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Wednesday, June 5

Felix, Bishop of Tibiuca in North Africa, is hauled before the magistrate of his city and ordered to hand over Christian books in compliance with an imperial decree, but staunchly refuses.
The Council of Pisa declares that the rival popes Gregory XII and Benedict XIII are "notorious schismatics, promoters of schism, and notorious heretics, errant from the faith, and guilty of the notorious and enormous crimes of perjury and violated oaths."
Counts Egmont and Hoorn are beheaded at Brussels by Spanish overlords, rousing a furious resistance which will free the Netherlands from Spain and embed Calvinism as the principal form of Christianity.
Death of Rev. Henry Sacheverell, a Church of England priest whose politically charged oratory led the Whig government to impeach him. Anglicans rose in his defense, riots followed, and the Whig government was swept from power.
A Turkish tribunal condemns Mark of Smyrna to die by the sword after torturing him. He had previously betrayed his Christian faith but, ashamed of his behavior, renounced Islam and testified to the gospel although it meant sure death.
Pastor Sabine Baring-Gould pens the hymn “Onward Christian Soldiers” as a marching song for some children he must keep together as they walk between two villages during a Whit-Monday festival (i.e., the day after Pentecost) in Yorkshire, England.
Chinese revolutionists, known as Boxers, behead lay preacher Chen Dayong at Yanqing, and hack his wife and daughter to death.
John XXIII published his motu proprio, 'Superno Dei Nutu,' which created the necessary committees and organizational structure for the upcoming Vatican II Ecumenical Council (1962-65).
Death in London, England, of Eleanor Farjeon. She authored the popular hymn "Morning Has Broken."
The Arab-Israeli Six-Day War began, during which Israel took control of the Sinai Desert, the city of Jerusalem and the west bank of the Jordan River. A cease-fire arranged by the U.N. ended the conflict on June 10th.

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