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Self-Control In All Things

In ancient Greece, every year before and after the Olympic games were held, the Isthmian games took place in the city of Corinth. Those who won would receive a wreath made out of pine. No doubt those who participated in these games trained rigidly as the athletes of our day do for the Olympics. It takes strict discipline, sound eating habits, rigid training programs, a burning desire to…


I recently returned from a vacation. It was really nice to get some leisure time with family and friends. This trip was also a great time of reflection as it exposed some deep rooted insecurities that reared their ugly heads before I left.

As the trip approached, I neared a spiritual melt down. I began to see how self-focused and super defensive I was becoming. I put up barriers in advance…

Separated to the Gospel

. Jesus spoke to Him. '… Arise and go into the city, and you shall be told what you must do.' Jesus sent Ananias to Paul, , and he gives a huge degree of authority to the Gospel simply because it was written in Scripture many years before.

How fascinating that different men, both contemporary as well as from different ages, told the story in bits and pieces, then when…

Set Apart for the Gospel

"Paul, a bond-servant of Christ Jesus, called as an apostle, set apart for the gospel of God."

- The church needs to carry out the process of church discipline by removing the person from fellowship (Matthew 18:15-18,. The Christians there needed to stay away from this person until he changed his ways at which point they could gladly welcome him back into the fellowship. But…

Seven Things God Hates

The book of Proverbs is all about wisdom versus foolishness. . Humility is the antithesis of haughtiness, for when we are humble, we care about others, we thank God for His provisions, we refuse to exalt ourselves, and we acknowledge God in all things (. God hates haughty eyes that look down on others and refuse to look up to God.

Second, God hates a lying tongue. Satan…

Shake well

Anna Nicole, Brittney Spears, Lindsey Lohan. Everybody knows them. They're famous. One is dead and no one knew who the father was of that precious baby of hers until after she died. The other two were traveling a road that is fraught with pitfalls.

Where is their security? Brittney was raised in a Christian home, and at one time in her life knew what Christian living was like……

Shaping Your Spirit

I will be the first to admit that my body is out of shape. I can barely walk up a more than one flight of stairs without breathing hard and I'm a long way from running a 5K to support any cause. I can't bend over as far as I could in high school and I certainly don't look as good doing it!

Our society puts so much emphasis on how the body looks. Fitness is a multi-billion dollar business. I…

Share What's Good

I stopped in at the local coffee shop, the Lock N Key, for a cup of coffee yesterday morning. Got my usual cup of decaf. Then I saw them. They didn't normally sit on the back counter. Their customary place of residence was the front counter for those who came in for a coffee-to-go and a little temptation. But there they were. They looked oh so scrumptious and inviting. I caved in. I allowed…

Sharing Time

Yesterday I witnessed one of those little life vignettes that often go unnoticed by most of us humans. As I was pulling out of the parking lot of our bank I saw three black birds standing around a piece of paper that looked to be about four inches square. The feathers around their necks were ruffled and they were seemingly challenging each other. One of the three flew away and the other two positioned…

Shiny New Year!

Our society proffers that the New Year is a new beginning, a time to make promises and resolutions about being a better person and doing more for humanity. I will lose 15 pounds and go the gym three times a week. I will volunteer regularly at the food pantry and my child's school. I will be a better wife and mother. I will . . . I will . . .

But it's not about me and it's not really a new beginning,…

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