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Are We Ready?

Speed seems to be a very important issue in many sports. In track and field watching the one hundred meter dash is a lot more exciting than perhaps watching the one hundred meter crawl. The fastest time traversing the distance is what is considered important rather than finding out who can take the longest to cover the distance and still actually be moving the entire time. Speed makes foot races…

Are You A Carrier?

The mumps. You don't hear much about the mumps anymore. Cases of the mumps are as rare now as hens' teeth. Since the vaccine for the mumps was licensed way back when I started my senior year of high school (oops, I don't know when I started my senior was 1967) the cases of mumps reported among children have been slim and next to none. Children are vaccinated for the mumps…

Are You Enough?

Sometimes I have these moments when things just click into place in my mind. Seeds that were planted years ago finally sprouted, pushing through to the surface. I have always loved people deeply, at times, with all of my heart. As a result I would take on their hurts and pains as though they were my own. I would try to fix them if they were broken and comfort them if they were hurt. To my shame,…

Are you listening?!

The other day my twenty-month-old son climbed on the couch and began running back and forth, a stunt he often tries to get away with. I told him, "No. Get down before you fall." But he grinned and kept running, and before I was able to remove him from the situation, he bounced off and fell to the floor. His ego was much more bruised than he was, and as I said, this was not his first experience with…

Arise and worship

: - bow (self) down, crouch, fall down (flat), humbly beseech, do (make) obeisance, do reverence, make to stoop, worship.

The first time this word is used is a few chapters before in . Moriah means "Chosen by God." Does that just make chills run up your arms? This mountain that Abraham and Isaac are going to offer sacrifice on is the same mountain where Old Jerusalem stands.…

Arms Reaching Jesus

My home state of Ohio has some rather marked firsts. First men in flight. First man to set foot on the moon. First concrete pavement in North America. There is one item that I have never seen before in all my travels. I do not know if it is a first, but it is the first time I have ever seen it anywhere. South America has Christ of the Andes. Ohio has, what I call, "Arms Reaching Jesus."

As You Are Going, Make Disciples

. He did not try to woo the thousands upon thousands who followed Him around, interested only from a distance or simply because of what they might selfishly gain. Jesus believed in developing quality. He had disciples, not just regular attenders. Interestingly, Jesus made additional efforts to invest in Peter, James, and John. Perhaps they were the most humble, the most sensitive to God's leading,…

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