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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2383 KJV: Jairus    NAS: Jairus    HCS: Jairus
Iáeiros ee-ah'-i-ros
2384 KJV: Jacob    NAS: Jacob's, Jacob    HCS: When Jacob, Jacob's, did the same with Jacob, son of Jacob, Jacob, of Jacob
Iakṓb ee-ak-obe'
2385 KJV: James (son of Alphaeus), James (son of Zebedee), James (half-brother of Jesus)    NAS: James    HCS: James's, were James, of James, When James, James, things to James, mother of James, the son of James, to James
Iákōbos ee-ak'-o-bos
2386 KJV: healing    NAS: healing, healings    HCS: of healing
íama ee'-am-ah
2387 KJV: Jambres    NAS: Jambres    HCS: Jambres
Iambrēs ee-am-brace'
2388 KJV: Janna    NAS: Jannai    HCS: son of Jannai
Ianná ee-an-nah'
2389 KJV: Jannes    NAS: Jannes    HCS: Jannes
Iannēs ee-an-nace'
2390 KJV: heal, make whole    NAS: heal, curing, heals, healing, healed, perform healing    HCS: I would cure, he was healed, healing, man who was cured, was cured, the man, healed, cured, I would heal, she was cured, heal, he healed, heals, will be cured, He healed, you have been healed, healed, you may be healed, to heal, to be healed
iáomai ee-ah'-om-ahee
2391 KJV: Jared    NAS: Jared    HCS: son of Jared
Iáred ee-ar'-ed
2392 KJV: healing, to heal + (1519), cure    NAS: heal, healing, cures    HCS: of healing, healing, healings
íasis ee'-as-is
2393 KJV: jasper    NAS: jasper    HCS: was jasper, jasper, a jasper
íaspis ee'-as-pis
2394 KJV: Jason    NAS: Jason    HCS: Jason's, Jason, and Jason
Iásōn ee-as'-oan
2395 KJV: physician    NAS: physicians, physician    HCS: Doctor, she had on doctors, a doctor, physician, doctors
iatrós ee-at-ros'
2396 KJV: see, look, lo, behold    NAS: see, look, lo, behold    HCS: consider, Here, Look, Take note, Ah, look, See
íde id'-eh
2398 KJV: not tr, their own, your own, privately, his own, his, misc, own, apart    NAS: individually, friends, privately, himself, one's own, proper, own, home, owner, due, private, themselves    HCS: her own, s own, one eats his own, your own, for his, His, His own, Before his own, own, to their own, people of your own, with his own, into their own, its own, with our own, toward their own, very own, to their, by our own, to His own, to each person, whose, *, at the proper, his, in His own, over his own, home, their own, in his own, In His own, at his own, his own, to your own, over her own
ídios id'-ee-os
2399 KJV: ignorant, rude, unlearned    NAS: ungifted, unskilled, untrained, ungifted man, ungifted men    HCS: people who are uninformed, uninformed, untrained
idiṓtēs id-ee-o'-tace
2400 KJV: see, lo, behold    NAS: here, yet, see, look, lo, long, when, assure, there, then, why, behold    HCS: There He saw, there was, Here is, unexpectedly, are here, was there, you see, Surely, consider, Listen, Here, and look, there it was, Listen, There were, Look, in fact, Take note, Note this, There was, suddenly, Consider, Right away, *, look, when suddenly, Suddenly, Here's, immediately, Now, look out, clothes? Look, See, At that moment, remember, Just, there, Here are, note this, was, then, In fact, there came
idoú id-oo'
2401 KJV: Idumaea    NAS: Idumea    HCS: Idumea
Idoumaía id-oo-mah'-yah
2402 KJV: sweat    NAS: sweat    HCS: sweat
hidrṓs hid-roce'
2403 KJV: Jezebel    NAS: Jezebel    HCS: Jezebel
Iezabḗl ee-ed-zab-ale'

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