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Dr. Dobson

National Religious Broadcasters: Telling the Truth with Excellence - II
with Dr. Dobson from 'Family Talk Weekends'

Religious broadcasters from across the nation and around the world gathered recently to discuss religious freedom and other issues important to a free press. Hear from the President of the National Religious Broadcasters as he discusses the future of Christian media in an increasingly secular culture…   (click here to read more)

John Fuller

Finding Unexpected Blessings in Marriage
with John Fuller from 'Focus on the Family Weekend'

Laura Story is perhaps best known for her contributions in contemporary Christian music, but behind her songs is a story of pain, struggle, and God’s redemptive touch. She and her husband, Martin, share how a brain tumor shattered their hopes and dreams of a perfect life, but also how God is using…   (click here to read more)

John MacArthur

The How, Why, and When of Creation, Part 1
with John MacArthur from 'Grace to You Weekend'

In the Bible God speaks, and He speaks in Genesis 1 and says that He created the heavens and the earth. He is the one who spoke in Genesis 1:1 and speaks right through Scripture until it’s very end.   (click here to read more)

Mark Gregston

Getting Your Teen to Talk to You, Part 1
with Mark Gregston from 'Parenting Today's Teens Weekend'

The art of conversation is a two-way street. But what about when your kid stays silent, and you end up doing all the talking? This weekend on Parenting Today’s Teens, Mark Gregston encourages parents to hold back, do a little introspection and practice listening before jumping into a conversation…   (click here to read more)

Today's Articles  from  StudyLight and LiveAsIf

Christian Towers of Babel
'The Way' from Kevin Pauley

…You will tell people about me everywhere…to the ends of the earth. Ac. 1:8 When man was first created, he was given a command intended for each succeeding generation. Men were to be fruitful and multiply and, while filling the earth, subdue it to the service of God (Gen. 1:28). After mankind’s…(continue reading article)

You Will Know (John 8:28)
'Today's Little Lift' from Jim Bullington

“Then Jesus said to them, 'When you lift up the Son of Man, then you will know that I am He, and that I do nothing of Myself; but as My Father taught Me, I speak these things. And He who sent Me is with Me. The Father has not left Me alone, for I always do those things that please Him.' As He spoke…(continue reading article)

The New Christmas Story
'Find the Call' from Andy Castro

Recently the season of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s started to invade my mind I had to wonder about value of the spirit of the holidays.   It seems that Thanksgiving has turned into a starting line for an Olympic sprint for the rest of the season.   The advertisers start to tease us with the…(continue reading article)

Fruit Of The Spirit
''Christ in You...'' from Dale Krebbs

No one has all of them…except Jesus. But one in particular is seemingly and noticeably lacking in many Christian organizations. As a pastor began his sermon once began with “brethren, where is the joy!” Fruit of the Spirit is gifted in true believers, as a composite of the function of the Holy…(continue reading article)

It Is Finished
'Refreshment in Refuge' from Gina Burgess

Why did the sacrifices have to be perfect, without blemish or any disfigurements to satisfy God? What does it mean to satisfy God? “It is finished,” Jesus said while on the cross just before He died. The fact that all sin had to be paid for in order for it to be finished as Jesus stated on…(continue reading article)

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Daily Refractions
Daily Wisdom
Proverbs 13:17 - A wicked messenger falls into adversity, But a faithful envoy brings healing.
Words to Ponder
The true usefulness of our preaching will not be known to us until each fruit on all the branches on all the trees that have sprung up from all the seeds we've sown has fully ripened in the sunshine of eternity. - John Piper (b. 1947)
Daily Dose
Daily Toon
Daily Devotionals  for  April 23

Oswald Chambers' "My Utmost for His Highest"
The Worship Of The Work

Beware of any work for God which enables you to evade concentration on Him. A great many Christian workers worship their work. The one concern of a worker should be concentration on God, and this will mean that all the other margins of life, mental, moral and spiritual, are free with the freedom of a child, a worshipping…… — (click here to read more)

