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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2102 KJV: presume, deal proudly, presumptuously, sod, proud    NAS: presumptuously, act presumptuously, acts presumptuously, acted presumptuously, become arrogant, dealt proudly, acted arrogantly, cooked    HCS: arrogantly they treated, was cooking, defiantly, the Egyptians acted arrogantly, behave arrogantly, dares, acts, she has acted arrogantly, acted arrogantly
zûd, zı̂yd zood, zeed
2103 KJV: pride    NAS: behaved arrogantly    HCS: became arrogant
zûd zood
2104 KJV: Zuzim    NAS: Zuzim    HCS: Zuzim
zûzı̂ym zoo-zeem'
2105 KJV: Zoheth    NAS: Zoheth    HCS: Zoheth
zôchêth zo-khayth'
2106 KJV: corner stone, corner    NAS: corners, corner    HCS: those at the corners, corner pillars
zâvı̂yth zaw-veeth'
2107 KJV: lavish, despise    NAS: lavish    HCS: who pour out
zûl zool
2108 KJV: save, beside..., only, but me, but    NAS: only, besides, except    HCS: Except for, Only, other than, besides, anyone other than, just, there was only, one except, except, but
zûlâh zoo-law'
2109 KJV: fed    NAS: well-fed    HCS: well-fed
zûn zoon
2110 KJV: fed    NAS: fed    HCS: was fed
zûn zoon
2111 KJV: vex, moved, tremble    NAS: tremble, collect    HCS: tremble in fear, tremble, those who disturb
zûa‛ zoo'-ah
2112 KJV: tremble    NAS: trembled, tremble    HCS: people must tremble, terrified
zûa‛ zoo'-ah
2113 KJV: vexation, remove, trouble    NAS: terror, object of terror, object of horror    HCS: terror
zevâ‛âh zev-aw-aw'
2114 KJV: gone away, another, another place, estranged, fanners, strange woman, strange, stranger + (0376), stranger    NAS: unusual, turned away, layman, strange things, another, aliens, alien, adulteress, outsider, illegitimate, strange thing, strangers, satisfied, estranged, enemies, offensive, foreigners, strange, foreign, stranger    HCS: by foreigners, an unauthorized, for a stranger, some foreign, Let another, Foreigners, unauthorized, of barbarians, from a distance, outsider, of foreigners, illegitimate, outside, An unauthorized, foreign, of the forbidden woman, foes, of strangers, a forbidden woman, stranger, a strange, any unauthorized, Any unauthorized, they have turned, Strangers, something strange, have abandoned, is offensive, foreigner, from exotic, strangers, estranged, foreigners, a foreign, strange, let strangers, as a stranger, go astray, a forbidden, one else, a stranger
zûr zoor
2115 KJV: crush, closed, thrust...together    NAS: squeezed, crushed, crush, pressed    HCS: may crush, crack one open, he squeezed
zûr zoor
2116 KJV: crushed
zûreh zoo-reh'
2117 KJV: Zaza    NAS: Zaza    HCS: Zaza
zâzâ' zaw-zaw
2118 KJV: loose    NAS: come loose    HCS: come loose
zâchach zaw-khakh'
2119 KJV: serpents, afraid, worms    NAS: reptiles, shy, crawling things    HCS: I was timid, reptiles slithering, snakes that slither
zâchal zaw-khal'
2120 KJV: Zoheleth    NAS: Zoheleth
zôcheleth zo-kheh'-leth
2121 KJV: proud    NAS: raging    HCS: raging
zêydôn zay-dohn'
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