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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5466 KJV: fine linen, sheet    NAS: linen wraps, undergarments, linen garments    HCS: linen clothes, linen garments
sâdı̂yn saw-deen'
5467 KJV: Sodom    NAS: Sodom    HCS: of Sodom, was Sodom, when Sodom, Sodom, Sodom's, against Sodom
sedôm sed-ome'
5468 KJV: order    NAS: order
seder seh'-der
5469 KJV: round    NAS: round    HCS: rounded
sahar sah'-har
5470 KJV: prison    NAS: jail, jailer
sôhar so'-har
5471 KJV: So    NAS: so    HCS: So
sô' so
5472 KJV: backslider, go back, turn back, turn away, driven, turned    NAS: turned back, remove, move, turn back, moves, turned aside, turned, drawing, turn, backslider, turning away    HCS: be turned back, turned away, who move, The one who moves, turned back, move, What you acquire, They will be turned back, turn, who turn back, turn away, they are retreating, have turned away, is turned back, The disloyal, and they deserted, be driven back, retreated, turning away, overtake
sûg soog
5473 KJV: set about    NAS: carefully fence, fenced about    HCS: song3>surrounded
sûg soog
5474 KJV: ward    NAS: cage    HCS: wooden yoke
sûgar soo-gar'
5475 KJV: counsel, secret, assembly, inward    NAS: secret counsel, friendship, secrets, circle, secret, council, plans, consultation, fellowship, company, gathering, intimate    HCS: secrets, the scheming, clever schemes, *, council, is a friend, the fellowship, counsel, the gang, friendship, secret, The secret counsel, the band, in the congregation, the council, a secret
sôd sode
5476 KJV: Sodi    NAS: Sodi    HCS: of Sodi
sôdı̂y so-dee'
5477 KJV: Suah    NAS: Suah    HCS: Suah
sûach soo'-akh
5478 KJV: torn    NAS: refuse    HCS: garbage
5479 KJV: Sotai    NAS: Sotai    HCS: Sotai's
sôṭay so-tah'ee
5480 KJV: at all, anoint...    NAS: enclosed, use any ointment, hedged, anoint, anointed, poured    HCS: put on, *, be used for ordinary anointing, anoint, put on perfumed oil, put any oil, anointed
sûk sook
5481 KJV: dulcimer, variant    NAS: bagpipe    HCS: drum
sûmpôneyâh, sûmpôneyâh, sı̂yphôneyâ' (1,2) soom-po-neh-yaw', see-fo-neh-yaw'
5482 KJV: Syene    NAS: Syene    HCS: to Syene
sevênêh, sevênâh, sevên sev-ay-nay', sev-ay'-naw, sev-ane'
5483 KJV: horsehoofs + (06119), horseback, crane, horse, horseback + (07392)    NAS: swift, horse, horse's, horses, horseback, horseman, swallow, horses'    HCS: the horse, and horses, of stallions, with horses, The horses, stallions, *, a horse, the horses, horse, we can keep the horses, horses, Horses, A horse, steed, mounted, other horses, steeds, cavalry, Horse, Do horses, mdash; horse, a swallow, including horses, for horses, swallow, of horses
sûs, sûs soos, soos
5484 KJV: horse    NAS: mare    HCS: mare
sûsâh soo-saw'
5485 KJV: Susi    NAS: Susi    HCS: of Susi
sûsı̂y soo-see'
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