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Q. What lies at the bottom of the ocean and twitches?

A. A nervous wreck.

Quacker Sold a Horse

At the county fair a distinctively dressed Quaker offered a horse for sale. A non-Quaker farmer asked its price, and since Quakers had a reputation for fair dealing, he bought the horse without hesitation. The farmer got the horse home, only to discover it was lazy and ill-tempered, so he took it back to the fair the next day. There he confronted the Quaker. “Thou hast no complaint against me,”…

Qualities Needed in Parenting

Qualities Needed to Succeed

In a Chosen Career

Qualities Needed to Meet

the Needs of a Growing Child

A constant striving for perfection

A tolerance for repeated errors



A need to be free from time constraints to focus

Plenty of time for family activities on work



A goal-oriented attitude…

Qualities the World Looks for in a Preacher

He must have a fine accent.

He must be learned.

He must be eloquent.

He must be a handsome person.

He must take no money, but have money to give.

He must tell people what they like to hear.

Qualities and virtues of a good preacher:

Able to teach in a right and orderly way.

A good head.

A good voice.

A good memory.

Quality Quotients

Americans were asked how close they are to meeting their ideal goals; analysts at KRC Research used the answers to develop measures of happiness they call “quality quotients.” Answers above 8 indicate general happiness; those below 7 denote relative unhappiness.

Percent Who Rank Issue One Of the Top Three Priorities in Life




1. Family life




Quality Time

I learned the idea of Quality Time was an evil lie. Some experts pushed the idea that successful overachievers, those we call Yuppies today, could have children and be guilt-free about the little time they were able to devote to them. The remedy was Quality Time. Sort of like one-minute parenting. It went like this: Be sure to make what little time you are able to spend with your child Quality Time.…


One New Year’s Eve at London’s Garrick Club, British dramatist Frederick Lonsdale was asked by Symour Hicks to reconcile with a fellow member. The two had quarreled in the past and never restored their friendship. “You must,” Hicks said to Lonsdale. “It is very unkind to be unfriendly at such a time. Go over now and wish him a happy New Year.”

So Lonsdale crossed…

Queen Elizabeth

At a reception honoring musician Sir Robert Mayer on his 100th birthday, elderly British socialite Lady Diana Cooper fell into conversation with a friendly woman who seemed to know her well. Lady Diana’s failing eyesight prevented her from recognizing her fellow guest, until she peered more closely at the magnificent diamonds and realized she was talking to Queen Elizabeth! Overcome with embarrassment,…

Queen Victoria

When Queen Victoria was a child, she didn’t know she was in line for the throne of England. Her instructors, trying to prepare her for the future, were frustrated because they couldn’t motivate her. She just didn’t take her studies seriously. Finally, her teachers decided to tell her that one day she would become the queen of England.

Upon hearing this, Victoria quietly said, “Then…

Quest for Happiness

The Persians tell a story about an unhappy king. In an attempt to find the answer to his dissatisfaction, he consulted his astrologers who told him he could find happiness by wearing the coat of a perfectly happy man. Immediately the king set out on his quest. He knocked at the doors of the very rich, for it seemed logical to find happiness there, but in vain. He visited the institutions of higher…

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