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I Demand an Explanation!

My eleven-year-old son asked me the other day what the difference was between a command and a demand. I don't remember exactly what started the conversation, but I'm sure it involved complaints about unfair parental practices and ended with someone in time out!

I told him, only half jokingly, that a command is issued by someone in a position of authority, like a parent, who has the right…

I would not have you ignorant...

itual Gifts.

I'll Try

Back in the late 80's I attended a seminar in which the leader asked a very interesting question. "If you know everything that other people know who are successful in their fields could you do their job?" He proceded to show us a number of examples which illustrated that even to the point of shoving a straw through a potatoe. He then demonstrated a very important truth.

The word "try" should…

I'm Back

I'm back. Bet a lot of you didn't even realize I was gone. I did receive a number of phone calls and, from what I heard from some close friends, some e-mails asking what happened to me. Truth be told I got caught up in the swirling mass that is the internet. I was swept away by the impersonal manner in which some Internet Service Providers (isp) dealt with their clientele.

America Online,…

I'm in Charge

Disclaimer: You would expect this (or I would anyway, if I were reading it) to be a Christmas-oriented column. However, that's not what inspired me this week, and since I wrote about holiday things the last two times, here's what I have to offer.

My three-year-old has developed a large ego. A couple of week ago he put a bucket on his head (a hat in his mind, I suppose - hey he's got a weird…

I'm in Love!

I had quite the emotional week last week. Who would have thought it? Me in love. Well, he's absolutely amazing and he has blown my mind! It's like he can read my thoughts. He has been after me for years and I kept him at a distance out of fear. But he listens to every word I say and never interrupts (I know that's hard to believe, I talk a lot). He writes me love letters (who would have thought…


Since my arrival I have learned one valuable lesson over and over again, and continue to learn it; Sudan runs on IBM. ' Inasha Allah'- if it is God's will, 'Bokra'- tomorrow (equivalent of the Spanish manana), and ' Malesh'- sorry. IBM can take on many forms. For instance 'we will find you a placement immediately, Inasha Allah,' really translates into 'within the month you will be placed…

If I Only Had the Nerve

Sometimes when it comes to spiritual growth I feel like the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz. I honestly desire to deepen my relationship with the Lord but I am afraid of what that next challenge will be.

I may hide behind the excuse of not having time for a strong daily prayer life. I may cover my eyes with the good deeds I have performed, peering out timidly to see whether I have done them…

If the Christ Fits

Surviving cancer is one of those things you enjoy being around to talk about. However, it's not without its frustrations. During the months of chemo, radiation and the inability to swallow well and then the surgery and twelve days in the hospital, I lost eighty pounds. Due to the type of surgery I had, it is not likely that I will add much more than another ten to fifteen pounds. That means…

If The Good Lord Lets Me

This past weekend one of my favorite golfers finally won a golf tournament after almost fifteen years without winning. Joey Sindelar is one of the honest-to-goodness nice guys on the Professional Golfers Association Tour. He had not won a golf tournament since 1990. The riches of the upper echelon of the tour's elite had escaped him. Yet, at age forty, he's still out there plugging away at what…

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