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Call me Pawpaw

My wife and I had wanted to make the trip to see our oldest son in Wisconsin for quite some time. We had lacked opportunity. We finally decided that any opportunity we would have would be of our own making so we made the opportunity and went this past weekend. We learned two very important things not to do in going to see our son, John.

The first is, don't go through Chicago on a Friday evening…

Calm Through the Storm

This week I endured a blizzard!

I know many of you experienced the same raging weather that I did, but my blizzard was not just on the outside - I was smacked with an emotional blizzard as well. I had seen the forecast for the snow, which turned out to be reliable for a change, but the forecast for my emotional blizzard was murky at best.

What I found to be ironic, and awesome as well, was…

Can I Carry Your Cross?

I'll be honest. I don't always want to take up my cross and follow Christ. Sure, in my heart I want to be who He wants me to be. In my head I know it's what I should do. But some mornings when I get out of bed it's all I can do to carry myself to the bathroom and face the day. Carrying crosses takes a lot out of a person.

Then I heard in a sermon last week that we should be helping others carry…

Can't Do Blind Addition

Mastering one's emotions rather than being controlled by them is by definition self-control. I have not always practiced self-control, in fact in the past I have either completely let my emotions control me or stuffed them and pretended they were not there until they blew up in my face. Neither of these actions were very effective or helpful. Recently, I have accepted and acknowledged my emotions:…

Can't Lose

Many of you may be caught up in the frenzy of the football season right now. I, though I have made the attempt, have not developed into a football fanatic. I have been caught up in some of the football dramas, however. I love the movie Remember the Titans, and the TV series Friday Night Lights caught my attention with a preview including the phrase 'Clear eyes, full hearts - can't lose!'


Cancer in the body

There is a soreness like a tooth which has rotted to the bone in my soul. I have felt this twice before. It is called Spiritual Warfare. If you have not experienced it then you are still too young in Christ for it, or perhaps things may not be completely aligned within God's will in your life. I don't want to sound harsh, but it is a bald fact. Satan wants to kill, steal and destroy all things…

Car Wash

The last several days in Central Kentucky have left a lasting impression on my car. Due to the amount of rain and snow that have fallen recently, along with the accompanying melting, my car now looks like a butterfly preparing to emerge from its cocoon. My dark red Stratus is now a kind of tannish white as it is covered with the spray from the dozens of autos that I have followed in the past week…

Careful Drivers

I spend a lot of time on the road as a preacher. It takes time to make the distance between people's homes and the occasional hospital in which they might be receiving care. As such I am often on the local interstate highway, I-75. I-75 dissects the state in its run from Detroit to the Gulf Coast of Florida. Almost every day a traveler can see cars from Canada (usually Ontario) as well as Florida…

Casually Dating

Lately I found myself casually dating. The difference between casually dating and a serious relationship, I think, boils down to a level of commitment. In my journey of coming to know and commit to God I went through a phase of casually dating Jesus; in the form of occasionally studying the bible, to committing to a more serious relationship; through deepening my personal walk with God as I was…

Cat Tracks

It was one of those days right after a rain when the weatherman had said that the skies would be clear for several days. I washed my car. Actually got out the car wash formula, hose, wax and chamois. Spent some serious time working over my little gem to make her shine like the sun. I was proud of the way she looked and relaxed in my home that evening smug in the thought of a job well done. Then…

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the Week of Proper 4 / Ordinary 9
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