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Mercy not sacrifice

8 For the Son of Man is also Lord of the Sabbath.

I was watching the news the other day and there was this young girl whose dad had been murdered and the reporter asked her what she was hoping for. She said she needed the murderer to be given the death penalty and even that wasn't good enough for her revenge. This wasn't the first time I've noticed this. On those 48 Hours Murder-She-Wrote…

Ministries of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is not just some invisible, abstract being that plays a secondary or tertiary role when it comes to the Godhead. He is God, the third Person of the Trinity, and He is powerful and intimately involved in our lives as believers. We need to know just how involved He is lest we underestimate His power and provision in our lives. Here is a list of the many things that He is busy doing…

Missed Time

I have a favorite cartoon and a favorite humorous story. The cartoon is one of those multi-panel setups with the first panel displaying a man sitting in a fishing boat with rod in hand and line in water. He is all decked out in the attire one would expect of an avid fisherman. He is extolling all the joys of being out in God's creation; the sun being like God's light and the breeze like His breath,…

Money or the Will of God?

My how the times have changed. Just thirteen years ago a young man from Texas named Tom Kite was the all-time leader in money earned on the PGA tour for a career. He did it while serving as the reigning U. S. Open Champion. On this date in 1993Kite cemented his all-time lead with a stirring victory in the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic at La Quinta, California. The Hope is one of those marathon tournaments…

More than a door

Here is how I understand it...

Absolutely the spirit ascends now to be with the LORD. Paul said to die is gain and it is to be with Him. David spoke of his dead son that he would go to be with him, so what was the point of weeping? But the difference between David and Paul is Jesus death and resurrection.
David is before the resurrection and Paul is after.

Before Jesus was…

More Than Enough Light

We have a new addition in our neighborhood. That sounds a little vague considering that our neighborhood is one of those under development. A new addition is almost always going to be taken for granted until the neighborhood is completely built. Such is life in suburbia. The new addition is not another street full of houses. It is something that, when we first found out about its coming and…

More Than Equal Time

A number of years ago (that's a euphemism for, "Hey, I'm old and this happened a really long time ago) I heard a Southern Gospel song with the nifty title, "I'd Rather be Late at the Pearly Gates than Arrive in Hell on time." I used to really be a stickler for promptness from people who attend church services but have softened my stance over the years. Still, I remember the discipline that my mother…

Much in Common

Maggie and Doris were complete strangers. Maggie was a retired department store clerk while Doris was a middle aged single woman. Maggie had lost her husband to cancer two years prior and had married children with families while Doris had no family left as an only child whose parents were killed in a car wreck. They were even raised in communities that were totally dissimilar.

But here they…

Music that Is Truly Worshipful

We are to worship God in all aspects of our life, doing everything in a way that ascribes honor, glory, and worth to Him. One of the ways God has ordained for His people to worship Him is through music and through song. He has blessed people with musical talents for the express purpose of creating worshipful songs and leading His people in a worship experience through song (. This can only…

My Beloved, My Betrothed
To be betrothed. How marvelously wonderful that is. A Jewish mother would be proud. 'See my daughter over there? No, the beautiful one. She's betrothed. She'll be married for all eternity.' I know He will come. I am eagerly anticipating His coming for me. My lamp is lit and I have plenty of oil. How secure that is.

What's that? Is security all I'm looking for? Oh, no. Security is just a fringe…

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the Seventh Week after Easter
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