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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5446 KJV: strongly laid    NAS: retained    HCS: be retained
sebal seb-al'
5447 KJV: burden, charge    NAS: burdens, burden, forced labor    HCS: the burden, labor force, loads
sêbel say'-bel
5448 KJV: burden    NAS: burden    HCS: burden, oppressive
sôbel, sûbbâl so'-bel, soob-bawl'
5449 KJV: burden, bearer of burden, ...bear burden    NAS: burden bearers, carry loads, transporters    HCS: porters, as porters, *, laborer
sabbâl sab-bawl'
5450 KJV: burden    NAS: burdens, hard labor, labors, hard labors    HCS: the forced labor, forced labor, working, work
sebâlâh seb-aw-law'
5451 KJV: Sibboleth    NAS: sibboleth    HCS: Sibboleth
sibbôleth sib-bo'-leth
5452 KJV: think    NAS: intend    HCS: He will intend
sebar seb-ar'
5453 KJV: Sibraim    NAS: Sibraim    HCS: and Sibraim
sibrayim sib-rah'-yim
5454 KJV: Sabtah, Sabta    NAS: Sabtah, Sabta    HCS: Sabtah, Sabta
sabtâ', sabtâh sab-taw', sab-taw'
5455 KJV: Sabtecha    NAS: Sabteca    HCS: Sabteca
sabtekâ' sab-tek-aw'
5456 KJV: fall down    NAS: fall down, bow down, falls down    HCS: bows down, and I will bow down, Then they kneel, He bows down
sâgad saw-gad'
5457 KJV: worship    NAS: worship, did homage, worshiped    HCS: worship, paid homage, and worshiped
segid seg-eed'
5458 KJV: gold, caul    NAS: gold, chests    HCS: the rib cage
segôr seg-ore'
5459 KJV: special, jewel, peculiar treasure, peculiar, particular treasure    NAS: treasured possession, possession, treasure    HCS: a special possession, special, treasured possession, possession, the treasure, personal treasures
segûllâh seg-ool-law'
5460 KJV: governor    NAS: prefects, prefect    HCS: prefects, governor
segan seg-an'
5461 KJV: ruler    NAS: rulers, prefects, officials    HCS: rulers, officials, prefects
sâgân saw-gawn'
5462 KJV: shutting, close up, shut in, gave over, together, inclosed, closed, pure, stop, shut, deliver, shut up, straitly, give up, repaired, deliver up    NAS: given, quarantined, imprison, close, delivered, isolate, gave over, quarantine, surrender, hands over, confined, imprisons, pure, closed, locked, shut, tightly shut, deliver, battle-axe, hand over, shuts, given over    HCS: what he closes, have become hardened, were pure, must be closed, quarantined, throws someone in prison, was confined, and repaired, They will be confined, delivered, in, Let us shut, over to, closed in, one can close, handing them over, shut, He handed over, is closed, be shut, would shut, He surrendered, from conceiving, of purest, he has trapped, was strongly fortified, over, are shut, closely, He delivered up, I will hand over, with pure, Gold, shut yourself, *, up, close, quarantine, He imprisons, closing, closed, pure, are under siege, of pure, was shut, she had shut, hand over, was closed, Let her be confined, return, be closed, must quarantine, javelin, handed over, the priest quarantines
sâgar saw-gar'
5463 KJV: shut    NAS: shut    HCS: shut
segar seg-ar'
5464 KJV: very rainy    NAS: steady rain    HCS: a rainy
sagrı̂yd sag-reed'
5465 KJV: stocks    NAS: stocks    HCS: stocks
sad sad
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