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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3476 KJV: Naasson    NAS: Nahshon    HCS: son of Nahshon, Nahshon
Naassṓn nah-as-sone'
3477 KJV: Nagge    NAS: Naggai    HCS: son of Naggai
Nangaí nang-gah'ee
3478 KJV: Nazareth    NAS: Nazareth    HCS: Nazareth, He left Nazareth, of Nazareth
Nazaréth nad-zar-eth', nad-zar-et'
3479 KJV: of Nazareth    NAS: Nazareth, Nazarene    HCS: mdash; Nazarene, Nazarene
Nazarēnós nad-zar-ay-nos'
3480 KJV: Nazarene, of Nazareth    NAS: Nazareth, Nazarene, Nazarenes    HCS: a Nazarene, Nazarene, Nazarenes, NAZARENE
Nazōraîos nad-zo-rah'-yos
3481 KJV: Nathan    NAS: Nathan    HCS: son of Nathan
Nathán nath-an'
3482 KJV: Nathanael    NAS: Nathanael    HCS:
Nathanaḗl nath-an-ah-ale'
3483 KJV: yes, even so, yea, surely, verily, truth    NAS: Naaman    HCS:
naí nahee
3484 KJV: Nain    NAS: Nain    HCS: Nain
Naḯn nah-in'
3485 KJV: a shrine, temple    NAS: temple, temples, shrines, temple sanctuary    HCS: sanctuary, shrines, the sanctuary, a sanctuary
naós nah-os'
3486 KJV: Naum    NAS: Nahum    HCS: son of Nahum
Naoúm nah-oom'
3487 KJV: spikenard + (4101)    NAS: nard    HCS: of nard, nard
nárdos nar'-dos
3488 KJV: Narcissus    NAS: Narcissus    HCS: household of Narcissus
Nárkissos nar'-kis-sos
3489 KJV: suffer shipwreck, make shipwreck    NAS: suffered shipwreck, shipwrecked    HCS: I was shipwrecked, and have suffered the shipwreck
nauagéō now-ag-eh'-o
3490 KJV: owner of a ship    NAS: captain of the ship    HCS: owner of the ship
naúklēros now'-klay-ros
3491 KJV: ship    NAS: vessel    HCS: ship
naûs nowce
3492 KJV: shipman, sailor    NAS: sailor, sailors    HCS: sailors, Some sailors, the sailors
naútēs now'-tace
3493 KJV: Nachor    NAS: Nahor    HCS: son of Nahor
Nachṓr nakh-ore'
3494 KJV: young man    NAS: young man    HCS: young man, of a young man
neanías neh-an-ee'-as
3495 KJV: young man    NAS: young men, young man    HCS: young men, young man, a young man, Young man
neanískos neh-an-is'-kos

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