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Daily Devotionals

'Every Day Light' with Selwyn Hughes

Devotional: September 10th

"... God keeps him occupied with gladness of heart." (v. 20)

For Reading and Meditation:
     Ecclesiastes 5:18-20

Solomon does not allow us to stay too long in the darkness of his cynicism without seeking to throw some light across the road. He sets out in the verses before us today to give us a three-point sermon. First, he says, set your face against the idea that happiness lies in the possession of material things, and refuse to put a priority on making money just for the sake of it. Take life as it comes, laugh a little bit more, and try to find pleasure in the simple things. Second, enjoy your work. It will not meet the deep needs of your soul, but it is good to be engaged in a task, however menial that task may be. Third, see everything God has given you as a gift rather than as something you have earned. Those who say "I made so much money this year" forget that if God had not given them the health and strength to achieve, they would never have made it. A grateful spirit ought not to be far from any one of us. How blessed are those who, putting God first, find that He keeps their hearts "occupied with gladness" (v. 20). What a beautiful phrase Solomon chooses to describe the condition of those whose hearts are set on God. Can you think of anything more wonderful than to have a heart that is "occupied with gladness"? All the riches in the world, all the honors, all the accolades, all the applause, all the achievements, are as nothing compared to the joy of having one's heart occupied by the King of kings.

O God my Father, help me put a sign on my heart that says: " Occupied by the King of kings." Then, when lesser things seek to invade my soul, they will see that there is no more room, and leave to go on their way. Amen.

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