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Ravi Zacharias

Seductions of the Soul
with Ravi Zacharias from 'Let My People Think'

What temptation do you struggle with the most? Does it seem like Satan is waiting for the opportune moment to tempt you? How do you combat those temptations? Ravi Zacharias looks at the temptation Jesus faced and what we can learn from them. That's this week on Let My People Think.   (click here to read more)

Chip Ingram

Think Great Thoughts, Part 2
with Chip Ingram from 'Living on the Edge'

If you want to change for the better there are seven key areas that you must cultivate in your thought life.  In this message, Chip explains those key areas in a message he calls “Think Great Thoughts.”    (click here to read more)

Adrian Rogers

Time Out for Tears
with Adrian Rogers from 'Love Worth Finding'

The Christian life is a life of joy—but also one of tears. Jesus was a man of joy, but He wept, both over his nation and over lost souls. In this convicting message, Adrian Rogers show us that the things that broke the heart of Jesus ought to break ours. We should be weeping for the urgency and…   (click here to read more)

Dick Woodward

Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar, Thief
with Dick Woodward from 'ICM's Mini Bible College'

Jesus told two parables, "The Unjust Steward" and "The Rich Man and Lazarus," which many times are misunderstood. There are at least two applications of these parables. First, while we are in this life, we are only stewards or managers of all that God has given us and we should use them wisely for eternity.…   (click here to read more)

Steve Arterburn

New Life Live: March 24, 2017
with Steve Arterburn from 'New Life Live!'

Caller Questions: - How do I get my husband to understand the frustrations I felt when I quit my job? - When do you push for things to happen vs. resting in God for health concerns? - Is it wrong that I did not feel good about the movie “The Passion of the Christ”? - How do I get past my…   (click here to read more)

Today's Articles  from  StudyLight and LiveAsIf

Hope for the Hopeless
'The Way' from Kevin Pauley

  The hand of the LORD was on me, and He brought me out by His Spirit and set me down in the middle of the valley; it was full of bones. He led me all around them. There were a great many of them on the surface of the valley, and they were very dry. Then He said to me, "Son of man, can these bones live?"…(continue reading article)

He Who Does The Will (Matt 7:21/09)
'Today's Little Lift' from Jim Bullington

“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then…(continue reading article)

Could Kindness Be A Burden We Have To Carry?
'Word from Scotland' from Sandy Shaw

  We are spending time looking at the fruit of the Holy Spirit – in Galatians Chapter 5 – one segment of the fruit at a time - that fruit which God grows within us - as He works upon us - fashioning our character - changing us and transforming us.   Love - Joy - Peace - Patience - and we now come…(continue reading article)

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•  Confused Christianity - 'Winging It
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Proverbs 26:5 - Answer a fool as his folly deserves, That he not be wise in his own eyes.
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How can you be frozen at such a fire? - Thomas Watson (1620-86)
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Daily Devotionals  for  March 27

Oswald Chambers' "My Utmost for His Highest"
Vision By Personal Character

An elevated mood can only come out of an elevated habit of personal character. If in the externals of your life you live up to the highest you know, God will continually say - "Friend, go up higher." The golden rule in temptation is - Go higher. When you get higher up, you face other temptations and characteristics.…… — (click here to read more)

Charles Spurgeon's "Morning & Evening"
Morning and Evening for October 6

"Whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst." - John 4:14 He who is a believer in Jesus finds enough in his Lord to satisfy him now, and to content him for evermore. The believer is not the man whose days are weary for want of comfort, and whose nights are long from absence of…… — (click here to read more)

Daily Light on the Daily Path
Morning / Evening Devotional — March 27

To him that soweth righteousness shall be a sure reward. After a long time the lord of those servants cometh, and reckoneth with them. And so he that had received five talents came and brought other five talents, saying, Lord, thou deliveredst unto me five talents: behold, I have gained beside them five talents more. His lord said unto him, Well done,… — (click here to read more)

