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Genuinely Flawed

I have been learning the difference between the real and the genuine. See Cubic Zirconium is real, but Diamonds are genuine. It's a funny thing about diamonds. They are imperfect. In fact, the more imperfections and flaws they have, the more valuable they are.

I have been studying out 1Peter recently. It's a powerful letter written to offer encouragement to suffering Christians. See, I…

Get Back Through God

Every now and then things can get testy in the world of professional sports. NASCAR has its moments when people get, as they say, tapped by another car and lose a race as a result. Retribution can follow. In hockey the retribution is a little more immediate. The old saw of, "I went to a fight last night and a hockey game broke out," bears a certain measure of respect. Golf is a little more subtle.…

Get The Message?

Sometimes we humans can be deadly serious and wind up being outrageously funny. Don't know what I mean? Consider this. Every now and then we have the opportunity to make a statement and that statement results in being nowhere near as accurate as we meant it to be. In our seriousness (or seriocity as I like to call it) we use words that absolutely don't carry the intended meaning or else come…

Get to Work and Run the Race

Something marvelous happened recently and the sports world missed it. The media made a big deal about a situation that didn't really have that huge an impact on the event it was supposed to dampen. What was missed? Tiger Woods did not compete in the 2008 British Open and it didn't make a lick of difference. Now, wait just a minute, you might say! He could have won it. Ah, but that's just the point.…

Getting Out of Your Own Way

It takes great humility and vulnerability to get out of my own way and just obey. Day in and day out I have watched God answer prayers, specific prayers, some within hours of me writing them out, and yet I can still wake up on some mornings fearful, doubting or anxious. I can feel inadequate because I lack perfection the way I think it should look. Yet, God doesn't expect perfection from me. He…

Getting the Point Across

My oldest son is serving in Christian camp this week just a half hour down the road. He was the one asked to speak last night for the worship time for the campers so my wife and I went over to hear him speak. While there we met Gene and Pat White. They are originally from the North Central Ohio area as well as having served ministries in the Central Kentucky area. We know a lot of the same people.

Giving yourself a time-out!

Now that school is underway and the weather is cooling a little, I'm getting that restless feeling -- I want to redecorate the house, or at least get out of the house since it doesn't look like the magazine cover I admire!

A couple of years ago I found another stay-at-home mom in my church who shared this feeling. We decided to start a group to combat our cabin fever/boredom/nesting instinct-which-can-get-expensive.

Global Impact

I recently heard a well-known talk radio personality ask a journalism student who called in to the show, "Why do you want to become a journalist?"

I had the answer on my lips before the kid could word his noble reply. (Having been that student, I won't say how many years ago, I remember the itching feeling of wanting to make a difference.)

His reply: "To let people know the truth." I shook…

Go To Church

Holy Week. The week beginning with Palm Sunday and ending with Easter. A time of triumph and victory. A time of reflection and reconsideration. A time of challenge. A time of awe. Eight days which rocked our world as none had ever before or have ever since. Holy Week. A time of shame?

Having been in the ministry for some thirty-four plus years now I have marvelled at the human intellect…

God Chastens in Love

Sibling spats are nothing new. They have been going on since the dawn of time. Recently, a mother of three was talking with me about her difficulty in controlling her children's internal wars. After talking with her I began to remember the skirmishes that my late sister, Peggy, and I used to get into. We had some doozies, but one in particular stands out.

I was all of ten years of age. My…

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