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Like Jesus

In a few hours (it is 5:00 DST here in Georgetown) several ministers from the Stamping Ground, Kentucky area will be walking from the Christian Church in Stamping Ground to the Baptist Church in Stamping Ground. So what, right? Well, it is a big so what. Each of us will be taking a turn carrying a cross. I got to heft the cross yesterday in the workshop of one of our elders at Minorsville and…

Like Wile E. Coyote

If you have ever watched Saturday morning cartoons I am sure that somewhere along the way you have seen the Road Runner. He was one of my favorites when I used to watch them years ago. Then I introduced my children to the Road Runner and they watched him also until such things as Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles and He-Man came along.

The crazy thing is, just about every Road Runner cartoon was…

Listen! Do you hear?

I love the story below. I have kept it for many years because it always reminds me that it is my responsibility to listen for God's voice. I don't know who wrote it, or even if it is true. But, the message is a good one.

Back when the telegraph was the was the fastest method of long-distance communication, a young man applied for a job as a Morse Code operator. Answering an ad in the newspaper,…

Little baby feet...

glorious feat.
Little People

When I was in preschool and grade school my brother and I had a house and a school bus from Fisher-Price filled with what we called "Little People". (I don't know if that's their official name.)

Later we added a farm, parking garage, a castle and Sesame Street to the collection. Then a tree house with "imitation" little people. They even had their own amusement park later a year later! (My…


In early 2004 my wife and I were searching for a place to buy in Georgetown, Kentucky. We decided for Georgetown against Stamping Ground (the area close to the church at which I preach) for a number of reasons. One was the absence of houses which we thought would fit our needs in the Stamping Ground area. Another was the price of existing houses in Stamping Ground compared to their condition.…

Long Trip Home

In the mid to late nineteenth century lived an actor named Charles Coghlan. Coghlan was born in 1841 on Prince Edward Island, Canada. Though a world traveler as an actor he always returned to his home on the Island. He loved his beloved Canada and could not see spending his retirement years anywhere but there on Prince Edward Island.

In 1899, while appearing in Galveston, Texas, Charles Coghlan…


The sun is warm on my face and it feels good to these old bones of mine. I listen, but the house is still. It is only me and Hara now. The children have homes and children of their own and my sweet husband has gone to rest in Abraham's bosom. That other is gone, too, God bless her. Why Hara stays and takes care of this old woman, I do not know. God's blessing, for sure, but why a young woman…

Look at Me! Look at Me!
I have a big personality and I can draw people to myself. This is a gift from God and I can use it for good or evil. For the most part I have used it to God's glory, I have refined it through His word and have been able to help others draw closer to Him because of it. But sometimes, I get selfish, I get egotistical and I can feel lonely.

Being away in a foreign place can bring about feelings of…

Loose Connections

For the past three days I have been struggling with a problem. I have not been able to log onto the internet. With this column looming large and needing to be completed I was unable to get to the very place I needed to be in order to get it completed. I finally got tired of continually trying to log on and getting nowhere, so, I called our internet provider, Time Warner Cable. After punching…

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