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Old Testament Hebrew

Entry for Strong's #215 - אוֹר

Word Origin:
a primitive root
Parts of Speech:
Word Definition  [ Brown-Drivers-Briggs | Strong ]
Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

1) to be or become light, shine

1a) (Qal)

1a1) to become light (day)

1a2) to shine (of the sun)

1a3) to become bright

1b) (Niphal)

1b1) to be illuminated

1b2) to become lighted up

1c) (Hiphil)

1c1) to give light, shine (of sun, moon, and stars)

1c2) to illumine, light up, cause to shine, shine

1c3) to kindle, light (candle, wood)

1c4) lighten (of the eyes, his law, etc)

1c5) to make shine (of the face)

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 308 ‑ ἀναβλέπω (an‑ab‑lep'‑o);   381 ‑ ἀνάπτω (an‑ap'‑to);   5316 ‑ φαίνω (fah'ee‑no);   5461 ‑ φωτίζω (fo‑tid'‑zo);  
Frequency / Word  [ Book | Word ]
Verse Results
KJV (43)NAS (43)HCS (44)
1 Samuel3
2 Samuel1
1 Samuel3
2 Samuel1
1 Samuel3
2 Samuel1
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1020) ra (אר AR) AC: Order CO: Box AB: ?: Boxes are used to store items and keep them in order. Light is also necessary for order. (eng: order - with the addition of "der" also meaning order in Hebrew)

H) era (ארה ARH) AC: Gather CO: Box AB: ?: A gathering of items or livestock to place in a box or pen.

V) era (ארה ARH) - Gather: To gather up something to place in a box or other container. KJV (2): (vf: Paal) pluck, gather - Strongs: H717 (אָרָה)

Nf1) erfa (אורה AWRH) - Stall: A box for the livestock. KJV (1): cote - Strongs: H220 (אֲוֵרָה)

ff1) eira (אריה ARYH) - Stall: A box for the livestock. [df: hwra] KJV (3): stall - Strongs: H723 (אֻרְיָה)

jm ) nfra (ארונ ARWN) - Box: Any boxed shaped object. KJV (202): ark, chest, coffin - Strongs: H727 (אָרֹן)

J) rfa (אור AWR) AC: ? CO: Light AB: ?

V) rfa (אור AWR) - Light: To be light or bright. KJV (43): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Hiphil) light, enlightened - Strongs: H215 (אוֹר)

Nf) rfa (אור AWR) - Light: The light from the sun, moon, stars, fire, candle or other giver of light [freq129] - Strongs:

Nf1) erfa (אורה AWRH) - Light: KJV (4): herbs, light - Strongs: H219 (אוֹרָה)

am) rfam (מאור MAWR) - Light: What gives off light. KJV (19): light, bright - Strongs: H3974 (מְאֹרָה)

kf1) erfam (מאורה MAWRH) - Den: The entrance has a lighted hole when viewed from inside. KJV (1): den - Strongs: H3975 (מְאוּרָה)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2013
Jeff Brenner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
[ [אוֺר]43 verb be or become light (compare Arabic enkindle, Aramaic (Nasar.) Aph`el illumine, & derivatives in Assyrian) —

Qal Perfect אוֺר Genesis 44:3 + אֹ֫רוּ 1 Samuel 14:29; Imperfect 3 feminine plural וַתָּאֹרְנָה 1 Samuel 14:27 Qr; Participle אוֺר Proverbs 4:18 (Ges§ 72 R. 1) Imperative feminine singular א֫וֺרִי Isaiah 60:1; Proverbs 4:18; — become light, shine of sun (especially in early morning) Genesis 44:3 (J) 1 Samuel 29:10; Proverbs 4:18; Isaiah 60:1; of eyes (owing to refreshment) 1 Samuel 14:27 (Qr) 29.

Niph`al Imperfect וַיֵּאֹר 2 Samuel 2:32; Infinitive לֵאוֺר Job 33:30; Participle נָאוֺר Psalm 76:5 — become lighted up of day-break 2 Samuel 2:32; by light of life, revival Job 33:30; by light of glory, enveloped in light Psalm 76:5.

