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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3550 KJV: priest's office, priesthood    NAS: priest's offices, priesthood    HCS: is the priesthood, of the priesthood, priesthood, priestly office, priestly responsibilities, the priesthood, The priesthood
kehûnnâh keh-hoon-naw'
3551 KJV: windows    NAS: windows    HCS: The windows
kav kav
3552 KJV: Chub    HCS: Libya
kûb koob
3553 KJV: helmet    NAS: helmet, helmets    HCS: helmet, helmets, a helmet
kôba‛ ko'-bah
3554 KJV: burned    NAS: scorched    HCS: scorching, be scorched
kâvâh kaw-vaw'
3555 KJV: burning    NAS: burn    HCS: burn
kevı̂yâh kev-ee-yaw'
3556 KJV: stargazers + (02374), star    NAS: stars, star    HCS: stars, star, A star, the stars
kôkâb ko-kawb'
3557 KJV: victual, feed, sustain, nourish, contain, receive, bear, hold, comprehended, abide, misc    NAS: sustainer, provisioned, held, maintain, holding, had to provide, provided them with sustenance, endure, provided, sustain, sustained, contain, contains, calculated, provide, hold    HCS: gathered supplies, will sustain, They provided food, Who has gathered, for it holds, I will sustain, holding, accommodate, of holding, in turn provided food, of holding it back, It could hold, one made provision, ll provide, endure, It held, he had provided, will take care of, provided, sustain, I provided, contain, He provided for, can endure, You provided for, provide, and conducts, hold, consume
kûl kool
3558 KJV: table    NAS: necklaces, bracelets, though    HCS: necklaces
kûmâz koo-mawz'
3559 KJV: direct, fixed, preparation, certain, variant, confirmed, order, set, prepare, firm, right, stablish, provide, fashion, establish, misc, ready    NAS: formed, make preparation, establishes, steadfast, carried, took, made...preparations, consider, make...sure, directed, confirmed, could, prepared, fashioned, ordained, make ready, firmly established, definitely, determined, get yourself ready, made...ready, makes ready, full, provides, counted, fashion, establish, ready, set the in order, direct your right, direct, installed, making my firm, place, rested, certain, reliable, maintain his position, appointed, founds, confirm, made it ready, set, prepare, certainty, made provision, rests, established, ordered, firm, provided, makes his sure, aim, directs, strengthen, right, provide, prepares, made preparations    HCS: and established, formed, will be established, will establish, You are to determine, supplied, providing, and took, was carried out, were formed, the place I have prepared, revived, they were prepared, He established, steady, and you will be established, had prepared, is confident, You set in place, He establishes, you aim, be made secure, he had prepared, I will establish, has been determined, preparing, He has prepared, accurate, the truth, prepares, supporting, loyal, they establish, has established, be established, is established, I have made provision, I had made preparations, are prepared, sustain, has set, preparations, fastened, battle preparations, it prepares, a steadfast, establish, ve made provision, ready, midday, it is prepared, are standing, take up a position, *, to provide, they prepared, had established, that is ready, founds, I must make provision, had provided, will remain, pay attention, he had selected, established, have decided, He has established, He prepared, You must turn, You established, had determined, made preparations, Organize, they store up, secure, Finalize, lies ready, be right, was established, am about, Turn, prepared, furnish, has been ready, provides, ve provided, you redirect, make preparations, Prepare, it is established, had set up, he prepared, certain, appointed, be restored, has been established, has prepared, Complete, prepare, set, who established, endure, will be achieved, provided, stay, You prepare, are established, had made preparations, they put, he did not waver, I have prepared, they prepare, We have set up, is firmly established, heaps up, They prepared, You establish, Rehoboam had established, Be prepared, have established, they made preparations, God form, You provided, he could, be set, determines, set up, he may heap it up, were committed, reliable, appearance, confirm, is prepared, trusting, sets, determine, firmly, You will strengthen, is set in place, They set up, dedicate
kûn koon
3560 KJV: Chun    NAS: Cun    HCS: Cun
kûn koon
3561 KJV: cake    NAS: cakes    HCS: sacrificial cakes, cakes
kavvân kav-vawn'
3562 KJV: Conaniah, Cononiah    NAS: Conaniah    HCS: Conaniah, of Conaniah
kônanyâhû ko-nan-yaw'-hoo
3563 KJV: cup, owl    NAS: cup, owl, cups, little owl, chalice    HCS: of a cup, owl, there is a cup, Yet the cup, little owl, the cup, an owl, A cup, with a cup, cup, some cups, The cup
kôs koce
3564 KJV: furnace    NAS: pierced, furnace    HCS: the furnace, a furnace, a smelter, furnace
kûr koor
3565 KJV: Chorashan    HCS: Bor-ashan
kôr ‛âshân kore aw-shawn'
3566 KJV: Cyrus    NAS: Cyrus    HCS: Cyrus
kôresh, kôresh ko'-resh, ko'-resh
3567 KJV: Cyrus    NAS: Cyrus    HCS: Cyrus, of Cyrus, he
kôresh ko'-resh
3568 KJV: Ethiopians, Ethiopia, Cush    NAS: Ethiopia, Cush    HCS: of Cush, Cush's, Those who made Cush, Cush, from Cush
kûsh koosh
3569 KJV: Ethiopian, Cushi    NAS: Ethiopia, Cushite, Ethiopian, Ethiopians    HCS: Cushite, Cushites, a Cushite, The Cushite, *, Can the Cushite, the Cushites, The Cushites
kûshı̂y koo-shee'
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