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Proverbs 16:15 - In the light of a king's face is life, And his favor is like a cloud with the spring rain.
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Another proof of the conquest of a soul for Christ will be found in a real change of life. If the man does not live differently from what he did before, both at home and abroad, his repentance needs to be repented of and his conversion is a fiction. - Charles Spurgeon
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Armed Standoff at Los Angeles Trader Joe's Ends With 1 Dead, Suspect Arrested

An armed standoff in a Trader Joe's in Los Angeles, complicated by a tense hostage situation, eventually ended with authorities taking a suspect into custody. Los Angeles police immediately took the suspect as he turned himself in, but not before killing one victim and holding others hostage for a few hours.

Trump Fires Back After Iran's Rouhani Warns US of 'Mother of All Wars'

Following Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's warning for the U.S. that "war with Iran is the mother of all wars," President Donald Trump took to Twitter to fire back a warning of his own. To emphasize his point, Trump has written his post in all caps in a vehement statement calling out the Iranian leader for his "demented words of violence."

Baby Born in Chick-fil-A, Swaddled in 'Trump 2020' Shirt, Gets Free Chicken for Life

A baby was born in the bathroom of a Chick-fil-A store in San Antonio, Texas, and will get free chicken for life. Wrapped in his father's "Trump 2020" T-shirt, the newborn has also been guaranteed her first job at age 14.

The Moon Is Turning Blood Red This Friday in Longest Lunar Eclipse This Century

The moon is about to turn a rather lurid blood red by the end of the week, as parts of the world are about to experience what will be the longest lunar eclipse in a hundred years. The rare astronomical event will take place Friday, July 27, and will last a lengthy three hours and 55 minutes.

Floyd Mayweather Goes Off on 50 Cent, Reignites Ugly Feud

Floyd Mayweather and Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson are at it again, as the sometime-friends have raised an online feud that is currently turning uglier with every post. The first shots were fired on Saturday morning, July 21, and it has quickly devolved into personal barbs on each other's private lives.

Christian Leaders Join Opposition to Nicaragua's Ortega: 'Declared War on the Church'

Amid the ongoing brutal crackdown on demonstrations against President Daniel Ortega's authoritarian rule in Nicaragua, senior Catholic priests are on the front lines backing the opposition. Some say the government has "declared war on the church," even as Sen. Marco Rubio warns the country could be on the brink of a civil war.

Chicago's Lighthouses Illuminates Talents of Artists With Disabilities

The Michigan Avenue in Chicago had been dotted by lighthouses along the sidewalks in hopes to get the public's attention to people with disabilities.

Don't Let Them Bork Judge Kavanaugh

Soon the Senate will hold hearings as to whether or not to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. One can only imagine the fireworks to come.

11-Y-O Boy Genius Who Graduated College: 'I Want to Prove God Exists Through Science'

An 11-year-old boy genius, who on Saturday graduated from St. Petersburg College in Florida just two years after finishing high school, said he wants to become an astrophysicist and prove that God exists.

Robert Jeffress Calls Ronald Reagan a 'Womanizer' to Defend Trump Over Playboy Model Revelations

The son of former U.S. president Ronald Reagan has hit back against Robert Jeffress, pastor of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, for calling his father a "known womanizer" while defending current president Donald Trump over new revelations about an alleged affair with a playboy model.

'Riverdale' Season 3: Archie Will Meet a New Nemesis

Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) will be in further trouble when "Riverdale" returns for season 3 due to the arrival of a new character that aims to make his life more difficult.

Minneapolis Authorities Show Support for Teen's Hot Dog Stand That He Opened to Raise Money for School Clothes

After the Minneapolis Department of Health received a report to shut down the hot dog business of 13-year-old Jaequan Faulkner due to lack of a permit, the city made a move to help him keep it.

Texas Police Chief's One Simple Response After Atheists Bash God-Themed Lip Sync Crandall

Police Chief Dean Winters is speaking out after his department's "God's Not Dead" lip sync performance went viral, capturing attention across the nation -- and the world.

My Final Moments With My Father

Over Thanksgiving, our family gathered at my mom and dad's house in Barrington, Rhode Island. While we never openly talked about it (welcome to an Irish Catholic family), we were all thinking the same thing: these were my father's final days.

7 Reasons Why the Transgender Revolution Will Fail

I earnestly hope and pray that every child and adult struggling with gender identity issues will find wholeness, peace, and happiness from the inside out. At the same time, I wholeheartedly oppose the transgender revolution and predict that, ultimately, it will fail. Here's why.

London Cathedral Bans, Then Limits Preacher From Reading Bible on Its Property

A Christian preacher says that he was banned and initially arrested for reading from the Bible aloud outside St. Paul's Cathedral in London, after church staff complained. The cathedral later explained it is seeking to provide a "safe space."

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Avoid Awkward Encounter During 2018 SDCC

Estranged couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard managed to avoid a very awkward situation at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

Virginia Auto Tech Saves Kitten Stuck in Car Fender After 45-Mile Ride

An auto technician from Leete Tire & Auto Center in Petersburg, Va. successfully rescued a kitten that was stuck in the fender of a car during almost an hour of transit from Capron.

Chick-Fil-A Gives Baby Born in Texas Store Lifetime Supply of Free Food, Future Job

Gracelyn Mae Violet Griffin will never get hungry for the rest of her life and is guaranteed to have a job, as long as there is a Chick-Fil-A nearby.

Utah Mom Sends More Than 1,200 Handmade Toys to Migrant Children Separated From Parents

A mother from Utah wants to make sure that the kids who were forced to be separated from their parents due to the strict immigration policy will still have something to play with.

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Monday, July 23rd, 2018
the Week of Proper 11 / Ordinary 16
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The First National Southern Baptist Charismatic Conference closed. Baptist pastorand charismatic leader Howard Conatser (1926-78) was a speaker at this convention.
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