Hiph`il Perfect וְהֵאִיר Exodus 25:37, etc.; Imperfect יָאִיר Job 41:24 +; יָאֵר Numbers 6:25 +; וַיָּ֫אֶר Psalm 118:27 +, etc.; Imperative הָאֵר Psalm 80:20 +, הָאִ֫ירָה Psalm 31:17 +; Infinitive הָאִיר Genesis 1:15 +; Participle מֵאִיר Proverbs 29:13; מְאִירַת Psalm 19:9; מְאִירוֺת Isaiah 27:11

1 give light, of sun, moon & stars Genesis 1:15,17 (P), of moon Isaiah 60:19; of pillar of fire (followed by ל) Exodus 13:21; Exodus 14:20 (both J E) Psalm 105:39; Nehemiah 9:12,19; of scared lamp Exodus 25:37; Numbers 8:2 (both P); figurative of the words of God Psalm 119:130.

2 light up, cause to shine, shine, followed by accusative הֵאִירוּ בְרָקִים תֵּבֵל lightnings lighted up the world Psalm 77:19; Psalm 97:4; absolute הָֹאָרֶץהֵאִירָה מִכְּבֹדוֺ Ezekiel 43:2; the earth shined with his glory (of theophany); of leviathan, which makes path shine behind him Job 42:24; לַיְלָה כַּיּוֺם יָאִיר night shineth as day Psalm 139:12.

3 light a lamp Psalm 18:29; wood Isaiah 27:11; alter (-fire) Malachi 1:10.

4 lighten, of the eyes, הָאִיר עֵינַיִם, subject ׳י, his law, etc. Proverbs 29:13; Psalm 13:4; Psalm 19:9; Ezra 9:8.

5 make shine, of face of God מָּנָיו אֵלֶיךָ׳יָאֵר י Yahweh make his face shine upon thee Numbers 6:25 (priest's blessing), reappearing Psalm 31:17 (followed by עַלֿ), Psalm 67:2 (followed by אֶתֿ), Psalm 80:4; Psalm 80:8; Psalm 80:20; Psalm 119:135 (followed by ב), Daniel 9:17 compare Psalm 4:7; without מָּנִים (followed by ל) Psalm 118:27; once, of face of Prayer of Manasseh , Ecclesiastes 8:1 מָּנָיו חָכְמַת אָדָם תָּאִיר the wisdom of a man lighteth up his face.


Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Gesenius Definition

אוֹר to be or become light, to become bright, Genesis 44:3. Used of the eyes of a faint person when he begins to recover, 1 Samuel 14:27, 29 1 Samuel 14:29. Pret. impers. אוֹר “it is light,” 1 Samuel 29:10. Imperat. אוֹרִי Isaiah 60:1, “shine, be bright;” [“i.e. be surrounded and resplendent with light”].

Niphal נָאוֹר; fut. יֵאוֹר i.q. Kal 2 Samuel 2:32; Job 33:30 לֵאוֹר for לְהֵאוֹר to be made light. Part. נָאוֹר “bright, glorious,” Psalms 76:5.

Hiphil הֵאִיר

(1) to lighten, to make light, followed by an acc. Psalms 77:19, 97:4 105:39 (a) עֵינֵי פ״ הֵאִיר “to enlighten any one’s eyes” (which were involved in darkness), i.e. as it were to recall him to life, Psalms 13:4 hence, “to refresh, to gladden,” Proverbs 29:13; Psalms 19:9; Ezra 9:8 comp. Sir_31:17.

(b) הֵאִיר פְּנֵי פ״ “to lighten any one’s countenance,” i.e. to make cheerful, Ecclesiastes 8:1 comp. the synon. נָהַר. הֵאִיר פָּנָיו “to make one’s own face to shine;” “to cause one’s face to shine” is especially used of God as being propitious, Psalms 80:4, Psalms 80:8, 20 Ps8 0:20followed by אֶל Numbers 6:25 עַל Psalms 31:17 בְּ Psalms 119:135 לְ Psalms 118:27 אֵת Psalms 67:2. Once without פָּנִים Psalms 118:27.

(c) to enlighten, i.e. to imbue with wisdom, Psalms 119:130.

(2) to shine, to give light (leuchten, fcheinen), absol. Genesis 1:15 with a dat. Exodus 13:21; Isaiah 60:19.

(3) to kindle, Malachi 1:10; Isaiah 27:11 (comp. Eng. to light and אוּר fire). Arab. أَوَّرَ to kindle. Hence are derived the following words, and also מָאוֹר and מְאוּרָה.

