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Peace begins with the tongue

I retrieved this from one of my columns I wrote for the Picayune Item when I was the Lifestyles Editor. I had written a portion of it one day when I was in a Christian forum that I and two friends owned. Christians were going at each other with little respect for each other, and full of judgments which had no basis. I recognized a monster within me that held nothing of my LORD and Savior's…

Peace that Surpasses Understanding

Many times in life things happen that we don't understand, and we may wonder why. This is particularly difficult if we were of the mindset that this life is supposed to be fair and just, for it is not. Things can be further complicated if we erroneously think that faithfulness to Christ is a guarantee of blessing and reward in this life. God does exalt the humble, but only at the proper, or due,…

Pearls Before Swine

After speaking about not judging our neighbor before dealing with the sin in our own hearts lest we become hypocrites, Jesus speaks a very important principle that often gets overlooked. He says in . Conditionally, we are works in progress until we die (; however, since Christ is in us, the world can see His holiness in and through us (. In fact, they should see this if we want to have any chance…

Peddling Jesus

I'm a sucker for infomercials. Embarrassed as I am to admit it, I can get inadvertently drawn into an infomercial and not only want what is being peddled, but be convinced that I need it desperately, can't live without it. Rather the point of the infomercial, I suppose.

Vacuums, exercise equipment, juicers, collections of 80's music - who knew so much was missing in my life?

I've only actually…

Pep Club Alumni

Although I think they have more sophisticated names for them now, most of you know what I mean if I talk about a "Pep Club."

Those would be the kids who wear the team colors (sometimes painted on their faces and in their hair) and cheer madly for their team to be victorious. They are usually led by very outgoing and personable people, like the junior class vice president/class clown. Someone…


Wednesday evening my youngest son, Sean, and I celebrated our birthdays in our own little tradition. We went to a Cincinnati Reds baseball game. With his birthday being on August 8 and mine on August 10 we chose August 9 as the logical night for the game. We were both very happy that we did. Not only did we get to see a wonderful game but we also hit one of those special giveaways that the…

Perfect Faith

In the 1986 Masters, Jack Nicklaus sank a putt that served as a pivotal point in his victory. He said that he was able to see the line of the putt so plainly and rolled it at the perfect speed for it to go in. This past season, at Hoylake just outside Liverpool, England, Tiger Woods put on a performance for the ages as he won The British Open handily and hardly ever used his driver. Golf pundits…

Perfect in God

Many things can strike comedians as being funny. The way someone eats a bagel, the look on a schoolboy's face during recess or the hemline of a dress on a beautiful woman can catch their eye and they're off to the races to describe it in a way that tickles somebody else's funny bone. Some of their routines have become almost iconoclastic, assuming a place in the comedic lore of a generation.

Perilous times-perilous men

Paul gives great encouragement to the Romans by telling them to glory in the afflictions because afflictions brings about patience. Ever prayed for patience? Then you know that praying that prayer brings on trials and tribulations. That Greek word isqliÛyiv –Thlipsis -- translated tribulation means

  1. a pressing, pressing together, pressure
  2. metaph. oppression,…
Pharaoh's hard heart

In Exodus we read about how God told Moses that He would harden Pharaoh's heart. That is an extraordinary thing because God, being perfect and holy in every way, could never cause someone to sin. Wouldn't we define a hard heart a sinful heart? Of course we would. But, God doesn't sin. So with that premise and understanding we must delve deeper to understand what is meant here, and how…

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