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Let the Believer beware

Paul explains in . So [men] are without excuse [altogether without any defense or justification].

God made it perfectly clear who He was to Pharaoh way before He used Moses and the plagues. Pharaoh rejected God as God and set himself up in the most vain way as god.

The religious leaders of Jesus' day took exception to John the Baptist. But let it slide because they recognized…

Let's Be Excellent

You've probably heard the song " .

"Be excellent at what is good, be innocent of evil, and the God of peace will soon crush Satan underneath your feet."

God wants us to be excellent in all that we do. And he wants us to do everything for him. He expects the best. Why shouldn't he? He's God and he made things perfect. We're the ones who messed up the world, with a little prodding from…

Let's Dance

Here's the question...

Do you believe God is bigger than any problem?

I know beyond any doubt that God can be trusted. He has been true and faithful my whole life even during those two black years when I deliberately chose to turn my back on Him. What God says He will do, He will do. No, not one can snatch those from His hand. Fully one quarter of the Bible is prophecy and every…

Letter from a Mom

Several months ago a young family began attending our church. The woman had already given her life to Christ, but her husband had not. When he made the decision to accept Christ she wrote a letter which was read before his baptism. I was so touched by her letter that I wanted to share it with all of you.

She emphasized the importance of family and a loving marriage and made me see that it is…

Life and good, or death and evil - our choice

Peace in the land lasts for as long as the people have their face turned toward God.

I want you to note a pattern here. As long as a strong leader held sway and had his (or her, as in the case of Deborah) face and ear, mind and heart toward God, the people did not turn from God. When the judge or ruler turned, so did the people. I am so tempted to camp here for a long…

Life is a lot like killing snakes

I don't know if you have ever come face to face with a snake before.

They are God's creatures just like the birds and deer, but for a reason God granted us a healthy fear of snakes.

My favorite Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal were really upset, all atwitter and fussing up a storm in the ligustrum right outside Mom's bedroom window. Flitting from ground to branch to the top of the roof back to the…

Life Is Not Fair But God Is

One of the most frustrating but necessary lessons that we each must learn in our Christian walks is that life is not fair but God is. In order to make sense of the very real prosperity and ease that the wicked can and do experience, we must come to have an eternal perspective. Surely, we have all sensed frustration and maybe even grew bitter for a time when we saw someone get away with wrong. How…

Life's a Trip

Long trips are a mixed bag for me. Some are absolutely refreshing while others are a drain. Trips with my wife are wonderful. We always talk practically the whole way there and back. Trips by myself are the ones that can be a drag. Having to sit in a car for a long trip with just me can be taxing. I don't know how my wife does it.

There is a little mind game I play with myself when I am…

Life's Dichotomy

At one time football was my favorite sport to play. Obviously, at fifty-five years old and somewhat arthritic, to still participate in the sport would be somewhat foolish. However, I continue to enjoy watching the game and can still appreciate its nuances and science. Yes, I know it is brutish, but football presents the greatest dichotomy in sport. It combines speed and grace with raw power.…

Life's Refreshing Breeze

The weather these last several weeks here in the Bluegrass has been just wonderful. Instead of running the air conditioning 24/7 we have the house opened up and the fans running. Believe it or not it actually feels cold in the house at times. Which begs a question. What did we do before air conditioning? Most of the places I have lived up to not that many years ago did not have air conditioning.…

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