אוֹר m. (once f., Job 36:32 comp. Lehrg. 546), light, -Gen. 1:35 ; Job 3:9, 12:25. Wherein it differs from מָאוֹר is shown by Genesis 1:3 comp. verses 14, 16. Thus אוֹר is light everywhere diffused, such as that of the day, and the sun, while מָאוֹר is properly that which affords light, a luminary, and thus it can take the plural number, which אוֹר does not admit, except in one example, Psalms 136:7, where אוֹרִים stands for מְאֹרִים. Specially it is

(a) morning light, light of day; Nehemiah 8:3, מִן־הָאוֹר עַר מַחֲצִית הַיּוֹם “from morning light unto mid-day;” Job 24:14.

(b) the light of the sun, and the sun itself, Job 31:26, 37:21 Habakkuk 3:4; Isaiah 18:4 comp. φάος, used of the sun, Odyss. γ΄, 335.

(c) light of lightning, and lightning itself; Job 36:32, עַל־כַּפַּיִם כִּסָּה אוֹר “he covers the light of lightning upon his hands,” i.e. he covers his hands with lightning, his hands are red with lightning; Job 37:3, 11 Job 37:11, 15 Job 37:15.

(d) light of life, Job 3:16, 20 Job 3:20 more fully אוֹר חַיִּים Ps. 56:14. Metaphorically

(e) light furnishes an image of good fortune, prosperity, sometimes with the proper sense of light retained, Job 22:28; Isaiah 9:1 sometimes that of prosperity itself, Job 30:26 Psal. 97:11. Isaiah 10:17, Jehovah is called “the light of Israel,” as being the author of their prosperity; comp. Isaiah 60:1, Isaiah 60:3.

(f) light for doctrine, teaching; Isaiah 49:6, אוֹר גּוֹיִם “a light of the Gentiles,” i.e. teacher; Isaiah 51:4, 2:5, “let us walk in the light of Jehovah” (verse Isaiah 51:3); compare Proverbs 6:23, “for the commandment (of God) is like a luminary, and the law is as a light.”

(g) פָּנִים אוֹר light, or brightness of countenance, cheerfulness of countenance, a serene countenance, Job 29:24 (comp. Psalms 104:15); Proverbs 16:15, בְּאוֹר פְּנֵי מֶלֶךְ “when the king’s face shineth,” i.e. when it is cheerful and pleasant; Psalms 4:7, 44:4.

List of Word Forms
א֖וֹרִי אֹ֣רוּ אורי ארו הֵאִ֣ירוּ הֵאִ֥ירָה הָאִ֣ירָה הָאִ֥ירָה הָאֵ֣ר הָאֵ֥ר האירה האירו האר וְא֥וֹר וְהֵאִ֖יר וְהָאֵ֣ר וְהָאֵ֥ר וַיֵּאֹ֥ר וַיָּ֖אֶר וָ֝א֗וֹר ואור והאיר והאר ויאר יָ֤אֵ֥ר יָאִ֑יר יָאִ֖ירוּ יָאִ֗יר יָאִ֣יר יָאִ֥יר יָאֵ֨ר יאיר יאירו יאר לְהָאִ֖יר לְהָאִ֣יר לְהָאִ֤יר לְהָאִ֥יר לֵ֝א֗וֹר לאור להאיר מְאִיר֣וֹת מְאִירַ֥ת מֵ֤אִיר־ מאיר־ מאירות מאירת נָ֭אוֹר נאור תָּאִ֣יר תָאִ֥ירוּ תאיר תאירו ’ō·rū ’ō·w·rî ’ōrū ’ōwrî hā’êr hā’îrāh hā·’êr hā·’î·rāh haEr haIrah hê’îrāh hê’îrū hê·’î·rāh hê·’î·rū heIrah heIru lê’ōwr lê·’ō·wr lə·hā·’îr ləhā’îr lehaIr leor mê’îr- mə’îraṯ mə’îrōwṯ mə·’î·raṯ mə·’î·rō·wṯ mê·’îr- Meir meiRat meiRot nā’ōwr nā·’ō·wr Naor ori Oru tā’îr ṯā’îrū ṯā·’î·rū tā·’îr taIr taIru vaiYaer vaiyeOr vaor vehaEr veheIr veor wā’ōwr wā·’ō·wr way·yā·’er way·yê·’ōr wayyā’er wayyê’ōr wə’ōwr wə·’ō·wr wə·hā·’êr wə·hê·’îr wəhā’êr wəhê’îr yā’êr yā’îr yā’îrū yā·’êr yā·’î·rū yā·’îr yaEr yaIr yaIru

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