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Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body

When I rowed crew in college there was a quote up on the wall in our crew room that I always loved, it read, "Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body."

With the exception to athletics, for the most part, when I think of suffering I definitely think of ways to avoid it. I mean suffering, hurting...anyone who enjoys those things is obviously masochistic and has serious problems. It's like when your…

Panther Pride

In the high school I attended our mascot was the Panthers. We showed our pride in many ways: pep rallies, orange and blue T-shirts, and clever chants. But one of the most unique ways we showed pride in our school and our teams was initiated and, in fact, embedded in the very foundation of the school building when it was built in the early 1960's. A large Panther head with the words Pana Panthers…

Paper Cuts

It seems I can rarely get through a week in the Kindergarten classroom without inflicting on myself one of the most painful, most annoying injuries known to the world - yes, the dreaded paper cut!

The paper cut seems to be a cliche', something to joke about like Miracle Max in The Princess Bride: 'While you're at it why don't you give me a nice paper cut and pour some lemon juice on it!' (Sorry,…

Paper versus Pedicure

Perhaps it's my Type A personality, or maybe it's just a mom thing but I tend to always choose the responsible route, do the right thing, push the fun stuff to the back of the closet.

Recently I had a paper due for a master's class I am taking and I had put off writing it until the last minute. When I was down to less than 48 hours I began to look for excuses – laundry to fold, dishes…

Paragraph M

I was sitting in our Sunday School class and we were discussing some things prior to our lesson. One of the ladies spoke about Congress's serious lack of concern over abortion. This was just shortly after I'd written an article about Paragraph M. What I found in that research for that article was very disturbing... and was so very encouraging, too. I shared my research with my SS class. It isn't…

Parenting by the Book

I love to read -- almost anything. Especially books and articles which will help me improve.

When I was pregnant with my oldest son and going on and on about what I had read and how careful I was supposed to be, not eating this or doing that, and how complicated breastfeeding sounded, my mother told me to stop reading so much!

Recently, in reading some magazine articles on how to understand…

Party On

Watching the closing ceremony for the Winter Olympics I have to admit I felt like I was missing the party.

There was music and dancing, fireworks and friendship extended. It looked like a place I wanted to be!

As some of the athletes from the United States were interviewed, they remarked how awesome it was to hang out and exchange team paraphernalia with athletes from countries like China…

Paul's Three Relationship Tips

It is easy to give up on people or to write them off. Some people change quickly, while others move very slowly. Some are relatively easy to love, while others require a lot of patience. That is just the reality of life, people, and Christianity. Relationships are central to church life, and, of the many tasks we have on earth, relationships probably require the most work.

If we want…

Payment for Service

Ah, I love election years. Everything you never really wanted to know about anyone and were just not interested enough to find out.

The case in question right now? President Bush and his military service with the National Guard. Did he or didn't he report to Montgomery, Alabama? The man who will probably oppose him in this year's presidential election is thrice decorated John Kerry, a veteran…



I took my position in the bow of the boat. It was just enough small to land that label rather than ship. It was roomy and convenient for fishing. A couple of the men hoisted the sail and we settled back for a cold sail across the sea. The sun had already dipped behind the mountains, the afterglow in the winter sky created an orange wash on our faces as we pushed off…

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