Charles Spurgeon's "Morning & Evening"
Morning and Evening for September 9

"I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not." - Jeremiah 33:3 There are different translations of these words. One version renders it, "I will shew thee great and fortified things." Another, "Great and reserved things." Now, there are reserved and special things in Christian…… — (click here to read more)

Daily Light on the Daily Path
Morning / Evening Devotional — April 23

The Lord was my stay. Truly in vain is salvation hoped for from the hills, and from the multitude of mountains: truly in the LORD our God is the salvation of Israel. — The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower. — Cry out and… — (click here to read more)

Charles Spurgeon's "Faith's Checkbook"
No Fear of Death

"He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; he that overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death."   Revelation 2:11 The first death we must endure unless the LORD should suddenly come to His temple. For this let us abide in readiness, awaiting it without fear, since Jesus has transformed death from a dreary cavern… — (click here to read more)

Voice of the Lord
Devotional for 'Nisan 27'

Undoubtedly, it is the most horrific part of a long history of pain and suffering. It is known as the Holocaust, a term uniquely used to describe the planned destruction of the Jewish people by the Nazis during World War II. How can one comprehend the murder of six million Jews—which included one and a half million children? The fact that an additional… — (click here to read more)

Chip Shots from the Ruff of Life
Good Friends

This past weekend was a landmark for me. After begging for several years for a friend of mine to come down and play some golf, he finally made it. I have had the pleasure of Rod and Mariann Wright's hospitality for a number of years and have been after them to come down and spend some time with my wife and me.…… — (click here to read more)

'Every Day Light' with Selwyn Hughes
Whiter than snow!

As we continue discussing what it means to be pure in heart, we ask: How do we ensure that our hearts are made pure? Great controversy has raged over this issue in every century of the Church. Those who see sin as having made deep inroads into human nature say that the only thing God can do with sin is to forgive it. Others…… — (click here to read more)

Morning and Evening with A.W. Tozer
Morning / Evening Devotional — April 23

We of the twentieth century have exactly the same basic needs as the people of the first century. We feel the weight of sin and mortality just as they did. We long for peace and life eternal exactly as they did. We are tortured by fears, stunned by losses, grieved by betrayals, hurt by enmities, made heartsick by failures, scared by threatening death,… … — (click here to read more)

The Believer's Daily Remembrancer
"Have faith in God." Mark 6:22

"Have faith in God." Mark 6:22

YOU have His word, believe it; plead it; expect the fulfilment of it. He cannot deceive you. His ear is open to you. Try Him. What do you want? Why do you want it? If you really need, if your motives are good, plead with God for it; expect Him to bestow it; and receive it as coming from Him. In every trial,…

… — (click here to read more)

Christian Headlines  from  The Christian Post

'Pokemon Sun and Moon': Hoenn Mega Stones Up for Grabs in Doubles Online Competition

The Sceptilite, Blazikenite and Swampertite are going to be available to 2017 International Challenge April participants.

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Overthrows 'Thor: Ragnarok' as Most Talked-About Movie

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" is now the most talked-about film of the year.

Steve Harvey: President Trump Is Keeping His Word on Improving Public Housing

Steve Harvey says President Donald Trump is making good on his promises to improve inner city housing.

Windows 7, 8.1 PCs Running on Next-Gen Processors Can Now Be Updated

Windows 7 and 8.1 users with 7th-generation processors can now continue to receive security updates through a simple patch.

'For Honor': Was Patch 1.05 Enough to Bring Back Players?

"For Honor" is in a slippery slope, and it will have to find a way out of the steady player decline.

Audi e-tron Sportback Concept Previews Automaker's 2019 Electric Vehicle

At Auto Shanghai 2017, Audi introduced the e-tron Sportback concept, a design study that previews the German automaker's upcoming electric vehicle.

