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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

8430 KJV: Toah    NAS: Toah    HCS: of Toah
tôach to'-akh
8431 KJV: hope    NAS: hope, expectation    HCS: The hope, Any hope, hope
tôcheleth to-kheh'-leth
8432 KJV: middle, between, into, among, through, midst, within, in, misc, therein    NAS: reenter, along, two, internally, center, high, middle part, interior, inside, presence, home, middle, between, among, through, midst, within    HCS: Middle, you, area, the interior, *, center, the inside, Among, interior, the middle, inside, presence, middle, the presence, among, along the middle, within, that are among, the center
tâvek taw'-vek
8433 KJV: rebuke, reproof, reproved, misc, arguments    NAS: rebukes, reproof, punishment, argument, rebuke, reproofs, reproved, arguments, chastened    HCS: rebukes, complaint, after many reprimands, discipline, argument, punishment, reprimand, rebuke, punished, and punishment, of correction, correction, to correction, corrective, warning, arguments, of punishment
tôkêchâh, tôkachath to-kay-khaw', to-kakh'-ath
8434 KJV: Tolad    NAS: Tolad    HCS: Tolad
tôlâd to-lawd'
8435 KJV: birth, generations    NAS: birth, generations, order of their birth, account, genealogies, genealogical registration    HCS: birth, genealogical records, are the records, of the descendants, the family records, genealogies, is the genealogy, the genealogical records, genealogy, are the family records, family records
tôledâh, tôledâh to-led-aw', to-led-aw'
8436 KJV: Tilon    NAS: Tilon    HCS: Tilon
tûlôn too-lone'
8437 KJV: they that wasted us    NAS: tormentors    HCS: tormentors
tôlâl to-lawl'
8438 KJV: crimson, scarlet, worm    NAS: purple, crimson, worms    HCS: purple, *, am a worm, you worm, a scarlet, and scarlet yarn, crimson, scarlet yarn, worms, a worm, who is a worm, worm
tôlâ‛, tôlê‛âh, tôla‛ath, tôla‛ath to-law', to-lay-aw', (3,4) to-lah'-ath
8439 KJV: Tola    NAS: string, worms, worm, Tola    HCS: from Tola, Tola's, Tola
tôlâ‛ to-law'
8440 KJV: Tolaites    NAS: Tolaites    HCS: Tolaite
tôlâ‛ı̂y to-law-ee'
8441 KJV: abomination, abominable thing, abominable    NAS: detestable act, abomination, abominations, loathsome, object of loathing, detestable, abominable, detestable thing, detestable things, abominable act    HCS: detestable act, things is detestable, the consequences of the detestable acts, is detestable, repulsive, something detestable, a detestable act, abhorrent, the detestable practices, are abhorrent, a detestable thing, the detestable things, which is detestable, detestable, and detestable practices, any abhorrent thing, and detestable things, so abhorrently, person is detestable, the detestable customs, abominations, is an abomination, detestable acts, the abomination, same detestable acts, would be detestable, detests, abhorrent idols, detestable thing, detest, the detestable acts, detestable things, is abhorrent, are detestable, detestable practices, that was detestable, thing
tô‛êbah, tô‛êbah to-ay-baw', to-ay-baw'
8442 KJV: hinder, error    NAS: error, disturbance    HCS: falsely, *
tô‛âh to-aw'
8443 KJV: plenty, strength    NAS: peaks, choice, horns    HCS: the horns, peaks, finest
tô‛âphâh to-aw-faw'
8444 KJV: issues, goings out, outgoings, borders, going forth    NAS: exits, ended, termination, escapes, springs, borders, farthest borders    HCS: escape, are the exits, *, outlying areas, is the source
tôtsâ'âh, tôtsâ'âh to-tsaw-aw', to-tsaw-aw'
8445 KJV: Tikvath    NAS: Tokhath
tôqahath to-kah'-ath
8446 KJV: search out, search, merchantmen + (0582), spy out, chapmen + (0582), excellent, descry, espied, seek    NAS: follow, spying, investigate, spy, guide, explore, explores, traders, spied, explored, selected, seek    HCS: they had scouted, seek out, I explored, scout, I had searched out, who scouted, explore, scouting, *, sent spies, man is careful, by following, scouted, and explored, you scouted, seek
tûr toor
8447 KJV: border, turn, row    NAS: standard, turn, ornaments    HCS: turn, jewelry, her turn
tôr, tôr tore, tore
8448 KJV: according to the estate    HCS: of distinction
tôr tore
8449 KJV: turtledove, turtle    NAS: turtledoves, turtledove    HCS: a turtledove, dove, the turtledoves, turtledove's, The turtledove, turtledoves
tôr, tôr tore, tore
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