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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2122 KJV: brightness, countenance    NAS: splendor, face    HCS: face, splendor, dazzling
zı̂yv zeev
2123 KJV: abundance, wild beast    NAS: everything that moves, bountiful, whatever moves    HCS: the creatures, breasts, creatures
zı̂yz zeez
2124 KJV: Ziza    NAS: Ziza    HCS: Ziza
zı̂yzâ' zee-zaw'
2125 KJV: Zizah    NAS: Zizah    HCS: Zizah
zı̂yzâh zee-zaw'
2126 KJV: Zina    NAS: Zina    HCS: Zizah
zı̂ynâ' zee-naw'
2127 KJV: Zia    NAS: Zia    HCS: Zia
zı̂ya‛ zee'-ah
2128 KJV: Ziph    NAS: Ziph    HCS: Ziph, of Ziph, *
zı̂yph zeef
2129 KJV: Ziphah    NAS: Ziphah    HCS: Ziphah
zı̂yphâh zee-faw'
2130 KJV: Ziphims, Ziphites    NAS: Ziphites    HCS: Some Ziphites, Ziphites
zı̂yphı̂y zee-fee'
2131 KJV: chain, firebrand, fetter, spark    NAS: firebrands, brands    HCS: firebrands, the firebrands, flaming darts, chains
zı̂yqâh, ziq, zêq zee-kaw', zeek, zake
2132 KJV: oliveyard, olive tree, olive, olivet    NAS: olive trees, olives, olive, Olives, olive tree, olive groves, groves, olive grove    HCS: olive trees, olives, like young olive, olive, olive orchards, and olive groves, of olive, of olive trees, though the olive, olive tree, olive groves, olive grove, of Olives, an olive tree
zayith zah'-yith
2133 KJV: Zethan    NAS: Zethan    HCS: Zethan
zêythân zay-thawn'
2134 KJV: pure, clean    NAS: pure, clear, clean    HCS: pure, is pure, are pure, of the innocent, is sound, am pure, seem right
zak zak
2135 KJV: pure, clear, clean    NAS: pure, make yourselves clean, keep his pure, clean, blameless, justify, cleansed, kept my pure    HCS: pure, be pure, yourselves. Cleanse, Did I purify, You are blameless, Can I excuse, he should be pure
zâkâh zaw-kaw'
2136 KJV: innocency    NAS: innocent    HCS: innocent
zâkû zaw-koo'
2137 KJV: crystal    NAS: glass    HCS: glass
zekûkı̂yth zek-oo-keeth'
2138 KJV: men children, male    NAS: men, males    HCS: males
zâkûr zaw-koor'
2139 KJV: variant, Zaccur, Zacchur    NAS: Zaccur    HCS: to Zaccur, Zaccur, of Zaccur
zakkûr zak-koor'
2140 KJV: Zaccai, Zabbai    NAS: Zaccai    HCS: Zaccai's
zakkay zak-kah'ee
2141 KJV: pure, purer, be clean    NAS: pure, cleanse, purer    HCS: pure, were brighter, cleanse
zâkak zaw-kak'
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