2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Sedan Lineup Refreshed

Mercedes-Benz's refreshed luxury S-Class range made its official debut at Auto Shanghai 2017. For the 2018 model year, the German automaker equips the "Sonderklasse" lineup with upgraded powertrains and more innovative features.

iMac 2017 Rumors: 'Server-Grade' Models With Next-Gen Xeon Out by End of 2017

Apple has promised renewed commitment to the desktop iMac, and could be launching a "server-grade model" designed for demanding creative professional applications. Supply-chain sources based in Taiwan hint that this more powerful iMac variant will come at the end of 2017.

iPad Pro 2 Release Date, Specs Rumors: Apple Now Preparing for New iPad Launch?

iPad Pro is running out of stock in Apple Stores. Is this a sign that the tech giant is stacking the deck for iPad Pro 2's launch?

DeVon Franklin Dispels Popular Myths About Cheating in Marriage on 'Dr. Oz'

DeVon Franklin is dispelling the myth that if your partner loves you they won't cheat on you when you're married by homing in on the unresolved issues people are grappling with when they decide to cheat.

Muslim Man Who Threatened Christians in Facebook Video Arrested on Terrorism Charge

The Muslim man who allegedly threatened attendees at a Christian conference in a Facebook post after being ejected from the event in South Dakota earlier this month has been arrested and charged with a terrorism related offense.

'Halo Wars 2' DLC News: Colony DLC Delay Is Due to 'Game-Breaking' Bug

The Colony downloadable content (DLC) for "Halo Wars 2" has been delayed and it is all due to a bug that potentially threatens the whole game.

PlayStation Plus May 2017 Free Games Rumors: Which Titles Set to Arrive in May?

April is about to end and on its heels comes the list of games that will be made available for free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in May. Although the announcement usually comes before the month itself rolls around, this time the titles seem to have hit a bit of a snag.

'Pokemon GO' Evolution Guide Update: Transforming Eevee Into Umbreon and Espeon

With the addition of Gen 2 Pokemon in "Pokemon GO," there are many more possible evolutions than before. A particularly interesting Pokemon evolution, though, involves the adorable Eevee.

'Minecraft' DLC Update: Xbox Chief Teases New Content in the Works

It looks like gaming studio Mojang has something up its sleeves for gamers of its mega successful sandbox game, "Minecraft."

US Will Honor Controversial Refugee Deal With Australia, Says Vice Pres. Mike Pence

Vice President Mike Pence said Saturday that the United States will honor an agreement that former President Barack Obama had with Australia to take in up to 1,250 asylum seekers, adding, however, "that doesn't mean that we admire the agreement," which was described by President Donald Trump as a "dumb" deal.

Pope Francis Urges Emptying of Refugee Centers He Compares to 'Concentration Camps'

Pope Francis has urged governments to free migrants and refugees from holding centers in European countries, which he compared with "concentration camps."

Pastor Greg Laurie on How to Hear God's Word

In part one of a message titled, "The Parable of Spiritual Growth," Pastor Greg Laurie of the Harvest Fellowship megachurch spoke about different kinds of hearers of God's Word, to help Christians and seekers negotiate their way to spiritual growth.

4 Ways to Integrate Your Faith Into the Workplace

One of the greatest opportunities afforded to followers of Jesus Christ in America is the ability to live out our faith in the workplace.

Do You Grieve Sin in a Godly Way?

Many of us are painfully familiar with the sorrow that follows sinful acts. Whenever the cheap thrill of a transgression wears off, our souls swell with regret, frustration, and maybe even despair. But this is a good response, isn't it? Only regenerate hearts respond negatively to sin, right?

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Sunday, April 23rd, 2017
Second Sunday after Easter
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Anglican clergyman and hymnwriter John Newton wrote in a letter: '"What Thou wilt, when Thou wilt, how Thou wilt." I had rather speak these three sentences from my heart in my mother tongue than be master of all the languages in Europe.'
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