Charles Spurgeon's "Faith's Checkbook"
Drawing Near to God

"Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you."   James 4:8 The nearer we come to God, the more graciously will He reveal Himself to us. When the prodigal comes to his father, his father runs to meet him. When the wandering dove returns to the ark, Noah puts out his hand to pull her in unto him. When the tender wife seeks her husband's society, he… — (click here to read more)

Voice of the Lord
Devotional for 'Adar 29'

How large our problems loom in our eyes, but let's stop and gain a little perspective. Today's airplanes zoom us across the country at about 600 miles per hour. Seems pretty fast, until we think of the speed of light: 186,000 miles ...per second! At this mind-boggling speed, it would take us only a little over eight full minutes to travel the 93 million… — (click here to read more)

Chip Shots from the Ruff of Life
When the Lion Roars

Last evening I was reminded of my days working for the Fayette County Highway Department in Ohio. No, I didn't see a dump truck or a road crew or a grater. Last evening I had a sharp pain in my left achilles tendon. I hadn't had a pain there in quite some time. The reason I have those pains periodically is due…… — (click here to read more)

'Every Day Light' with Selwyn Hughes
Seeing the invisible

What is it that prompts some people to take more interest in the principles of godliness than in God Himself? I think one reason could be that we are more comfortable dealing in the realm of the visible than the invisible. We prefer to work with things we can touch or handle and apply so that we feel an immediate impact…… — (click here to read more)

"Today's Word" with Skip Moen

Thanks - We all know this Greek word; we just didn't know that it was the Greek word for "thanks". It is eucharisteo. When you sound it out, you will see that it is the word Eucharist the Lord's Supper. Now you know that taking the Lord's Supper is an act of thanksgiving, for that is exactly what it means.…… — (click here to read more)

Morning and Evening with A.W. Tozer
Morning / Evening Devotional — March 27

The cure for superstition is an increased appreciation of the being of God: not names only, but character and being. The idea that the devil is afraid of a word or a gesture is pure superstition. He is not afraid of any name, not even the name Jesus. There are thousands of little boys in Latin America who bear that name, and surely Satan does not… … — (click here to read more)

The Believer's Daily Remembrancer
"Ask, and ye shall receive." John 16:21

"Ask, and ye shall receive." John 16:21

THESE are the words of Jesus. He address them to us this morning. They suppose want, and inability to supply ourselves. They intimate that provision is made, and may be obtained. They invite us to ask with confidence, assuring us we shall receive. Jesus has a boundless fulness of blessings, and…

… — (click here to read more)

Christian Headlines  from  The Christian Post

'Supernatural' Season 12 Spoilers: Mick Davies Join Sam and Dean on a Werewolf Hunt

The upcoming episode of "Supernatural" season 12 will see Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) hot on the trail of a werewolf. However, they will be joined by two people who are also looking for the same creature.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Specs Rumors: AMD-Powered Tablet-Laptop?

Recently, reports speculate that a movie trailer might have given away an important hint about the yet-to-be-announced tablet-laptop product from Microsoft dubbed as the Surface Pro 5.

Xbox Games With Gold April 2017 Free Games: Mix of Ancient Wars, Zombie Titles

With barely a week left before this month ends, Microsoft has already revealed the list of Xbox Live's Games With Gold free games for April 2017, and it is a good mix of ancient war heroes, assassins and zombies.

'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Spoilers, Plot Rumors 2017: The Group Finally Makes a Move

Season 7 of AMC's "The Walking Dead" is coming to a close in its last two episodes, with the April 2 episode coming to an exciting season finale as the group finally acts on their plan to take on the Saviors after a long time spent preparing for the fateful day. "The Walking Dead" Season 7 episode 16 airs on April 2, Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on AMC.

