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Make the Bunny

The wildcat is a predator. It makes its livelihood off the carcasses of animals it is able to capture. One of those animals is the rabbit. Or, as many people are prone to refer to them, the bunny. Wildcats in many regions have become very adept in getting the bunny every time and miss few if any. Last night I watched in horror as an entire bevy of wildcats missed getting bunny after bunny. …

Making The Decision Not To Just Let It Sink In

There are parts of my character that for the longest time I thought would change just because. I thought the longer I was a Christian certain behavior or attitudes would just kind of sink in eventually. That other's positives would rub off on me.

Colossians 3:1 Since, then you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand…

Making the Most of Christmas

Christmas can be a controversial topic. We all know about how our politically correct world would prefer that we speak of "the holidays" rather than Christmas, but there is more to preserving the spirit of the season than merely saving the name. Though such efforts to stand for Christmas are certainly noble and worthwhile, we must not think that just because we have preserved our right to call…

Man In The Mirror

In the same way that I sometimes doubt the voice on an answering machine is really mine when I hear it, I can also fail to see myself the way others view me. Recently, I have been learning how to pause and take the time to see how others may perceive me and what it reveals about my relationship with God.

It came as a challenge I first received at work but quickly saw spill into all areas of…

March Madness

Here in America we are in a time that is referred to as, "March Madness." It is the time of the year that the National Collegiate Athletic Association stages its annual men's college basketball tournament pitting the 65 best teams in the college ranks against each other for an earned national title as the National Champions of College Basketball.

The March part is that it is contested in the…



"Yes, LORD?"

"I saw where it was written about you that you are the meekest man upon the whole of the face of the earth. Why did you write this about yourself? Isn't that being a bit prideful?"

"Well, Father, I would like to recall you to a certain time. Back to the time before the writing of these books of Law You gave us. Back to the time when You called me to a mission."

Meet My Jesus

I can remember being asked the question in several different classes in high school and college: If you could meet anyone in history, who would it be?

My answer was usually Abraham Lincoln or perhaps your average knight-in-shining-armor, but there were always several people who wanted to meet Jesus.

I guess I never thought about actually meeting Jesus Christ in the flesh. It always seemed…

Meet the Need

Remember Pong? Hmmm. C'mon now, the goofy video game that basically played ping pong with a light square and two little flat light lines? It was produced by a company called Atari. It was the beginning of the video game craze and almost the end. When the video game market collapsed in 1983Warner Communications sold Atari as did Mattel with its Intellivision line. Enter Nintendo. Ironically,…

Meeting a Friend

How often have I rushed off from a committee meeting, curtailed shopping with a friend or stopped short playing with my kids to keep an appointment with the Lord for study or prayer time?

Sure, maybe I've rushed off to a church activity or fed my kids chips for supper to get to the mid-week family program on time, but what about my personal time with my Lord?

Perhaps if I think in different…

Memorial/Resurrection Day

Memorial Day is not that far off. My wife and I will be on vacation the weekend of Memorial Day. We'll be relaxing in beautiful, and hopefully sunny, Myrtle Beach. We have our reservations all set. Even know where we're going to attend church that Sunday morning. We have everything ready except for one small matter. The Saturday before Memorial Day we have traditionally gone to my parents'…

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