂפַת לָשׁוֺן וְדִבַּתעָֿ֑ם, unfavourable report of spies Numbers 13:32; Numbers 14:36,37 (all P & all with הוֺצִיא; adjective רעה only Numbers 14:37).

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

דִּבָּה f. (root דָּבַכ No. 2) slander, calumny. הוֹצִיא דִבָּה to spread slander, Numbers 14:36; Proverbs 10:18. The genitive which follows has either an active sense [i.e. of the slanderer], e. g. Psalms 31:14, בִּי שָׁמַעְתִּי דִּבַּת רַבִּים “for I heard the slander of many,” Jeremiah 20:10 or a passive [of the person slandered], Numbers 13:32, 14:37 Genesis 37:2; Proverbs 25:10, וְרִבָּֽתְךָ לֹא תָשׁוּב “(so) that thine infamy turn not away from thee.” (Arab. دَبُوبُ a secret slanderer, one who spreads calumnies. Syr. ܛܒܶܐܳ report, rumour, and ܐܰܛܒܶ to spread a rumour. Ch. טִבָּה reproach).

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List of Word Forms
דִ֝בָּ֗ה דִּבַּ֣ת דִּבַּ֤ת דִּבַּ֥ת דִּבָּתָ֥ם דִבַּת־ דִבָּ֖ה דבה דבת דבת־ דבתם וְ֝דִבָּתְךָ֗ וְדִבַּת־ ודבת־ ודבתך dib·bā·ṯām ḏib·bāh dib·baṯ ḏib·baṯ- dibBah ḏibbāh dibBat dibbaṯ ḏibbaṯ- dibbaTam dibbāṯām vedibbat vedibbatecha wə·ḏib·bā·ṯə·ḵā wə·ḏib·baṯ- wəḏibbaṯ- wəḏibbāṯəḵā
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