Atheist Bill Maher: 'I Never Hear Anybody Go 'Merry Christmas'' Before a Bomb Goes Off

Liberal television personality Bill Maher is again expressing his disgust with the political correctness of fellow liberals regarding Islamic terrorism, noting that he never hears someone scream "Merry Christmas!" before a bomb explodes.

'Winds of Winter' Release Date, Plot News: Book Delayed as George R.R. Martin Focuses on New Film Studio Project

Since the fifth book in George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" novel series was released, fans have been anxiously waiting for the release of "The Winds of Winter." Since last year, rumors about the possible release date of the sixth book have surfaced but until today, Martin still has not given any word as to when he will launch the highly anticipated book.

'Shadowhunters' Season 3 Renewed or Canceled? 'The Infernal Devices,' 'The Dark Artifices' to Be Explored?

After the release of the midseason finale of the second season of "Shadowhunters" on Freeform, fans of the TV show based on Cassandra Clare's "The Mortal Instruments" book series will have to wait for three months before the series returns for the second half of season 2. Though there are still several episodes remaining before the latest season concludes, many viewers have been worried and wondering whether the series will be renewed for a third season.

'Pokemon Go' 2017 Update: Water Event Ongoing Until March 29

Players of "Pokemon Go" are currently enjoying Niantic Labs newest event, the Water Festival, which will end on March 29.

'Elementary' Season 5 Episode 18: Sherlock and Joan Go Treasure Hunting

Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Joan (Lucy Liu) will go on a treasure hunt in the streets of New York City in the upcoming episode of "Elementary."

E3 2017 Giveaway: One Lucky Winner Gets Two Free Passes and a Trip to LA

Interested gamers can join the E3 2017 event for free by joining a Glixel sweepstakes which is accepting entries until April 28.

OnePlus 5 Release Date, Specs: Smartphone to Launch Q2/Q3 2017

Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus may be releasing its newest flagship second or third quarter of the year.

'Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night': Game is Moving to Nintendo Switch; Ditches Wii U Release

Developers of the upcoming game "Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night" have recently announced that they are making the big move to the Nintendo Switch and will no longer release the game on Wii U.

Prayer for Healing: Bible Verses to Comfort the Sick

What do we mean when we ask God to heal us? Can we still experience healing today? The Greek words for healing used in the Bible mean much more than to cure sickness or ailments and alleviate pain. For instance, iaomi is "to cure and heal" but also "to make whole".

Nintendo Switch New Confirmed Games: Three Games Added this Week; Toys 'R' Us Receive New Stocks

Nintendo Switch has three new games added to its eShop this week.

'Designated Survivor' Season 1 Spoilers: Episode 14 'Commander-in-Chief' Airs March 29

Episode 14 of the first season of "Designated Survivor" is coming, and is called "Commander-in-Chief," in which viewers will see United States President Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) try to take care of an international matter. This next episode of ABC's political drama is coming on Wednesday, March 29, at 10:00 p.m. EDT.

'Dragon Quest XI' News: Two Characters Revealed - the Martial Artist Martina and the Old Man Rou

Two more "Dragon Quest XI" characters were officially introduced just recently.

'Street Fighter V' Free Trial on Steam News: Play for Free on March 28

Capcom is offering fighting game fans on the PC a limited window to experience "Street Fighter 5" for free. The trial period will be coming to Steam starting March 28, and will last for a full week.

'Pokemon Go' News: Latest Nest Migration Observed in Game, Pikachus Reportedly Spawning More Frequently

A new nest migration reportedly took place inside "Pokemon Go" just recently.

'The Affair' Season 4 Spoilers: Production Moves to California

Showtime has already renewed "The Affair" for a fourth season. And according to a new report, the series is moving production from New York to California.

New York Yankees MLB Trade Rumors: Nick Ahmed Drawing Interest From Yankees?

According to the AZCentral's Nick Piecoro, the Yankees are among the teams interested in acquiring Arizona Diamondbacks' Nick Ahmed.

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