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Proverbs 11:12 - He who despises his neighbor lacks sense, But a man of understanding keeps silent.
Words to Ponder
The Antinomian talks of comfort, but cries down mourning for sin. He is like a foolish patient who, having a pill prescribed him, licks the sugar but throws away the pill. - Thomas Watson (1620-86)
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Christian Headlines  from  The Christian Post

Former Trump admin insider talks 2020 election, challenges to his Christian faith

The Christian Post interviewed Cliff Sims, a former White House administration official, about his new book Team of Vipers and questions on matters including his experiences working in DC, how his Christian beliefs were put to the test, and his views on the current 2020 presidential election field.

A Q&A with Bishop Harry Jackson: How can America remain a shining city on a hill?

Though America does immense good for its citizens and the whole world, some Christians seem more focused on our nation than they do God's Kingdom. What do you say to these Christians?

Are Christian leaders more likely to commit sexual sin?

Are Christian leaders more likely than others to engage in sexual misconduct? To the extent that they are truly Christian, the answer is certainly no. But to the extent they are still human, the answer is that all too many have fallen here.

Future of homeschooling: Less religious, more regulated?

The homeschooling movement in America is experiencing potential changes in its religious makeup and new challenges from government regulation.

Seeing the blind

How do you react when you see a blind man tapping his way through the obstacles of daily living? Do you empathize with him?

On pastors who doubt

Pastors sometimes doubt their own salvation, or the goodness of God, or perhaps even God's very existence. Pastors might wonder, am I being a person with integrity if I continue to minister when I have these doubts?

'Rebels without a clause': 10 times Dem. senators questioned Trump nominees' religious beliefs

One of the nation's leading Christian conservative advocacy organizations has called out 12 senators who have employed "unconstitutional religious tests" on Trump nominees in the past two years.

How the Gospel transformed a family practicing witchcraft

Santeria -- a form of modern witchcraft that fuses Catholic practices and African folk beliefs -- is prevalent in Cuba.

This Week in Christian History: Tolstoy excommunicated, Quakers protest slavery, Thomas Becket canonized

Here are just a few things that happened this week, Feb. 17-23, in Church history. They include the excommunication of Leo Tolstoy, the Quakers issuing America's first formal protest of slavery, and Thomas a Becket being made a saint.

The world is getting crazier, but that's why we do what we do

Today, when it seems like our culture is suffering from corporate delusion, our voice of sanity and clarity and morality is all the more needed.

Why leaders fall

With frequent headlines reporting the fall of leaders and the end of stellar ministries, we ask again: How could it happen?

China hearing gospel via Africa; church growing amid brutal persecution

As the Chinese economically invest in and build infrastructure in Africa, Africans are evangelizing China.

Actor Nick Loeb urges men to lead fight against abortion

Actor Nick Loeb, director of the upcoming film "Roe v. Wade," was in attendance for the 2019 Movieguide Awards last weekend and encouraged men to take the lead in the standing against abortion.

James Faulkner recalls being filled with 'Holy Spirit' in 'Paul: Apostle of Christ'

Hollywood actor James Faulkner, who's best known for his role in the series "Game of Thrones," says he was noticeably filled with the Holy Spirit as he portrayed St. Paul in the film "Paul: Apostle of Christ."

Kentucky Senate passes bill banning abortion when baby's heartbeat first detected

A bill that would ban abortion in Kentucky once a baby's heartbeat can be detected was passed by state senators Thursday.

New York drops lawsuit against Christian activist for protesting outside abortion clinic

A lawsuit New York state brought against a Christian pro-life activist who was accused of threatening patients and staff outside an abortion clinic in New York City was dropped earlier this week.

DC comics cancels 'blasphemous' Jesus superhero series, 'Second Coming'

DC Comics announced the cancelation of the series "Second Coming" after nearly a quarter of a million Christians protested against it.

So. Baptist leader Al Mohler apologizes for defending Sovereign Grace leader CJ Mahaney

A prominent Southern Baptist seminary president is apologizing for defending Sovereign Grace Church leader CJ Mahaney as the denomination's leaders respond to sex abuses allegations at Southern Baptist churches.

North Korean woman imprisoned for faith shares how God sustained her amid horrific abuses

A Christian survivor of a North Korean prison camp describes the horrific torture she endured for her faith and how God stayed with her through the brutality.

For what robot did Jesus die?

Recently, amazing claims have been made about robots. One of them is that people will start to fall in love with robots. Another is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will one day eclipse man. There is even the claim that AI will one day eclipse God.

Lectionary Calendar
Monday, February 18th, 2019
the Sixth Week after Epiphany
Today in Christian History
The Augusta Institute was founded in Georgia. Established as an institution of higher learning for black students, it moved to Atlanta in 1879, and in 1913 changed its name to Morehouse College.
Daily Reading Plan
Bible-in-a-Year — NIV
Exodus 18,19; Proverbs 8; Hebrews 13:
Now Jethro, the priest of Midian and father-in-law of Moses, heard of everything God had done for Moses and for his people Israel, and how the had brought Israel out of Egypt.After Moses had sent away his wife Zipporah, his father-in-law Jethro received herand her two sons. One son was named Gershom,for Moses said, “I have become a foreigner in a foreign land”;and the other was named Eliezer,for he said, “My father’s God was my helper; he saved me from…
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