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Nana is not a missionary

By Gina Burgess

Lifestyles Editor


Her sister and her husband have been in China since China's doors opened up to the Western world, and after Nana's husband died, her sister told her now is the time for you to come to China. She did. In January of 1999, Nana went to China to work with an orphanage that took care of handicapped children. The Chinese do not believe any handicapped…

Nana is not a missionary to China part deux

Second in a two part series with one week in between...

The pastor asked her if she had any studies at her apartment. She said she sure did. Then he asked to come. She was thinking that he would come and teach, but he told her that he wanted to learn. He brought about 10 people from his church.

Nana had a study night and a movie night. When they studied Genesis, she showed 'The Prince…

Never Alone Again

No believer should ever have to feel lonely because of the many brothers and sisters in Christ that he or she has, yet for one reason or another, it is possible to feel intensely alone at times. Perhaps a person is recently widowed. Maybe a house full of children is suddenly empty as the children move away to start their own lives. Perhaps a spouse abandons the other or emotionally checks out on…

Never Changing

From the bottom of the hill... Bet you weren't expecting to see that again. Living in the Georgetown area has removed us from the Waco area by about an hour's drive. However, my doctor is still there. We have not yet made a change from the one in whose trust we have placed our health for these past five years. As a result, when I need to see the doctor I return to the Waco area, Moberly actually.

Never Out-of-bounds

First tee jitters. You've just stepped to the first tee. You're stiff. Your last round of golf was not a good one with the driver. You were hitting your tee shots like a radical Republican; everything was far right. But the course was one that allowed you to stray right and not be punished. Now you're on another course. Twenty yards right of the fairway you see them. They stand there silently,…

Never Too Old

As a thirty-something mom, I sometimes feel "this is my life"?!

Maybe I'll never go back to school for that master's degree or get an exciting job or travel to the British Isles to research my heritage. Some days it's hard to plan past ball practice and supper, much less career changes and years into the future.

Besides, I'm supposed to be planning for my children's futures' right? I'm…

New each Day

I woke up somewhat early this morning even for me. I got up at 4:00 and went to my dresser and, in the dark, grabbed my underwear and my flannel pants and headed for the shower. It was interesting when I grabbed my underwear for I could tell by the feel of the fabrics that the T-shirt I was grabbing was one of my older ones while the briefs were some of the new ones I had just purchased recently.…

New Kids on Your Block

Nothing more satisfying than spending the afternoon on the water with some of your friends and the kids. Ah yes, tooling around the fluid surface in a powerful craft. Watching the other boats as they make their way around the broad expanse of water. Love it. Absolutely love it. However, not everybody gets to do that. So, Sunday afternoon I had to settle for a little two person paddle boat on…

Newton & Satan

Newton's Third Law of Motion states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

This can be observed in the playroom at my house when one of my sons hits or pushes the other, he gets hit or pushed back. Then Mom's Law kicks in and there is more powerful action.

Remember the Newton's cradle? That metal frame with the balls suspended from nylon string. You pull out a…

No Easy Answer

I am not good at remembering birthdays. I always forget and totally need reminders. It's ironic to me therefore how I remember the date of my father's death. I never remembered his birthday; I didn't even know when it was until I saw it on the death certificate. We were never close, I hadn't seen him in six years, and yet the one year of his death is less then a month away and I keep thinking about…

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