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Waiting Upon The LORD

When something needs doing I want to get cracking and get it done… Especially if it's distasteful. I hate waiting. I hate it when I've put in my order and it takes more than 10 minutes to get my coffee and biscuit. I hate it when I've asked God to do something and He just sits there. So often it seems that He is completely ignoring me. I want to say, "Hey! Up there! I'm here needing You to…

Wake up, believers, bad things will happen!

I wrote from the depths of my heart about :42" target=" blank">. Her personal legal fees amounted to more than $500,000 and the state racked up more than $2 million because of frivolous ethics accusations which according to Alaska law had to be answered in court. Without fact-checking, the media spread the gossip. So many people took the attitude "where there's smoke," when in actual fact…

Walk by the Spirit

Paul says in . We are not finished works just yet, and we all battle temptation daily because Satan knows we are vulnerable to it. It is true that we are no longer 'according to the flesh' or 'in the flesh' as . We are now children of God, born of His Spirit, and able by His Spirit to please God and obey. Yet even though we now have the capacity to please God, we still have the fallibility…


Do you ever just want to roll around in it?

That self-pity, discontent, anger and indignation?

It's been one of those weeks! Your children are the worst-behaved on the block (or in Sunday school), your husband discovered termites in the family room and you can't find the library books that were due two days ago!

Though not earth-shattering, these irritations on top of all the everyday…

Warm, Fuzzy People

We all know one - those people who come into a room on a breeze and hug everyone within reach. They have smiles and kind words for everyone and mean it, they cry at the drop of a hat and are drawn like a magnet to loners and outcasts.

There is a woman in my church named Carolyn who is one of these warm, fuzzy people. You know you won't get past her without getting a hug! Some people, like my…

We Win

For as long as I can remember I have been a sports fan. My father before me was a sports fan. Being raised in the state of Ohio, my teams were, of course, the Ohio State University sports teams, the Cincinnati Redlegs, the Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Royals. You may be wondering about the Redlegs and the Royals.

The Royals were the old National Basketball Association team located in…

We Won -- Years Ago

Tonight my beloved Ohio State University Buckeyes will play in San Antonio, Texas for the right to call themselves the Alamo Bowl Champions. A few days from now the University of Southern California Trojans will play the Oklahoma University Sooners in a bowl game for the right to call themselves National Champions. I guess I miss the Buckeyes' 2002 season when they were the Champions.

I remember…

We've Got the Beat!

Rhythm. It's that funny word made up of six consonants that determines the flow of music. Without rhythm one person might be able to sing a song, but add a couple more people and you would probably have a song more like alley cats yowling from the back fence. Rhythm is what makes a melody come to life and harmony come together. It is the very essence of music for it is that which primitive…

Weight lifting or carrying baggage

Ask any champion weightlifter if he or she would like to carry that extra three hundred to four hundred pounds around with them on a daily, 24/7 basis. Of course, the answer would be an emphatic "NO!". It is fine and dandy to lift three hundred pounds over the head, hold for ten seconds (or more) and then let drop with a bang and clank of the weights rattling together. But does anyone want…

What a Hoax

Over the years there have been many men and women who have perpetrated hoaxes for their seeming benefit. Most of them have been found out. The reason I say most of them is because those that haven't been found out yet are not yet known to be perpetraters of hoaxes. Get the picture? One I would like to share with you is Wilhelm Voight.

Voigt was sent to prison in 1891 in Germany for robbery…

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