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Entry for Strong's #7744 - שׁוּחַ

Word Origin
from (07743)
Parts of Speech
Proper Name Masculine
Word Definition [ Brown-Drivers-Briggs | Strong ]
Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

Shuah = “wealth”

1) son of Abraham by his wife Keturah

Frequency Lists  [ Book | Word ]
Verse Results
KJV (2) NAS ( 0 ) HCS (2)
Genesis 1
1 Chronicles 1
Psalms 1
Proverbs 1
Lamentations 1
Genesis 1
1 Chronicles 1
n-p 2
n-p 2
n-p 2

Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 שׁוּחַ proper name, masculine son of Abraham and Keturah, Genesis 25:2; 1 Chronicles 1:32; Σωυε, Σωε, Σουε. — In Assyrian Šu—i is named as Aramaean land on Euphrates (left bank Tiele Geschichte. 153 < right bank, compare especially Schr KG 142f.; it had, however, dependencies on left bank) by Tiglath-Pileser I. (KB i. 33), Ašurnasirpal (Id. ib. 99,101).

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
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All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition


(1)  to sink down, to subside (Arab. ساخ Med. Waw, to be sunk into mire, compare שָׁחַח, שָׁחָה). Proverbs 2:18, שָׁ֫חָה אֶל־מָוֶת בֵּיתָהּ “her house (i.e. that of the strange woman) sinks down into Hades.” So the Vulg. But as בַּיִת is constantly elsewhere masc., Aben Ezra applies שָׁ֫חָה to the woman herself, “she sinks down to death (i.e. to Hades, which is to be) her house.”

(2) Metaph. to be bowed down, of the soul. Psalms 44:26, שָׁ֫חָה לְעָפָר נַפְשֵׁנוּ “our soul is bowed down to the dust.” Lamentations 3:20, קרי.

Hiphil, i.q. Kal No. 2. Lamentations 3:20, כתיב.

Derivatives, שׁוּחָה, שִׁיחָה, שַׁחַת No. II.; and pr.n. שׁוּחַ, שׁוּחָם, יְשׁוֹחָיָה.

שׁוּחַ (“pit”), [Shuah], pr.n. of a son of Abraham and Keturah, and of an Arabian tribe sprung from him, Genesis 25:2 whence patron. and gent. שׁוּחִי Shuhite, Job 2:11, 8:1 25:1. The province of the Shuhites I suppose to be the same as Σακκαία of Ptolemy, v. 15, to the east of Batanæa.

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List of Word Forms
וְשׁ֑וּחַ ושוח שֽׁוּחַ׃ שוח׃ Shuach šū·aḥ šūaḥ veShuach wə·šū·aḥ wəšūaḥ
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