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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2081 KJV: Zebina    NAS: Zebina    HCS: Zebina
zebı̂ynâ' zeb-ee-naw'
2082 KJV: dwell with me    NAS: dwell    HCS: will honor
zâbal zaw-bal'
2083 KJV: Zebul    NAS: Zebul    HCS: Zebul, t Zebul
zebûl zeb-ool'
2084 KJV: gain    NAS: bargaining    HCS: are trying to gain
zeban zeb-an'
2085 KJV: husk    NAS: skin    HCS: skin
zâg zawg
2086 KJV: presumptuous, proud    NAS: arrogant men, presumptuous, proud, arrogant    HCS: let the arrogant, consider the arrogant, willful sins, The arrogant, the arrogant, arrogant, The proud, other arrogant, the proud, of the arrogant, Let the arrogant
zêd zade'
2087 KJV: presumptuously, pride, proud    NAS: arrogance, insolence, presumptuously, pride, insolent pride, arrogant    HCS: arrogance, The arrogant, presumptuous, *, Arrogance, you arrogant, pride, When pride
zâdôn zaw-done'
2088 KJV: these, very, same, hath, thus, side, such, this, hence    NAS: these, other side, this side, which, both, another, similarly, thus, daylight, one while another, this and these, this, so, one out to another, such a thing, what, this woman, how, origin, one as well as another, morning, these to this, those, one side, other on the other side, one, this way, other, this thing, such, here, completely, side and on the other, ever, follows, therefore, purpose, same, each side, both sides, this is what, one thing, really, either side, first woman, where, one and another, there, this one, one side and the other, today, side, now, just, then, why, itself    HCS:
zeh zeh
2090 KJV: what, another, that, thus, this    NAS: thus, this    HCS: what, This, all, such, does this, that this, this
zôh zo
2091 KJV: golden, gold, fair weather    NAS: gold, golden    HCS: more gold, of the gold, The number of gold, the gold, was the gold, the golden, are to be gold, where gold, were of gold, were gold, them with gold, Put gold, a gold, each gold, so that gold, May gold, out of gold, a solid gold, he added the gold, Gold, an array of gold, *, was gold, in gold, other gold, adorned with gold, gold, yourself with gold, was a gold, with gold, is gold, is like a gold, of gold, golden, with gold, that have gold, shrouded in a golden, of gold, pure gold, embroidered with gold, is like gold, shekels of gold
zâhâb zaw-hawb'
2092 KJV: abhorreth    NAS: loathes    HCS: detests
zâham zaw-ham'
2093 KJV: Zaham    NAS: Zaham    HCS: Zaham
zaham zah'-ham
2094 KJV: shine, warn, admonish, teach    NAS: taken warning, shine brightly, receive instruction, warns, take warning, warned, give them warning, warn, teach, took warning    HCS: the warning, Instruct, warnings, warned, will shine, he listened to your warning, had taken warning, warn, be warned, a warning, to warn, is warned, you are to warn
zâhar zaw-har'
2095 KJV: take heed    HCS: See that you
zehar zeh-har'
2096 KJV: brightness    NAS: brightness    HCS: bright, the bright
zôhar zo'-har
2097 KJV: that, this    NAS: which, this    HCS: that, for this
zô zo
2098 KJV: which, that, wherein, whom, this    NAS: which, who, whom, this, whose, where    HCS: that, You who, who, whom, this, They
zû zoo
2099 KJV: Zif    NAS: Ziv    HCS: of Ziv
ziv zeev'
2100 KJV: have an issue, hath, run, have, pine away, gush out, flow    NAS: has, discharge, flow, flowed, flowing, flows, has a discharge, gushed, pine away    HCS: who has a bodily discharge, a land flowing, someone who has a discharge, for someone with a discharge, is flowing, man with a discharge, flowing, waste away, anyone who has a discharge, a discharge, man with the discharge, gushed out, she has a discharge, has a discharge
zûb zoob
2101 KJV: issue    NAS: discharge    HCS: discharge, *, the discharge, it, and it
zôb zobe
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