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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

6608 KJV: entrance    NAS: unfolding    HCS: The revelation
pêthach pah'-thakh
6609 KJV: drawn sword    NAS: drawn swords    HCS: are drawn swords
pethichâh peth-ee-khaw'
6610 KJV: open, opening    NAS: open    HCS: open, to speak out
pithchôn pith-khone'
6611 KJV: Pethahiah    NAS: Pethahiah    HCS: Pethahiah, Pethahiah, and Pethahiah
pethachyâh peth-akh-yaw'
6612 KJV: simplicity, simple, simple ones, foolish    NAS: folly, simple, naive ones, naive, simple-minded    HCS: ignorance, making the inexperienced, of the inexperienced, is inexperienced, Leave inexperience, foolish, the inexperienced, to the inexperienced, you who are inexperienced, inexperienced, The inexperienced
pethı̂y, pethı̂y, pethâ'ı̂y peth-ee', peh'-thee, peth-aw-ee'
6613 KJV: breadth    NAS: width    HCS: width, wide
pethay peth-ah'ee
6614 KJV: stomacher    NAS: fine clothes    HCS: fine clothes
pethı̂ygı̂yl peth-eeg-eel'
6615 KJV: simple    NAS: naive    HCS: she is gullible
pethayûth peth-ah-yooth'
6616 KJV: thread, bound, bracelet, ribband, wire, line, lace    NAS: tied down, string, cords, threads, cord, line    HCS: tied, a strand, threads, cord, a cord
pâthı̂yl paw-theel'
6617 KJV: shew unsavoury, wrestle, shew..froward, froward    NAS: show yourself astute, cunning, crooked, wrestled    HCS: are deceptive, I have wrestled, You prove Yourself shrewd, of the deceptive
pâthal paw-thal'
6618 KJV: crooked    NAS: crooked    HCS: crooked
pethaltôl peth-al-tole'
6619 KJV: Pithom    NAS: Pithom    HCS: Pithom
pithôm pee-thome'
6620 KJV: adder, asp    NAS: cobra, cobras    HCS: the cobra's, cobra, of cobras, the cobra, cobras
pethen peh'-then
6621 KJV: very, instant, suddenly    NAS: very, instant, suddenly, instantly    HCS: *, instantly, an instant, suddenly
petha‛ peh'-thah
6622 KJV: interpret, interpretation    NAS: interpret, interpreted    HCS: he interpreted, and interpret, one to interpret, had explained, one could interpret, had its own interpretation, he interpreted, the interpretation, one can interpret
pâthar paw-thar'
6623 KJV: interpretation    NAS: interpretations, interpretation    HCS: interpretations, had its own meaning, interpretation
pithrôn, pithrôn pith-rone', pith-rone'
6624 KJV: Pathros    NAS: Pathros    HCS: I will make Pathros, Pathros, of Pathros
pathrôs path-roce'
6625 KJV: Pathrusim    NAS: Pathrusim, Pathrus    HCS: Pathrusim
pathrûsı̂y path-roo-see'
6626 KJV: part    NAS: break    HCS: into
pâthath paw-thath'
6847 KJV: Zaphnathpaaneah    NAS: Zaphenath-paneah    HCS: Zaphenath-paneah
tsâphnath pa‛nêach tsof-nath' pah-nay'-akh
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