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Sixteen Steps

Sixteen steps. Every morning I face them. Sixteen steps. They are part of my regimen right when I get up. Sixteen steps. That's the number of steps I go up to get to my second floor shower and office every morning en route to doing this column. Sixteen steps. They seem to get steeper each day, especially when the weather turns a little cold and we stop keeping the house at 75 degrees. Sixteen…

Size Does Matter

Does size matter? I hadn't really thought much about that until yesterday morning. I had left at my usual time to head up to the Lock N Key, a coffee shop in downtown Georgetown. As I came out to the light at the end of Champion Way I got into the right turn lane. I was behind a couple of trucks; an SUV and a pickup that was in front. The pickup truck did not have a turn signal on and was just…

Size Doesn't Matter

"Size matters." We hear that quite often. Also, "dynamite comes in small packages." In the world of animals the size adage seems to hold true. A small cat can scratch you very badly. But a big cat can literally eat you. The small lizards that scamper all over the houses in the south are totally harmless. The big boys that occupy the streams, ponds and swamps of the south; well, let's just…

Smack Yourself Before He Smacks You

"Pride comes before the fall." But what if it came with a parade and neon signs that marked, "Hi Pride Rolling Through! Get Out the Way", would we be so quick to fall? The tricky thing about pride is that it is hard to detect and yet even when we detect and address it, like a weed, it can grow back inside you.

As I read the following passage of scripture two things stood out to me. The first…

Small Pleasures

Last evening, while my wife and I were returning from worship service, we saw a scene that brought back a reminder of gentler days. As we turned off Sebree Road outside of Stamping Ground, Kentucky, and onto Long Lick Pike we saw a man and his daughter sitting on the bank of a pond fishing. It was one of those postcard picture moments that you wish you had a camera to record. With that simple…

Some Spiritual Grit Please

First ABC gave us "Dancing With The Stars." Now, from FoxTV, we have "Skating With The Stars." I feel like I have to side with a few of my friends on the opinion that "Skating" is a much more difficult situation for stars than "Dancing." The majority of those who are on "Dancing" have, at one point or another (with the exception of Master P), danced in a formal setting what with all the awards…

Some Things Never Change

Have your noticed that some things never change?

The smell of corn growing in summer,
Cut grass on a hot day (or a wet, cool one),
The sound of insects through the screened porch,
Sweet watermelon on a hot July evening,
Hugs from people we love,
Summer flying past,
School edging into summer,
The thrill of buying school supplies (without being thrilled about school),

Someone Who's Been There

Directions. Some people know how to give them, others don't. Some people know how to follow them, others don't. The odd thing is, depending on who raised you, you might be directionally challenged. How people find things and the thought processes they use to do so are as unique as thumbprints. There are those who logically process information and organize it in an orderly manner. Then there…

Soul Control

Modern technology is wonderful but sometimes frustrating. Repeated attempts to log on yesterday were met with warnings that my computer had done something illegal. I kept thinking that someone was going to burst through the door at any minute and arrest my computer. I finally decided that Thursday morning was just not going to happen for me and the internet.

We have several landline connections…

Sparkly and White

It was 'T' week in Kindergarten and we talked about everything from tornadoes and transportation to tomatoes and teeth. Since our letter person, Ms. T, has 'tall teeth', we used her as a springboard to talk about dental health.

Our first project was a tooth fairy book which showed us how to brush and floss and what to do with those baby teeth when they fall out. Then we read books about animal…

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