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Old Testament Hebrew Lexical Dictionary

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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

516 KJV: Altaschith
'al tashchêth al tash-kayth'
2089 KJV: lamb
zeh zeh
3319 KJV: finished    NAS: completed    HCS: was completed
yetsâ' yets-aw'
5253 KJV: remove, departing away, take, turn away, take hold    HCS: move
nâsag naw-sag'
7579 KJV: drawer, draw    NAS: draw, draw water, drew, drawers, draws    HCS: Draw, She drew water, have filled, draw, draw water, ll draw water, drew, drew water, carriers, and draw, to draw water, they drew
shâ'ab shaw-ab'
7580 KJV: roar, mightily    NAS: roared, roar, groan, roaring, roar mightily, roars    HCS: came roaring, They will roar, they roar, a roaring, roared, will roar, roar, He will roar, are roaring, He roars, has roared, I groan, roaring, *, roars, there comes a roaring, have roared
shâ'ag shaw-ag'
7581 KJV: roaring    NAS: roar, roaring, cries, groaning    HCS: Listen to the roar, roaring, may roar, groaning, of groaning, groans
she'âgâh sheh-aw-gaw'
7582 KJV: lay waste, rushing, waste, desolate    NAS: turn, rush, devastated, rumble    HCS: rage, is ruined, lie in ruins, they rage, you have crushed
shâ'âh shaw-aw'
7583 KJV: wondering + (08693)    NAS: gazing    HCS: watched
shâ'âh shaw-aw'
7584 KJV: variant    NAS: storm
sha'ăvâh shah-av-aw'
7585 KJV: pit, grave, hell    NAS: Sheol    HCS: to Sheol, Sheol, some to Sheol, of Sheol, in Sheol, so Sheol
she'ôl, she'ôl sheh-ole', sheh-ole'
7586 KJV: Saul, Shaul    NAS: Shaul, Saul's, Saul    HCS:
shâ'ûl shaw-ool'
7587 KJV: Shaulites    NAS: Shaulites    HCS: Shaulite
shâ'ûlı̂y shaw-oo-lee'
7588 KJV: tumult, rushing, tumultuous, pomp, horrible, noise    NAS: clamor, riotous, big noise, roaring, destruction, rumbling, tumult, uproar, revelers, din, noise    HCS: The raging, a tumult, the raging, the roar, an uproar, of uproar, a desolate, The tumult, *, the tumult, was all noise, The noise, the roar of battle, crowds, the uproar
shâ'ôn shaw-one'
7589 KJV: despite, despiteful    NAS: scorn    HCS: and utter contempt, deep contempt, contempt
she'âṭ sheh-awt'
7590 KJV: despise    HCS: with contempt
shâ'ṭ shawt
7591 KJV: destruction    NAS: ruins    HCS: has collapsed in ruins
she'ı̂yâh sheh-ee-yaw'
7592 KJV: beg, require, earnestly, desire, lent, salute, demand, request, enquire, ask, borrow, misc    NAS: required, request, beg, questioned particularly, consult, demanded, earnestly asked leave, require, greeted, earnestly asked, pray, questioned, ask, begged, inquire, greet, inquires, requested, asks, desires, inquired, borrows, desired, begs, making, asking, medium, dedicated, asked, demand, sought, borrow, borrowed, surely ask, consulting, consults    HCS: They will ask, had requested, He asked, inquired, do you ask, that I asked, borrows, give, someone asking, you have requested, I requested, beg for, of you to ask, and borrow, Pray, requesting, interrogated, what they requested, who will consult, you asked, desired, I have asked, was borrowed, are you asking, You have asked for, asking, I ask, demanding, asked, demand, consult, sought, he looks, asking for, interrogate, Ask for, am going to ask, you requested, Find out, Ahimelech inquired, wanted, require, They ask, greeted, Let me make a request, I question, Ask, questioned, he asked, I asked, for, ask, ve requested, kept asking, inquire, they asked, prayed, *, he requested, going to ask, desire, greet, his request, I questioned, Tell, They asked, requested, Seek counsel, urgently requested, as beggars, asks, ask for, has given, He asked for, is given, he greeted, time I inquired, woman will ask, they question, He inquired, When I question, things I ask, consults, consulted, seek, she asked
shâ'al, shâ'êl shaw-al', shaw-ale'
7593 KJV: require, demand, ask    NAS: require, inquired, asked, demands    HCS: asked, has ever asked, for, is asking, asks, we questioned
she'êl sheh-ale'
7594 KJV: Sheal    NAS: Sheal    HCS: Sheal
she'âl sheh-awl'

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