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Jerk In Progress

Since returning to the country I have been fighting to transition this 'new' person I had become into my 'old' environment. I know one does not need to leave the country to change but apparently I did. In my return I have been continually faced with 'old' ways and wondered why the 'new' me has been unable to emerge. I finally realized this past weekend that the 'new' me has returned and her perception…

Jesus and the I R S

Just two days to go. Just two days before "IT" has to be in the mail. Just two days until the package that evryone dreads sending must be postmarked. Just two days until many must part with their hard earned cash to satisfy the demands of their government. Just two days left before the Internal Revenue Service of the United States Government must be given the taxes that are due for the year 2003.

Jesus Has Left The Building!

'Jesus has left the building!' I have these types of moments. Moments where I simply want to leave Jesus at the door, walk in and do what I want to do or more like rule the way I think is fit. This usually happens when I am upset and want to hurt someone physically. I feel angry or hurt or I feel like injustice has been done. I feel what I know is true; I have no control over the present situation.…

Jesus' Front Porch

Growing up in a small Midwestern town I developed some simple appreciations which have never left me. I still say "Sir" and "Ma'am" to most folks older than me. I hold a door for people, especially ladies and children. I don't sit down until the ladies at a table have been seated. Then there was one the other day that came back to me. I was at the local coffee shop and I was the only customer…

Jesus' Treasure Principle of the Heart

In God's mind, the heart is the central issue (1Timothy 1:15,. He is not interested in externalities, showmanship, performance, or smiles falsely pasted on our faces. He cares about who we really are on the inside, and therefore, so should we (. When we come to Christ, He gives us new hearts that can and do desire the things of God (Ezekiel 18:31;36:26,, though our hearts can be corrupted…

Jolly Good Service

My husband enjoys watching the British parliament on C-SPAN. The members are remarkably animated, though usually good-naturedly.

Shouts of "Here, here!" are often heard and there is much poking fun even during serious discussions and at important officials such as the prime minister.

I can't help but contrast that with our congressional proceedings in the United States, where often most…

Jordan Crossing

If you ever get the chance to make it to Stamping Ground, Kentucky, be sure to take in one of Central Kentucky's finest little establishments. Melissa's Country Cooking, as far as I know, is the only restaurant in Stamping Ground, but, as Andy Griffith would say, "It's a good'n." It's located on Main Street in the first floor of the Ruritan Building on the right as you head north out of town. If…


An irritated chirping sounded from the bushes behind me. Good, I thought. Better the birds should be uneasy in this hush before dawn. I had never heard the city so quite. My chest hurts from so much weeping. I think I have poured out all my tears and yet, more come. My body aches from so much lamentation.

I seek a more comfortable position on this hard rock I chose for…

Just a Glimpse

A spreading of fiery orange, tinged with pink through the deep indigo; sometimes bursts of fuchsia with violet streaks; when the air is right, a warm glow like a child's cheeks rouged by the winter breeze.

This is the glimpse out of my bathroom window as I meet the day. I must admit that I only get this incredible view during the winter months when the sun sleeps later than I, but what a show!

Just a Sneeze

Sneezing. No, you're not seeing things. That's the word. Sneezing. I was told one time that it is physically impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. Guess what? I don't want to try. The thought of all that pressure and then having my eyes open when it gets cut loose; well, I just don't want to try it. However, I have another little nugget of info concerning sneezes for you. If you feel…

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