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the Second Week of Advent
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Charles Spurgeon's "Morning & Evening"
Devotional: May 17th

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“My groaning is not hid from The.”

Psalms 38

In theses sad times the psalmist probably wrote Psalms 38. which is entitled

He feared that he was forgotten by his God, and therefore pleaded to be remembered.

Psalms 38:1

Rebuked I must be, but Lord deal gently with me; chastening I richly deserve, but do not smite me too heavily lest I utterly perish.

Psalms 38:3

Spiritual distress is painful to the last degree. However sweet sin may have been in David’s mouth, it was bitter enough when it had once reached his inward parts.

Psalms 38:4 , Psalms 38:5

Conscience laid on stripe after stripe till his soul was wounded in a thousand places, and the wounds became loathsome as well as painful. No ulcers and putrefying sores can match the unutterable vileness and pollution of iniquity.

Psalms 38:8

Thus the penitent are made to feel the smart of sin. The reprobate feel nothing of this, but go singing merrily down to hell; those whom the Lord loves are never allowed to find comfort in sin.

Psalms 38:9

The good Physician understands our case without our needing to explain to him

“He takes the meaning of our tears

The language of our groans.”

Psalms 38:10

Here begins another tale of woe. While he was in pain within, he was forsaken and persecuted without.

Psalms 38:13-15

He would not hear Shimei, so as to punish him. A deaf ear is often a great blessing.

Psalms 38:16-18

He would not deny that he had done amiss, although he was innocent of the worst charges which were laid against him.

Psalms 38:22

God is not only our Saviour, but our salvation. He who has the Lord upon his side has salvation in present possession. Faith sees in this last sentence the sure result of her prayers, and begins to glorify God for the expected mercy. We shall never be forsaken by our heavenly Father. His grace will come to the rescue, and ere long we shall magnify his name for saving us out of all our troubles. Have we all repented of sin? Are we all resting by faith in him?

Jesus, full of every grace,

Now reveal thy smiling face;

Grant the joys of sin forgiven,

Foretaste of the bliss of heaven.

All my guilt to thee is known;

Thou art righteous, thou alone,

All my help is from thy cross;

All beside I count but loss.

Lord, in thee I now believe,

Wilt thou, wilt thou not forgive?

Helpless at thy feet I lie;

Saviour, leave me not to die.


“Cursed be he that setteth light by his father.”

2 Samuel 18:1 , 2 Samuel 18:5-18

The counsel of Hushai, the Archite, was accepted by Absalom instead of that of Ahithophel, whereupon Ahithophel put an end to his own life. Absalom with a great army pursued his father, and a decisive battle was the consequence.

2 Samuel 18:1

But when all were counted, his troops were not one half so numerous as those of his rebellious son.

2 Samuel 18:5

This tender charge showed that David expected to gain the victory, but hoped that it would not prove fatal to his son. We have here a type of that gracious King, who, even while his persecutors were scorning and killing him, yet prayed, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

2 Samuel 18:6-9

The very trees of the wood are in arms against the ungodly: Absalom had made his hair his pride, and it became his ruin; men often perish through that which they idolise. What must have been the thoughts of this unnatural young prince when he found himself caught in the forked branch of the oak, and suspended between heaven and earth to die the death of the accursed! Let children beware of ingratitude to parents, for it is a sin which peculiarly provokes the wrath of the Most High.

2 Samuel 18:10-17

An old writer says, “One death was not enough for Absalom, he was at once hanged, shot, mangled and stoned. Justly was he lifted up by the oak, for he had lifted himself against his father and sovereign; justly was he pierced with darts, for he had pierced his fathers heart with many sorrows; justly was he mangled, for he had dismembered and divided all Israel; and justly was he stoned, for he had not only cursed, but pursued his own parent.”

2 Samuel 18:18

Absalom’s pillar is still pointed out to travellers, but its only purpose is to immortalise the infamy of the unnatural son. Children, love and obey your parents, lest you fall into Absalom’s sin and doom.

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